Charlottes Diaries (Part 1 of 36)


Charlotte's Diaries (Part 1 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

January 2001
Well here we are at my first month of sexy fun, just to give you a little idea of what’s to come in these two adventures I thought that it would be a good idea to do a short list covering most of the topics in them. So here goes; light BDSM, toys, anal sex, oral sex, cross dressing and of course plenty of vaginal sex! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed doing them.

January 2001 – Adventure 1
My first adventure and I had sex with another man after my firms Christmas party. Let me explain, for sometime now it seemed like the adrenaline rush that my husband and I got from sex had gone and we both missed it. Before our daughters were born we used to do some risky sexy things like making love in broad daylight in a park with people walking past and it gave us a buzz. Unfortunately, now I work for one of the largest grocery store chains in this country, (This is at night time stacking shelves and it's boring and we don't see much of each other any more). Anyway at the supermarket where I work we have our Christmas party after the New Year (this is because this is our busiest time of year, but on the plus side they do pay for it). Any way they don't pay for your partners and as this can be expensive my husband doesn't come along. This is what happened after this years Christmas party, we will both be telling parts of this story because it involves both of us!
It was the first Saturday of the New Year and we had dropped our daughters at Dave’s Mum's for the night. Because the plan was for Dave to drop me at the party so that I could have a few drinks and then he would pick me up around midnight and take me home.

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   It was about six p. m. when I had a bath and hair wash and started to get ready to go out, to my surprise and delight Dave gave me a 'special present' to get me in the mood for the party. The present was a tarty looking set of matching lacy red and black underwear, and some black stockings with hand embroidered words around the tops. Dave said to me as I put the undies on
"I hope that you like these, it took me hours to stitch those words around the tops of each of those stockings".
It wasn't until they were properly on that I could see what he had stitched and I said, "They're wonderful, but don't you think that it's a bit naughty?"
He said to me;
"Well only you and me will ever see them so who cares what they say".
How wrong was he!
I finished getting dressed, and I could already feel stirrings inside my pussy, the new sexy underwear certainly made me feel horny! Dave dropped me at the club and told me what time he would pick me up and to ring him if I wanted to be picked up earlier. Once inside the club I danced with some colleagues, we had the meal and then danced some more. All through the evening I had been eyeing up a man that was in the club (but not part of our group), and towards the end of the evening I asked him if he would like a slow dance. He did and we had a couple of dances together by the end of which I knew that he wanted me (His cock was straining to get out of his tight jeans) and he suggested that we go somewhere quieter. Reluctantly I turned him down and went back to my seat, I hadn't realised it but I was quite wet between my legs and I sat and fantasised briefly what it would be like to fuck him. Suddenly I made up my mind, I needed to do something wild and risky again, I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted him inside me, I needed him inside me, I was so horny and I wanted to feel alive again. I walked over to where he was and whispered in his ear;
"Do you still want to go somewhere quieter?"
He replied that he did and I said;
"Have you got a car?"
He told me that he had and I said to him;
"Just let me go and freshen up and then we can go back to my place"
I grabbed my handbag and went to the ladies. I then rang Dave with my mobile phone and this is what I said to him;
"Darling I don't have much time, just listen to me and please, please do as I ask. I'm bringing someone home with me and I want him to fuck me while you watch us from the inside of our wardrobe"
He went very quiet for a few long seconds before replying;
"If that's what you need then bring him home and do it".

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As I gave Dean the directions to our house I said to him that we could have as much sex as we could manage between now and three am, but he would have to be gone by three a. m. as my husband would be home by four. He agreed and we arrived home, at this point I will let Dave tell some of the story from his end.
If I'm honest I have to say that the thought of watching Charly have sex with other men really turned me on, so it wasn't too much of a shock when she rang up and asked me to hide in the wardrobe and watch her having sex with someone else. What she didn't know was that I set our new video camera up on its small tripod inside one of the boxes on the top of our wardrobe. And I set it running when I heard them come in so that I could record the whole thing for us to watch later, then I hid in the wardrobe. (What I should say now as an explanation, is that because our bedroom is so small our wardrobe is between the head of our bed and the wall and there is no door on it). I arranged the clothes around me so that I couldn't be seen and waited. Charly and Dean then came up to our bedroom. Charly will take over for a while now.
As Dean and I entered the bedroom my heart was pounding inside my chest so hard that I thought it would burst. We threw off our coats and fell onto the bed and kissed and groped each other through our clothes for a few minutes before Dean slid his hand up my dress until he reached my stocking tops. As his fingertips touched the tops of my stockings he groaned with excited pleasure before he moved up to the damp gusset of my knickers.
"You horny tart, your gagging for it aren't you?"
He said as he pushed his fingers past my knickers and slid two of them straight into my soaking wet cunt (At this point I will say that I make no apologies for using swear words to describe sex, sex organs etc.

