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Topic: shooting with james I couldn’t get the arrows to fly. All the other boys on the field had managed to hit the targets, but my arrows wouldn’t fly straight. The teacher was shaking his head, saying “you’re holding it wrong. It needs to be higher, no, lower, pull back further. ” I was sick of it. He wouldn’t show me how to do it, but he kept complaining.
Finally, I gave up trying, and decided to just fidget with the gear until the lesson was over. Out of the corner of my eye I watched the year 11’s playing football, my eye being drawn once again to James, who had taken off his shirt again. He had by far the best body in the school. He was average height, with broad shoulders, massive biceps and thick powerful legs. His chest was coated in a light sheen of sweat, which caught the sunlight and glistened off his solid Pecs and hard abs.
The guy was your typical cool guy, liked by everybody, good at everything, and totally out of everybody’s league. His girlfriend lost her virginity to him, as had many of the other girls who had been lucky enough to date him. His attitude and looks were to die for, and he was the one every uncool guy wanted to be, and every girl wanted to screw. And some of the guys too. I was one of them.

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   “Pack up!” the stupid teacher yelled. There was the gradual hubbub as we began packing the gear, before sir called “not you Dan. You stay here until you hit the target. ” It was totally unfair. I watched dismayed as all the other boys left for lunch, and the year 11’s came in from the field, gathering their bags.
James ran over to the shed behind me to pick up his shirt, and began to wipe the sweat from his body. His heavy shorts clung to his body, outlining the enormous and famous cock every girl who had been with him had spoken about. I couldn’t stop looking at it. It hung loose from his body, and you could tell from the way it hung that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. According to the rumors in the locker room, he never wore them during sport. His dick swung as he turned around, facing the boys behind me, who were leaving for lunch. He waved his hands in front of his crotch, and I jumped, realising he had caught me staring. I tried to just keep looking at a spot behind him, hoping he would think I had been looking at the shed.
As he began walking towards me, I raised my head and smiled at him, as if just noticing he was there. “You having trouble with that?” he asked in his deep voice.

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   I looked at the bow and arrows in my hands, before smiling and saying “nahh, I just like missing out on lunch. ” He smiled as he came within arms reach of me, and I could smell the sweat on his skin. “Show me what your doing, lets see if I can help. ” Not wanting to turn down any offer he made, I simply raised the bow, lined up the arrow, and drew.
“There. That’s your problem. Your resting the arrow on the wrong side. Let me show you. ”
I had expected him to get one of the spare bows, but instead, he stepped up behind me, reaching around either side of me to grip the bow. “Your hand here is too high, it needs to be lower, below the middle, so you can grip the shaft. ” I wasn’t listening. I could smell his body, feel the heat and strength in his muscled arms as he moved. I gasped as he moved his head closer, his chin touching just below my ear and he spoke quietly, in a whisper.
“now you go for it” he released the arrow, and it went soaring overhead. At the same time, I felt him grind his crotch forward, rubbing onto my thigh.

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   He moved away a second later, so quickly I was barely sure he had done it in the first place. I glanced at him quickly, but the grin he kept on his face told nothing.
“Go get the arrow. ” Was all he said.
“Ill put these in the shed. ” Still wondering, I jogged across the field to search for the arrow, found it, and jogged back. I was at the shed before I realised that all that wondering had left me with a problem. A fairly noticeable problem, seeing as it made my gym shorts a lot pointier than they should be. There was no way James wouldn’t see it. Unless I got into the shed before he came out. That way, he might not see it in the dim light. I ran forward, hoping he wouldn’t come outside. No such luck. I got to the door a second after he emerged, his shirt still off, his body still glistening with sweat. “Well?” he said, looking at the arrow in my hand.

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“Well what?” I tried to play it cool, act as if the guy in front of me couldn’t see me straining against my shorts. “You gonna put the arrow away?” he said slowly, as if that’s all that was on his mind. “Oh. Yeah. Right. Um. ” I waited for him to move out of the doorway, but he just looked at me. So I moved closer, trying to get past the huge bulk of a teen blocking the way. My entire front touched his, and I once more I felt him grind against my crotch as I passed. Once in the dark store room, I hurried toward the shelves and threw the arrow in with the others. “What\\\'s your hurry?” his voice made me jump. I was hoping to watch you walk back to the school so I could enjoy the view, I thought.
“You what?” he said. In that one, horrible second I realized I hadn’t thought, and id actually said that out loud. “Um, I uh.

