Dont Stop.........


Hi my names Charlie. I recently turned 16 and this is a story about my older brother Kent who is 17 and the time I caught him masterbating.
It was an early Sunday Morning and I had gotten up early to go and train in the pool. As I walked to the bathroom in my nightie i herd muffled moaning coming from my Kents bedroom. Kent is what my friends call a super hottie and even though I have spent most my life despising him, in more recent times I too have noticed his hottness. I crept Up to his door and peeked through only to see him on his back pumping his hard cock in his fist. I bit my bottem lip to stop myself from gasping as I stood there and watched. He was moaning and had his eyes closed and his hand worked his shaft to a frenzy. My own hand had dissappeared under my nightie and was going to work on my clit as if it had a mind of its own.
I stood there fingering myself watching my brother pump harder and harder as i drew myself closer to my own orgasm. Then he came and spirted cum up his belly and chest. I quikly and quietly crept away my fingers still probing and went into the bathroom to finish what i had started.
As I same i couldnt get the picture of my brother cumming all over himself from my mind and my coach could tell I was pre-occupied as i stuffed up turns and my stroke was all over the place. On the way home I tried to think about everything else but still couldnt remove the image. I walked in the back door and into the kitchen where my bro was at the fridge looking in wearing only a pair of shorts. I instantly changed direction and headed for the bathroom to have a shower.

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   Kent yelled from behind that mum and dad had gone for the weekend and that tonight he was having some of his friends over and that I wasnt allowed to dob.
I agreed but only if I could have a friend over too. He was fine with that so after my shower I rang vikki to come over. The day was spent fooling around on the computer and watching DVD's. Kent ended up going out with his mates leaving Vik and I at home to talk. I told Vikki about the morning and she was so jelous. She so badly wanted my brother and asked about 100 times if i thought it would happen again the next day.
We were both sound asleep when Kent got home it was about 2am and Kent was drunk out of his brain. He stumbled in and collapsed on the couch next to me. I asked him if his friends were coming, to which he grunted "no" and then lent over and put his head on my lap and closed his eyes. Vikki had woken too and she looked up at me with the most mischievious grin. I shook Kent and he mumbled something i didnt understand. I told him that I would help him up to his room so he could go to bed. He grunted in agreeance and Vikki and I supported him up to his room.
Once in his room we sat him on his bed and he just fell back and lay with his feet still on the floor.

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   I bent down and started undoing his shoelaces and Vikki started undoing his shirt. By the time I had got one shoe off Vikki had his shirt off and had undone his pants. I gasped and shook my head. Vikki just grinned and pulled at his jeans and started sliding them down off his hips. I got his other shoe off and vikki pulled his jeans off. Kent Lay there in his Calvin Klien briefs snoring totally out of it. We pushed him up onto his bed and vikki regularly accidently onpurpose slipped and ran her hand across his cock.
Vikki then whipered to me if she could just have one look and although I wanted to say no I also wanted to see it again. I said ok and Vikki needed no further responce she had his briefs off in a flash. we both sat their staring at it while Kent just snorred. I saw Vikkies hand go down between her legs and then her other hand reached out and grabbed his cock. I didnt move I just sat and watched while vikki, never taking her eyes off his cock, started to wank him. Even though Kent was asleepp it didnt take long for his cock to wake up. Vikki was storking it and finger herself and didnt care if I was watching or not. Truth was I was playing with my self too.

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   I walked round the other side of the bed opposite vikki and then reached out and joined in the stroking. Vikki looked up at me and grinned that mischievious grin again. and no sooner had i got the rithym up had she crawled onto the bed in between his legs and started sucking the head. she tore off her nightie and proceeded to finger herself while sucking.
I was sooo wet and my fingers where working my clit in to a frenzy. Then vikki stopped looked at me and said wanna try? i dint say anything just swapped positionswith her and got on all 4s and started sucking. His big cock in my mouth felt amazing then even more amazing was Vikkihad started fingering me from behind. I lost all control and soon was deep throating my brothers cock while vikki was fingering licking and sucking my wet pussy. Suddenly I felt Kent's cock erupt and his warm juice start spilling from his cock and down my throat and he started mumbling. . . . . Oh yer you know how i like it . .

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  . . . . yer thats it. Vikki and I froze and then the bomb shell
Kent moaned. . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . .
Dont Stop you know I love it when you suck my cock MUM. . . . . . . . . .

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