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   this is just sex not love and I want it to sound as dirty as it was!!!!). I just gasped out loud and arched my back in pleasure. He thrust his fingers in and out of me a few times before removing his sticky cum covered fingers from my slippery pussy and pushed them into my mouth. Greedily I sucked and licked them clean before pushing him back against the bed and totally stripping him of his clothes. I couldn't help growling with anticipation as I finally removed his underwear and revealed the thick seven-inch cock that I had pressed myself against during our slow dances that evening.
Purposely I had pushed him down on the bed with his head at the foot of our bed so that Dave could see all that went on that night. I noticed that Deans chest was slightly flushed and that his cock was leaking pre-cum, I knew that he was close to shooting his first load of cum and I didn't want to waste a drop of it. So I quickly knelt beside him, facing the wardrobe and took his cock in my hand and lowered my mouth down over the end of it. Slowly I sucked on it and licked it all over, and it was as I was licking upwards along the shaft that he cried out that he was cumming. And cum he did, before I could get my mouth back over the end of his cock he pumped several jets of thick salty sperm out of his cock and over my mouth and chin and over his cock and stomach. I moaned with pleasure as I licked his cum all up. After swallowing every drop of his salty cum, I whispered to him that I would soon have his cock hard again. With that I stood up and took my dress off sexily so that he could see the tarty red and black underwear that I was wearing and the saucy message that was on my stocking tops.
I then went to the airing cupboard and retrieved my bag of sex toys, knowing how much it always turns my husband on to watch me use them, I figured that it would also work on any male (sure enough it does!). I then sexily knelt on the bed facing the wardrobe again and started to rub my ten inch vibrator up and down over my bra covered nipples and occasionally slipped it inside my bra and touched each of my extremely sensitive feeling nipples.

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   I removed my bra and lifted one of my breasts up so that I could suck the nipple, I climaxed at the first suck and I felt my own cum oozing into my knickers. Dean’s cock was starting to rise again so I continued with my sexy show for him. I picked up my vibrator again and rubbed it up and down along my pussy lips, pushing the material of my knickers into the crevasse as they parted. I was starting to get turned on again so I slipped my knickers off and eased my vibrator as far into my hungry cunt as it would go and started fucking myself with it. Soon I couldn't fuck myself quickly enough, so I gasped at Dean to take over and fuck me with it until I cum! He did, and he made me feel so good that as I lay there with my legs wide open and my body jerking as wave after wave of pleasure exploded from between my legs, I felt as if I was in heaven!
Before I had time to recover Dean pulled my vibrator from my now squelching pussy and pushed my legs wider apart (There was no turning back now!). Then he positioned his throbbing cock at the entrance to my womanhood and rubbed the tip up and down my lips covering it in my slippery cum before he slowly worked it into me.
"Oh yes fuck me, fuck me now"
I gasped as he started to thrust into me. His cock felt so different to Dave's, it was thicker but shorter and it felt so good (At last! I thought to myself this was what another cock feels like. His cock was only the second cock that I had ever had in my mouth, hand and pussy. ). I thought that he would last longer than he did, and I didn't climax before he cried out;
"I’m cumming!"
I didn't say anything I just locked my legs around him and thrust him deeply into me so that I could feel the throbbing of his cock as each jet of warm cum filled my belly, Mmmmmm. . . ! Once he had finished cumming and before he started to go soft I rolled us over and rode him until I came. I remember thinking to my self this isn't what I need; it's not naughty or exciting enough I need more.