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  ” I couldn’t think of anything. At all. I had just said the most damning thing in my entire life, and I couldn’t cover it up.
“So,” he said when I stayed quiet. “I\\\'m guessing that tent in your pants isn’t for some girlfriend no-one knows about?” obviously not. Very few of the boys at the school could have girlfriends. Very little chance for it when your at an all boys boarding school. I had no choice. I was busted, so I might as well try to salvage something. “you’d have guessed right.
Who do you think its for?” I tried to sound cool, as if I wasn’t about to panic and have a heart attack. “well if I thought I wasn’t hungry enough to bother the next hour at lunch, id say it was for me. ” He said with all the self assured arrogance that was so sexy about him. “sure, if you say so” I said with a laugh. “too bad I’m hungry.

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   So move over. ” He didn’t budge from the doorway. There was no way I could get past him. I walked right into him, and was shocked at what felt like a semi firm roll of ham in his shorts.
I pushed at him, and my hands slipped slightly because of the sweat which covered his body. I let my hands keep slipping, until they ‘accidentally’ touched the slowly growing bulge in his pants. I left them there a second too long before snatching them back.
“Move over” I said as I once more pushed at him. his hand snapped forward, grabbing mine in a strong, hard grip.
He didn’t say anything and neither did I as he slid my hand slowly down his chest and over his shorts, settling them firmly over his now semi hard cock. I could see the outline even in the darkness, and I didn’t say a word as his hand closed my fingers over the thick rod. “rub it” he said quietly. I didn’t think. I couldn’t. His voice was so firm and commanding, it seemed impossible that anyone could ever say no.

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   I moved my hand over his shorts and along his cock, feeling it throb against my palm. He kept his hand on mine as I continued to stroke him, feeling him grow longer, thicker and harder in my hand. “without the shorts” he whispered into my ear, and immediately I stepped closer to him, my head only reaching the bottom of his mouth.
I slid my hand into the waistline of his shorts, along the thin patch of hair and around his cock. I leant forward on a whim, and suckled quickly on one of his nipples, and heard his gasp in surprise, but more importantly, he didn’t stop me. I kissed along his chest as I slowly knelt down, until my face was level with his crotch. I lifted both hands and pulled down his shorts slowly, almost to his knees, until only his cock head was still held by the shorts. I kissed around the base of his cock slowly, feeling his pubic hair on my face, and breathing in the musky smell. I kissed his cock slowly, going lower and lower, feeling its hard warmth against my face. I held the thick shaft in my hand as I slowly pulled his shorts the rest of the way down, and felt the slap as his cock flung upwards.
I began kissing the base again, kissing along the veins as I slowly reached the tip, feeling the warm head against my cheek for a second, then taking it in my mouth as I heard James moan. I sucked hard against the smooth skin, moving my head slowly up and down, only getting about a third of his cock in me. James moaned as he put his large hands around my head, pulling it closer, until I had almost half of his throbbing cock in my mouth, and I felt it hit the back of my throat. “stop” he said quickly. I stopped moving, but kept his dick in my mouth, sucking gently.

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   “stand up and follow me” he pulled his shorts off from around his ankles and threw them aside. His cock was almost fully hard now and it bobbed and swayed as he walked. I followed him to the gym mats which were piled high enough to sit on, and he sat and leaned back on his elbows.
I knelt before him and started sucking again, running my tongue around his swollen head and listening to him moan, gripping his thick thighs and running my hands onto what I could reach of his firm ass. I felt him shift as he brought one arm around to rest on the back of my head, forcing my head lower and lower onto his cock. I pulled myself off him and leant forward, kissing his cock to its base and then slowly licking his balls. I kissed up to his navel, sticking my tongue briefly into his belly button before continuing up his chest. I lingered a moment around his nipples, suckling each one in turn, before returning to his crotch. But Instead of sucking him again, I kept going, kissing the inside of his thighs, and working down his powerfully muscled legs, kissing  and flicking my tongue out at his calves and down to his ankles and back again to his thighs, tasting his sweat “Stop” he said again, and I looked up as he patted the cushion beside him.
I leapt up, still facing his cock as I began to suck again. He reached around, and pulled my legs to him, so that we were almost in a 69 position. I felt his grip on my shoes as he took off first one, then the other, throwing them aside, and my socks soon followed. I felt his hands on my shorts, as he slowly pulled them down, working them off each leg slowly, and soon I was naked from the waist down, while he wore nothing but his shoes and socks. I admired his tanned, muscled body as I sucked, feeling his cock throb in my mouth. I gasped as I felt his tongue on my asshole, licking slowly at first, then quickening to an extraordinary speed, in and out of my asshole.

