How mom and I survived the cold without power.


Background:I (at the time)was 19 years old. My mother had me when she was very young. She is (at the time) 34. I am 5' 10", 190lbs, muscular and athletic. My mom is 5' 7", 120lbs, tanned skin, athletic, about a 34C. We have a good relationship just somewhat distant. I am an only child and live with both of my parents.


My mother and i have a pretty normal relationship. We have our times where we got into arguments and it caused us to be somewhat distant. My father was a pilot so he was gone a lot and sometimes a week at a time. My mom was a lawyer so she could pretty much decide when she went to work. It was January and the the winter was abnormally brutal at home. They seemed to keep getting really bad snow storms. I was taking a semester off from college and managed to get back home despite the bad weather. When I arrived, my mom picked me up from the airport. We had our normal conversation with a lot of silence.

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   My father had just left for what was supposed to be a two day trip. When we were on our way home it started to snow. It wasn't bad just flurries. By the time we got home it was snowing pretty hard. We unloaded all my stuff and hurried into the house. My mom asked me if i would like some hot chocolate. I said no and took my bags to my room. By the time i was done unpacking and putting everything away. I was tired. It was only 9:00pm, but i decided to just go to sleep.

I woke up and was extremely cold. I looked at the clock and it was not working. I figured it broke while i was away. I got out of bed and went down the hall and knocked on my moms bedroom door. She did not answer.

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   I decided she must be awake for some reason too. I went downstairs to the living room and my mom was sitting on the couch reading a book by a candle. Before i could say anything she tells me to look outside. I go to the window to see what she was talking about. It turns out that while we were sleeping, we got a blizzard outside. The power got knocked out due to heavy winds. We didn't have a generator and the house was already starting to get cold. My mom says "I called your father. It turns out he is stuck in Colorado and couldn't take off. " I'm not sure when he will be back, I barely got to see him anyway so i was used to it. My mom asked me if i want some hot chocolate again. This time i said yes. We sat on the couch under blankets while my mom continued to read her book and i stared at the wall. After about 15 minutes, i decided to try to go back to bed. I grabbed a couple extra blankets and went back to my room.

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   After a little bit of warming up i fell back to sleep.

I woke up in the morning freezing with the sun shinning on me. I got up and went to the use the restroom before i headed down stars. I went to the kitchen to make something that could warm me up. To my surprise my mom was standing in the kitchen. Aren't you supposed to be at work? No, I decided not to bother fighting the snow. My mom was dressed in full clothes with a heavy coat on. My mom had some soup already made. I ate in silence as always. Well, I'm gonna go take a shower i said. You cant! Why? Because the water heater is not running since the power is off. . We only have whats in the tank to use for everything. So what am i supposed to do then mom? I need to take a shower. We will have to figure a way to conserve water.

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   I really didn't understand how we could possibly save water knowing we both have to take a shower sometime. What if I take a bath mom, and you can take one after me. We cant do that. Why? The plug in the bathtub is broke and it will not hold water. So what are we supposed to do, take a shower together i said sarcastically? My mom didn't say anything. Well it looks like we are not showering today. As the day went on the power still didn't come back and the house was getting colder. We have a large house so it takes a lot of heat to keep the house warm. Since the power was off the only thing that could help heat the house is our gas stove. My mom had it on but it was not helping. The temperature outside read 17F and was still in the evening and the sun was up. The temperature inside was already down to 54F. We really had nothing todo so me and my mom decided to play a card game. After about an hour that got boring. So i left to my room to listen to music.

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   While i lay in bed listening to music I dozed off.

When i woke up the sun was down and it was freezing in the house. I put some extra clothes on and went downstairs. My mom was sitting on the couch balled up under a blanket. What is the temperature in here i said. Its already down to 44F, and its only 11:00pm. What are we gonna do i said. We cant go anywhere and if we just keep sitting around waiting for the power to come back on where gonna get hypothermia? My mom simply responded "I know. " We really don't have many options. We have to keep our body temperature up. Come sit with me under the blankets and see if we can both generate a lot of heat under the blankets. I had no choice but to say yes. I was freezing and it was only getting colder. So i go sit on the other end of the couch and get under the two blankets. After about 20minutes my mom says, "This is not working.