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   Fucking Dean with my husband secretly watching us hadn't given me that tingle and adrenaline rush that I was so desperate to feel again.
Once I had recovered I slid Dean's softening cock out of me and began to suck and lick it clean, I was hoping that it would stand up hard again so that he could fuck me doggy fashion, but it didn't work. It was as I was doing this that I tried to think of something sexual that I wouldn't let Dave do to me that I could beg Dean to do to me with Dave still watching from his hiding place. (Unfortunately there isn't anything sexual that I could think of that I don’t do regularly with Dave so it took me a few minutes to think of something). It was as I moved around Dean to lick the last of our mixed cum off his cock that I saw my vibrator and it gave me an idea that started to make me feel naughty!. . . . .
I reached over to my bag of sex toys and emptied it on the floor, I picked up four lengths of blue nylon rope and threw them to Dean and I begged him to tie my hands and feet to my bedposts. Reluctantly he did as I asked, once he had tied the last knot I said to him;
"Dean please, please FUCK me with my dildo".
Without thinking he picked up my ten inch vibrator and was about to slide it into me when I cried out;
"Not that you stupid bastard, that's a vibrator. I mean that black one on the floor".
As he picked it up I felt my heart skip a beat, (I don't let Dave fuck me with it because it's too big and I'm usually too tense to let it slide into me properly without it hurting me. The only time that I have ever sort of let Dave use it on me was when he played out a sexual fantasy with me, when he tied me up and raped me with it and even then he didn't push it in all the way!).

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   Tonight was going to be different he was going to hear me begging Dean to fuck me with it, I felt really relaxed between my legs and I was really well lubricated with our mixed cum so I knew that it would slide in easily. Dean examined the big black dildo before returning to the bed and he said,
"So you like to fantasise about being fucked by a big black cock do you?"
"Oh God yes, yes I do, a big black cock stretching my cunt lips wide makes me look and feel so tarty and it feels so good when they cum inside me. I really, really want it, give it to me lover"
I remember saying that even though up to this point I’d never had any other cock apart from my husbands. Dean knelt beside me and started to rub the tip along my sensitive expectant pussy lips, I just moaned and pushed my hips upwards, wanting Dave to see how much I wanted another man to do something to me that he wasn't allowed too. Oh God it hurts, I thought to myself as he pushed it into me and I thrust my hips upward to get it deeper. Slowly he started to work it in and out of my wet slippery cunt. Pushing our mixed cum deep into me until the tip of the Dildo was pressing against what I think must have been the neck of my womb, it was so deep, I'd never had it that deep before and as he increased the speed of his thrusts it felt fucking wonderful. Every time that it hit against my womb I cried out in pain and pleasure, begging him to fuck me harder and faster with it. Slowly with each time that the dildo hit it I could feel my womb opening. Slowly allowing more and more of the dildo to penetrate it until the last two inches of the dildo thrust deeply into me and it finally forced its way into my womb and I climaxed, uncontrollably I thrust my hips hard against his thrusts several times before calming down. Then still with the dildo buried deeply inside me I started to cry with happiness and as the tears tumbled down my cheeks I said over and over to Dean,
"Oh Dean, Oh Dean, thank you, thank you, your a wonderful lover, you've taken my belly’s virginity".
I remember at that moment he looked at me really strangely. But once I had calmed down enough I explained to him that I thought that he had penetrated my womb with the dildo, forcing the mixture of our cum deep into my belly and as it was the first time that it had ever happened to me! And then, feeling pleased with himself he eased the big black dildo slowly out of my tender feeling cunt.
As you can imagine this turned him on and he was hard again and ready to fuck me however I wanted, I on the other hand was feeling sore from the pounding that my pussy had just had and didn't want to. I could see that he was quite hurt and frustrated about that and once he had released me I realised that I couldn't let him leave like that.