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   Sticking it in as far as he could, and then putting his whole mouth around my hole and sucking hard. I couldn’t believe how it felt, and groaned a little as I sucked him. I felt his hands on my head again, pushing my off his cock and up his chest, kissing his hard abs and stiff Pecs all the way to his neck, then up his jaw line, turning my body as I moved. He pulled my head closer until I felt his lips on mine, kissing me roughly, and I felt his tongue in my mouth.
I pulled back a little, my hands rubbing his hard cock, now wet from all the sucking. “Lay there” he whispered as he got up, pushing me down as he went. He grabbed my legs and pulled me backwards off the mat, until my feet touched the floor and my cock hung free, and he pushed me down so that he had me bent over. Using his legs, he spread mine apart. I wasn’t sure what he was doing until he was lying on top of me, his hard body rubbing against my shirt, until he pulled it off, and I felt his sweat on mine. He kissed the back of my neck and the side of my jaw as I felt his hot dick rubbing against my thigh. I looked back and saw him moving his cock into position with my asshole, and I panicked, trying to get up but finding the pressure on my back too strong. “You cant!” I said quickly. “And why not?” he asked as he rubbed the head of his large cock along my ass crack.
“Because, because your so huge, and I’ve never had anyone in there before, and you just can’t!”
He leaned closer, and I could feel his chest against my back as he whispered fiercely “I promise you, I can do almost whatever I want”. He leaned his pelvis forward, and I felt his cock against my asshole, pushing.

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   I gasped as it slid slowly in, and he worked it in and out a few times to spread the moisture around from his spit and precum. He brought his arm around my neck, grasping the opposite shoulder warmly, and leaning close to my face. I glanced back, but could see almost nothing because of his thickly muscled arm, but I could feel his cock head in my asshole.
“get ready” he said quietly, and thrust forward suddenly, his hand covering my mouth so I could make a sound. I felt a huge pressure in my ass, then felt it collapse as his cock started sliding in, could feel it sliding against the inside of my virgin ass.
He didn’t stop. He kept pushing, and pushing, until he was about halfway in. he pulled back slowly, until I could feel only his hot, hard head in my ass, then thrust forward again, sinking in almost to the hilt. With one more push, I felt his thighs slap against mine, and could feel his pubes bristle as his balls slapped into mine. I groaned, as my ass ached and felt so full. “you like that?” James whispered in my ear fiercely as he began pulling out. He got to about halfway before slamming in again, and I heard his thighs slapping against mine. It hurt, but it felt good. His hand was still covering my mouth, so I opened my mouth and took in one of his fingers, sucking it as he began thrusting into my ass, harder, and faster.
I noticed our reflection in one of the bright metal bins kept in the shed, and set to watching as I saw his thighs tensing as he thrust, watching the muscles in his darkly haired calves moving and stretching, his ass moving back and forth, as his hands ran over my body.


   After the first few minutes the pain went away, and the pleasure started. His huge cock was causing my ass to ache, but I felt jolts of pleasure every time James moved, and he never stopped moving. He reached around for a short while, grabbing my dangling cock, but stopped after only a few minutes. I began to clench my ass in rhythm to his fucking, and sucked harder on his finger when he moaned. Each time he thrust his cock all the way in, when I felt his pubes against my thighs and his balls slapping lightly against mine, I tensed my ass, and he would fuck faster and harder, the entire pile of mats moving with the force of his thrusting. The his breath came short, and as he let out a feral grunt as he shoved his cock all the way in a final time, and I felt his cum shooting into my bowels. He pulled in and out a few more times, before pushing all the way in and collapsing on my back.
I could feel his weight and his muscled chest against my back, and I could smell the sweat on our bodies. He lay there for a few minutes, panting, and as I felt his cock slowly deflating inside me, I tensed my ass a few more times, and heard James laugh. He pulled himself up slowly, and his cock came out inch by inch, my ass tensed around it until it swung free. I turned over, feeling my ass, which felt like it should be one large bruised mess from how hard his thrusts had been. James disappeared for a sec, returning with his discarded gym shorts. He pulled them on slowly as I went to gather my own cloths. “come here” he said as I pulled my shorts on. I walked over to him, and was startled when he pulled me close, leant down and kissed me, long and hard, his tongue once again wiping over mine.

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“Don’t forget that” he said as he walked away, out the door and across the field. I glanced at my watch as I pulled the rest of my clothes on, realizing I still had about 20minutes left of lunch. Not that id be eating lunch. I needed a shower, before anyone realized what had happened. I could feel James cum in my ass, leaking slightly, and I hurried outside. As I closed the door, I noticed his sweat covered shirt still on the floor. I gathered it up quickly, and took a long, deep sniff after making sure no-one was around. I hurried across the field and back to the school dorms, needing that shower. Out of habit, I glanced at the notice board, and froze when I saw the dorm plans. My roommate had filed a complaint about me. And James had complained about his room mate. That meant the principle would be swapping us. He was going to put me in James room.
To be continued.
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