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   I think we are not generating a lot of heat under the blankets because of all the extra clothes we have on. Plus you are sitting so far way. So i said okay. I took off my coat, my sweater and my two pair of sweat pants. All that i had left on was a t-shirt, basketball shorts and my socks. My mom took off her heavy coat, her sweater and her sweat pants. She still had on a long shirt, shorts, and socks. Come closer she said. The closer we are the more heat we generate. So I moved over to where our legs were touching. My mom tried to started reading again and I decided to listen to music and hopefully fall asleep. After about 30minutes my mom tapped my leg and said, "I think this is helping but since we are not touching we are not generating as much heat as we can. " So what am i supposed to do about that mom? I said in a somewhat smart tone. we are gonna have to do something extreme to prevent us from being in a bad situation. What is it? Do you trust me.

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   Yeah, Why, I responded. I know this kind of weird and i know I'm your mother but we are both adults. Yeah, i know! So what is it mom? I think to generate all the heat we can we need to lay on the couch together! Okay i guess. But that's not it, she quickly responded. I think we need to take off our remaining clothes and lay down on the couch together. What? Are you serious. Yes, she said. I think this is the only way to guarantee we stay warm. Like i said, even though you are my son and I am your mother, We are both adults and this is what we have to do. Hesitating, i said okay.

I decided to take off my socks first to make sure she was serious. My mom already removed her socks and started to remove her long shirt. So i decided to remove mine. I was now sitting in my shorts only. My mom was sitting in her shorts and a bra.

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   I had never thought of my mom in a sexual way even thought all my friends told me how hot she was. I asked are you sure you want to do this mom? I think we have no choice. Okay. My mom stared removing her shorts and then her panties she had on under. I could not see anything because the blanket was covering us up. I removed my shorts and i realized i was sitting with my mom naked. My mom suddenly said. Can you help me take my bra off? I looked over and realized my moms chest was not covered by the blanket. Uhh. . . I guess. She turned her back to me and all i could think about was that my mom had an amazing body. I took off her bra and she quickly covered up with the blanket. Are you ready? She asked me.

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   Not really but okay. I layed down on the back on the couch making sure i stayed covered up. My mom took a deep breath and layed down in front of me. By this time i was so cold but i didn't want my dick to touch my mom. So i put my hand over it while she lay in front of me. She had her back up against my chest and her legs inner twined with mine. Hopefully this works she said. After about 5minutes my mom says. I know this is weird but can you do me a favor. Whats that i responded. Can you move your hand it is sticking in my back. I know why it's there but it is really starting to hurt. We don't have to look at this weird. Just something necessary. Where am i gonna put my hands then mom? You can just put them over me.

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   Plus the closer we are the warmer we stay. Okay i said. I removed my hand and draped it over her side. Since my mom was shorter her ass was slightly above my crotch. Even though i was cold my cock was still touching her leg. I was about 8in long fully erect so when she backed up against me to get closer. My dick layed right on the back of her leg close to her asshole. Suddenly my cock started to turn into a chubby. All i can think was "This is your mom, what the hell is wrong with you". But i could not help it. Her warm slim body was pressed up against me and my cock was rubbing up against her. Just when i thought that was all i had to worry about. My mom started to get comfortable now that she was getting warm again. My mom reached up and grabbed my hand which was still draped over her side, and placed it into her chest. She opened my hand up and placed it directly on her left tit and put her hand over mine.


   She moaned in comfort. My cock started to really get harder and was now pressing into her legs which were pressed together. My mom started to drift in and out of sleep. I knew i could not go to sleep knowing my dick is getting harder and I'm holding my moms tit. Suddenly my moms legs opened up a little bit. I knew it was not on purpose because she was falling asleep.

By this time my dick was getting harder and harder until my cock head was resting on my moms pussy lips. My mom was a light sleeper and kept moving to stay comfortable. Suddenly she moved her waist forward and then back. To my surprise my now fully erect cock slid right into her pussy. I did not know what to do. Her pussy was so warm and wet. She must have been getting turned on unintentionally too. It felt so good. Then i realized i had my dick in my mom.

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   Mom, i said. She woke up a little and said, Yeah? Uhh. . I think we need to separate a little bit. Don't worry about it she replied, We are adults. Uhh. . Okay. I just layed there in shock. As my mom started falling asleep again, She started moving her waist again. I tried to ignore it but every time she moved my hard cock would come out and go further in her wet pussy. Suddenly my mom moved her right leg and bent her knee upward resting her foot on my leg. When she did this my cock went all the way inside of her. Then suddenly my mom moved forward and back again. But this time her waist did not stop! Her hand started to squeeze my hand on her tits.

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   And i realized i was fucking my mom. What the hell am i supposed to do? It's my mom but it feels so good. Is she sleeping and doing this unknowingly? Or does she want me to fuck her? What am i gonna do?. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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