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   So I whispered in his ear (so that Dave didn't hear) that he could fuck me in my other hole if he was gentle. We lay down on our sides (So that Dave couldn't see what we were doing properly) and he rubbed the tip of his cock against my pussy lips to make it slippery before he penetrated my tight arse hole. He was so turned on that he didn’t even manage one thrust before he came into me and slid his cock straight out of me again. He then dressed and left. Now I will let Dave re-tell some of the story from his point of view. . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . .
I'm not sure whether I really believed that she would go through with bringing another man home and fucking him in front of me, but she did. It's the first time that I have ever been able to really closely watch her have sex and I realised just how good a fuck she really is! From my hiding place I could see them lying on the bed and I could see his hand up Charly's dress, I could see how she parted her legs so that his fingers could enter her and it was a really horny sight. Watching her strip him and suck him off gave me a painfully hard cock and I had a quiet wank as she licked him clean. (Monica Lewinski eat your heart out, you should see the cum-stains on Charly's dresses in the wardrobe!) When she took her dress off and played with herself and with her toys she looked like a real tart! Then when she begged him to finish her off, and I heard some of the things that she was saying to him soon had me hard again.
Although she looked as if she were enjoying herself something in her eyes told me that what she was doing was not quite what she wanted and I was unsure of what she was going to do. When she had Dean tie her down to the bed posts I must admit that I started to have another wank until I heard her beg him to fuck her with her dildo.

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   I stopped and watched in a mixture of envy, anger and anticipation, I have begged Charly many, many times to let me fuck her with it but she has never actually let me do it (Although as part of one of her fantasies I did rape her with it once). I couldn't believe the things that I was hearing her saying as he did it to her. I heard her begging him to do it to her harder, deeper etc. I must say now that I actually got so turned on watching them together that I came again without touching my cock! The things that she had said about how she fantasised that black cocks made her feel intrigued me (And I filed that piece of information away for use at a later date!). After he released her they lay down and he fucked her up her bum. Another promise that she made, broken (I think that she thought that I couldn't see what they did from where I was but I did. ) but he didn't last very long at all and he soon got dressed and left. Once he had left I climbed out of the cupboard and hugged and kissed Charly without saying anything. We both headed for the bathroom and we had a shallow bath together and talked about some very private things!!!!!!!! When we returned to the bedroom, I stood on the bed and removed the video camera from its hiding place,
"You didn't tape us did you?"
Charly asked and I said,
"I think that I have, shall we see?"
With that we took the camera down stairs and rewound the cassette and watched Charly and Dean in sharp full colour having sex, it made us so horny that even though she was feeling tender we still had sex together, mixing my cum with theirs. It's Charly's turn again.
What was the saucy message on my stocking tops I hear you cry? Well Dave had embroidered the words ' I'm easy, fuck me here ' with an arrow pointing to my pussy on the front of one leg and the same message on the other leg but with the arrow pointing to my bum hole! Isn't he a clever chap knowing me so well that he knew that I would like to advertise to who ever was fucking me where I wanted to be fucked, strangely he didn't advertise my mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 2001 – Adventure 2
Here is a second adventure, we were still getting to grips with our new found sexual freedom, and hadn’t really worked out the ground rules properly when this happened. We have now though!
One night a few months ago I happen to mention to a fellow married colleague that my husband fancied her, she seemed a little embarrassed by this and we said no more that evening about it. In fact we never spoke of it again, although I did speak to Dave about it at a later date. Anyway that is a small piece of information that will help later in this story. A few days after this I was on my way home (one o'clock in the morning) and as I entered our village I thought that I saw my friend's car driving out of our village, I put it down to my imagination and went home to sleep.

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   Dave was already in bed asleep when I got in and I didn't wake him. Strangely the same thing happened the next day, only this time I passed her closer to our driveway than before. This time when I got in I could smell a familiar perfume that wasn't mine and I knew then that something was going on. When I tackled Dave about it he tried to bluff his way out of it, but after a very bad explanation he came clean and told me that he had had sex with my friend from work. I must say that I felt disappointed about it, because we have quite an open sexual relationship and providing that we tell each other what is going on sex with other people is fine. But when secrets start being kept, things have to change. We didn't have an argument about it, in fact I was so shocked that I didn't say anything to either of them, he promised that it wasn't going to happen again, and it didn't. It took a couple of days for me to come to terms with the fact that my husband had screwed my friend, I didn't really blame them. I know how lonely Dave gets at night time (as I work six nights a week) and it was only a matter of time until something happened that he forgot to tell me about!
I told them both that they would both have to be punished in some way or other, and that I wasn't sure how yet! It actually took me a couple of weeks to plan my revenge, and I think that they both thought that they had got away with it. . . . . But they were wrong! I punished my married friend by forcing her to meet me at a local hotel where I had booked a room and I said that if she didn't want me to tell her husband, then as she had made love with my husband, then it was only fair that she made love with me too, but that's another story. Getting back to Dave I wanted to punish him in a way that he wouldn't ever forget, it had to be something special.


