My Dream Come True


My girlfriend, Karen and I were becoming more adventurous in terms of sex. So when my birthday was coming up, I knew I was in for a great treat. On Saturday night we threw a party. As the night came to a close, I became more and more anxious for my present. My girlfriend lead me to my bedroom door and told me to wait and count to twenty before I came in. I did as I was told and opened the door at the count of twenty-mississippi. There stood my gorgeous girlfriend-- 5'3, skinny, with perfect C tits and a perfect black bush.
"Come on in," she waved. "If you would please insert your tasty cock into my gloryhole. " She pointed to a big red wall of thin plastic with a hole the size of my cock. I did as I was told again and inserted my now rockhard cock into the gloryhole. She hugged me from behind as I felt two tongues begin swirling around my dick. I could feel her bush and boobs up against me while she played with my balls.
"Are you ready to find out your mystery mouths?" I could only nod in excitement. She tied a blindfold around my eyes and lead me to lay down on the bed. I felt three bodies crawl onto the bed with me and the same mouths started on my cock again.

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   Karen yanked my blindfold off, and I was shocked to see my mother and my girlfriend's mother both blowing me.
I was so shocked that I jumped off the bed and yelped. The two sexy mothers stood up and laughed a little. My girlfriend's mother was tall and skinny with long brown hair, wearing a corset and pantyhose. She wasn't wear any panties, though, and I could see her brown bush poking through her closed legs. My mother, on the other hand, wasn't wearing anything on her short, athletic body. Her black hair fell over her shoulders, and her big black bush shined through. To the left of them now stood my girlfriend, skinny, perfect waist and ass, perky perfect tits. Her bush is perfect and black, contrasting her long brown hair.
My girlfriend now moved between our mothers and pushed me softly back onto the bed. She began to crawl up the middle of my spread legs. The mothers followed suit, with my mom's mouth making its way up my right thigh and my girlfriend's mother's mouth making its way up my left leg. My girlfriend's hands grabbed my ass and dug her nails into me and she took down my entire cock. She then expertly pulled off and sucked it dry. Then she began to lick my balls as our mother's took the cue to share my cock.

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My cock began to strain and I could feel my cum building up after several minutes of licking and sucking.
"I want you girls to share my cum," I told them. Karen's mouth began to travel back from my balls to my shaft. As soon as she slithered her tongue up and took my whole cock down, and I exploded. Karen smiled and slid her mouth off of my cock, making sure to keep every drop of my cum in her mouth. Our two mothers eagerly put their mouths up to Karen's, and she hovered her mouth over and let a little bit of cum fall into each of their mouths. They all swallowed my load and smiled.
"Okay, now for another game," said Karen. She climbed on top of me and tied a blindfold around my eyes again. "You have to guess who is who," she whispered in my ear.
I felt someone climb on top of me and press their bush up against my face. It was huge and thin. I knew who it was. "Your mom. " Karen laughed.

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"You're right! As a reward. . . "
I felt another body above me and a mouth on my cock now. The pussy tasted amazing and I couldn't wrap my mind around how good the cocksucker was. Whoever it was deepthroated my entire cock and then sucked it dry. Then she started on my balls. And that's when I knew my girlfriend's tongue. Nobody can suck on my balls like she can. My mother's bush was amazing. It was so thick and inviting. It was even better than my girlfriend's pussy.
"Your pussy tastes amazing, Mom," I smiled.
"Ding ding ding!" shouted Karen. "And now.

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  . . " she sat on my chest as my mother scooted off of me. She took off my blindfold and smiled. Our mothers both climbed back onto the bed on either side of my cock and each grabbed with one hand. They then took turns sucking my pulsating cock. Karen scooted her pussy up to my face.
"Now if you get this one right you get the grand prize. "
I stuck my tongue out and started licking her delicious hairy pussy lips. With each lick she pushed her pussy harder up against my face. She began moaning my name and grabbing my face. "O god!" she yelled over and over as her juiced began to flow and trickle down my face.
"Whose pussy is that?" she demanded, overcome with orgasm.
"My amazing girlfriend's. " I smiled again.

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"That's it!" she laughed, and pushed our mothers off of my cock. I was so focused on my girlfriend's orgasm I hadn't noticed our mothers had made me cum, and they swallowed it all. Karen shoved my cock into her pussy and started riding me hard. She leaned close to my ear and whispered, "I want you to finish in me. But have fun with those two first. "
She got off and her mother got on. Her brown bush encompassed my dick. My mother smiled and fingered herself with one hand while she stroked my chest with her other.
Karen's mom began riding my cock faster and harder. She began grunting and shivering. She must not have had sex in a very long time to have came that fast.
"Thank you," she exhaled. ". . .

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   That was wonderful. " I smiled and nodded and my mother took her place.
She grabbed my cock and added a few strokes in before taking my cock. She had a dark black bush as thick as Karen's and almost as widespread as Karen's mom's bush.
I could barely believe it. I kept waiting to wake up any moment from a dream. I had been dreaming of fucking my mother for years. And it was finally happening.
"O god!" she yelled, "I can get used to this!" I started to get close to cumming.
"Mom, I'm saving to finish in Karen, and I'm about to cum. " She smiled and understood and jumped off. She motioned for Karen to come and finish fucking me.
We both hugged eachother close and I spun around so she was on the bed and I was on top. I started pounding her hairy pussy with all I had. We both began to build up again together.

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   She started shaking and I could feel the cock building up to explode. We both screamed out at the same time and came hard.
After all four of us cuddling for a bit, I got up and walked over to my jeans that were on the floor.
"Now to do what I came up here to do. " I pulled out an engagement ring. She said yes, and we began our lives fucking our mothers. .