   It was as I read through an old copy of Escort magazine that I saw the perfect solution. . . . . . Dave has a hard time understanding Transvestites, Transsexuals and Gay men, the very thought of men dressing in women's clothes or changing their sex repulses him. My plan was simple and came together as I read through some of the classified adverts in the magazine. I saw an advert for a company called TRANSFORM where they transform a man into a woman for a day. This is what I did, firstly I rang one of the adverts in the magazine that was in our area to arrange an appointment for Dave and to find out how much it was going to cost, and told them what I wanted done to him, then I rang his Mum and arranged for our daughters to stay for the whole weekend (from Friday night to Monday morning), I then rang both my work and Dave’s work to arrange for us both to be off from Friday to the Monday. When he got home that night and before I went out to work I told him that I had decided how he was going to be punished, and that if he didn't do exactly everything that I told him to do all through Saturday and perhaps into the early hours of Sunday morning then I was going to file for divorce (Even though I wouldn’t have)! He stood there speechless. I knew that he would do whatever he had to because of his love for our little girls and me. Reluctantly he agreed.
Friday came and after dropping the girls at Dave's Mum's and doing the shopping we went home and for the rest of the day we had sex in all different ways including oral and anal and much, much more. The next day came and after breakfast I reminded him that he had agreed to do everything that I told him to do, no matter what it was.

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   My first orders to him were to have a shave and bath, and then to dress casually for where we would be going later.
Just after lunch we left for our destination, I drove and on the way I said to him;
"This is the beginning of your punishment. I have paid for you to be made into a woman for a day. I'm taking you to a place where they are going to transform you into a beautiful woman, from there we are going out for dinner and then onto a night club. While we are at the night club I am going to pick up a man, tale him into a dark alley and have sex with him while you keep watch for us".
I could see by the look on his face that he was totally against doing it, but I could also see defeat and resignation in his eyes, he just sat there silently. From here on I will let him tell some of the story.
At first I couldn't believe what I was hearing, it sounded just like my worst nightmare, but I was guilty and had to pay for what I'd done so I went along with it. If I'd have known what other things she was going to make me do I would probably walked away there and then. When we arrived at our first destination I nearly ran for it, but as she correctly guessed my love for her and our two girls stopped me from doing so.
We were greeted by four women, each introduced herself and what they would be doing for me, I can't remember their names but they each worked on an aspect of the conversion, one on my way of walking in high heels and mannerisms, one on my body hair and wig, one on my clothing and finally one on my make up. As Charly sat close by smirking I was stripped naked, they boxed up my male clothes and one of them took them away to be posted back to me at home, I felt so embarrassed, I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. Then the humiliation really started, first they removed ALL and I mean all the hair on my body except the hair on my head. They used a combination of razors and a cream that they smeared on and washed off. All I know is that it smarted.

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   The next thing that they did was to make me put on some really tight women's knickers and they somehow folded my cock and balls underneath me between my legs so that they didn't show (once they were correctly positioned the tight knickers kept them in place). The next thing that they did was to give me a pair of 'C' cup breasts, they were actually really life like, they appeared to be made of silicone and they stuck them on with a strong dissolvable adhesive. Once the were set they jiggled them about to make sure that they were stuck properly, by now I was feeling so bad, I guess that it served me right, I'm sure that Charly had felt bad too.
They then dressed me in a lacy suspender belt and bra to match the black knickers that I already had on and a pair of shear black stockings, I went to the toilet after that and when I returned I was told off and instructed on how to hide my tackle and was made to practice it many times until I got it right. Next they dressed me in a dark blue knee length dress, which was adjusted by the Seem-stress to fit me, hiding bulges and highlighting my boobs and clinging to my legs. It felt really strange and disgusting. I was then made up and instructed on how to touch up the make up during the night, they then fitted a dark wavy haired wig on me and fixed it into my own hair to stop it coming off, even if pulled! It was at that point that I caught a glimpse of myself in a full length mirror. I thought that I looked like a tart! And they all laughed about it and teased me for what seemed like ages. Then they fitted me into a pair of high heels and taught me how to walk like a woman, it felt most uncomfortable and foreign to me. They all then instructed me in the mannerisms of a woman, how to laugh, talk, dance and go to the toilet etc.
Charly was pleased with the finished transformation and smirked all through the night. We went to a small restaurant near by for a meal, which we both enjoyed. I was even winked at by a couple of lads in there! We then moved on to a disco, we danced nearly all night together (not slow dances), at about midnight Charly disappeared for a few minutes and came back trailing a total stranger. She whispered in my ear that it was time for me to watch her being fucked by someone else, she told me to hook my arm through his and we left together. As we were walking through the town centre he actually squeezed one of my false breasts.

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   I felt disgusted! Anyway Charly led us to the park and we slipped through the fence and made our way to one of the sheltered seating areas. Charly then pulled her skirt up, took her knickers off and lay across one of the benches and said quietly;
"Come on lover make love to me now".
He didn't need telling twice, he had his cock out in a flash and mounted her quickly. I stood by frustrated by her actions, not being able to do anything about it. What I didn't know was that I was still in for some surprises, Charly really made it obvious that she was enjoying herself, including when he came into her for the first time saying out loud; "Oh God I can feel you cumming inside me".
After a few minutes he got of her and was turning around to me when Charly said;
"You can't have my friend Pippa because it's the wrong time of the month for her, but she'll lick and suck you clean before you fuck me again and she'll suck you clean again afterwards if you want her too".
He replied;
"Oh yes I want her to suck my cock clean, Pippa come over here and suck and lick my cock and make it hard again".
I just looked across at Charly. I couldn't suck his cock, just the thought of it made me feel sick.
"Come on get over here, on your knees now you tart".
As I walked over to him and knelt down I heard Charly saying;
"Remember what we said earlier, I would fuck him and you would suck him, now do it!" With tears welling up in my eyes I gently took hold of his by now slightly limp, sticky cock with my brightly nail polishedfingers, opened my mouth as wide as I could and thrust it deeply into my mouth, all the time I could hear Charly giggling to herself and that made it worse. (Especially as she says that one of the things that makes her most turned on is if men suck each others cocks) Slowly I forced myself to suck his cock clean, tasting both the familiar sweet taste of Charly's cum and the savoury taste of his cum.
Suddenly I felt a twitch from his cock and it started to grow again, I tried to push his cock out of my mouth but he held my head to him until he was fully erect again. He then fucked Charly doggy fashion before making me suck him clean again. Afterwards we said our goodbyes and he headed off across the park in the opposite direction to the way that we started to go.

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   Once he was out of sight, Charly stopped me and said;
"I haven't finished punishing you yet. Let's just go back to where we were".
Once we were back there Charly said as she pulled her dress up;
"I didn't put my knickers back on, on purpose, I wanted his cum to ooze out of my cunt and smear its self, all over my thighs for you to lick off me".
I said "OK but this is the last thing that I'm doing, I've been punished enough". Afterwards we left the park and went home. To my horror when we undressed I found that I couldn't pull the stuck on breasts off, Charly told me that I would have to return to the shop on Monday morning to have them removed with a solvent, and then she said to me,
“I'm so randy, seeing you suck that blokes cock made me practically climax there and then and I could hardly wait for him to fuck me again. Just thinking about it makes me turned on”.
All the time that she was saying this she was gently, but desperately wanking my cock to hardness.
"Please make love to me darling. I want to feel what it's like to have a pair of tits pressing against me and a cock deep inside me at the same time. "
The way that she said that made us both laugh about it. We knew that everything was forgiven and forgotten. It was in the past now and we then made passionate love together, the mixture of their sticky cum inside her making her extra slippery and that seemed to spur us both on. Now I'll hand you back to Charly as I'm feeling sick and disgusted again about what she made me do.
As you can see from his explanation of what happened, I really made him pay for fucking my friend, I can't explain why it made me so turned on to watch him being degraded in the ways that Ihad chosen, but it did and I have still got a polariod picture that was taken by one of the women, of him made up as a woman to look at and remember that evening by.

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