Bump & Grind part 1


My name is Hiro and this is the story of how I found the girl of my life
I work in an office in the city of Osaka for a Securities Exchange company my life so far was pretty normal until she appeared.
This girl. . . I mean woman, she is a foreigner from France she is learning things here in Japan to help her company back home, though a noble cause I can't help but feel that she is kind of left out of the company most of our coworkers don't talk to her that much and everytime she has free time on our breaks she just stares at her phone, I wonder what she is looking at, maybe pictures of her home… She is so lonely I never see her going out with us after work hours. For all that I know she just goes straight to her hotel once she is done here it's kind of sad really but I can't say that I'm much different.
Today was the usual day at the office, I finished my assignments and was ready to leave but the boss told me to stay working late hours. He said I need to help the foreigner, her name was actually Aline but since she didn't speak a word of Japanese everyone called her gaijin come to think of it we are a bunch of assholes, or maybe I just feltbad for her way too much.
The boss assigned me since I was the best english speaker and had a major on the area she was learning about it was convenient for me to help her despite what I felt was just a logical decision from my superior.
''Hey Aline!, so ugh. . . Mr. Takahashi told me to help you tonight. ''
'' Oh! thank you. .

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  . Hiro!?right I'm sorry if I got that wrong I'm really bad with names. ''
''No no no you got it right don't worry. ''
-nervous laughter-
After a bit of an anxious start I focused on my job and started helping her with all of her questions and other things related to her work, it was really fun to teach her she was really smart and a quick learner I just had to point her in the right direction, not to mention she was a sweetheart in between lessons and practice we had some casual talks. I've even manage to talk about her love life and learned a lot from her, occasionally I gave her a few looks that if she had noticed it would make me the most embarrassed man ever, but she was so beautiful her tied long hair glassesclassy clothes the French perfume thepantyhose high heels she was so classy so mature but despite all of that she looked so innocent and youngbut one thing was bothering me a bit.
She never took her eyes off her phone she always checks it.
Aside from that, I lost track of time and by the time I noticed it was already dark and we were alone in the office we relaxed a bit even cracking a few jokes here and there she opened a few buttons of her shirt and that was enough to almost make me sweat like crazy so I casually took off my jacket
and loosened up my tie a bit.
''Hiro I'm gonna take a quick break to fix my makeup see you in a bit okay''
''No problem Aline, I will tidy up things here and we should be done for the night''
And so she got up and left I could not help but watch the way she moved her hips as she left the office area. it was so seductive and provocative I never saw her do nothing like that it was surreal as that image of her walking out was still vivid in my mind I broke away from the trance as her phone vibrated, could it be that she forgot to take her phone did she trust me enough to not look in her phone so many questions yet one of then talked the loudest in my mind what was she looking at all of this time I needed to know! I craved it I could almost not control it so I reached and grabbed her phone it was filled with notifications from a group she was in and luckily her phone didn't have a passwordso I started fumbling through that group and found the place she was most active a porn chat.
''Is this for real. . . ''
I said it out loud in surprise but shut my mouth and kept looking at it she was not only looking at the posts but also posting things herself unfortunately for me there were no pictures of her but that hardly matters I got to see what she was into and she liked so many things hardcore fucking
deep throating rope play bdsm and when I got to her posts a bunch of femdom footjobs teasing at that point I was so hard my dick was hurting this cute foreign girl was a huge pervert how could she hide this so well from others. This is unbleli-
''Having fun there Hiro-kun''
I fell off the chairand landed on my back flat on the ground with a hard on and her phone on my hand when I looked up I could see her standing there looking at me glazing at her looking down on me made my cock twitch
''Oh my, you look so eager, can I help you?''
''nonono please Aline let's not get c-''
she didn't even let me finish my sentence she walked over my head making sure I had a nice view of under her skirt, she was now facing me her high heels now stepping on my hard dick pushing it back against my belly, the stiletto soles where close to piercing my balls this was is too scary but I'm just getting even more excited. She's just looking at me and starts rubbing her feet on my dick it is a mix of pleasure and pain but just the right amount to keep me intoxicated with pleasure but not dumb enough to ignore what's going on but not painful enough to break from it and stop it.

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'' It looks like you always wanted to do this right Hiro-kun, have the stupid gaijinstepping on your hard cock right in the middle of the office. ''
My god her words are enough to make me involuntarily move my hips and feel her feet crushing my cock and balls, I can't even talk anymore I have already given up to her domination.
''you are so easy already gave up. You are just gonna lay there and cum from my feet ?''
she stops rubbing my cock with her feet and a break from that haze of pleasure
''I. . . I'm really sorry please lets just. ''
''What Hiro ? You want me to finish you off huh ?''
''I. . . ''
She starts to take off her shirt really slowly and looks at me
''Beg to cum, I want you to beg for me to make you cum. On your knees and beg for it!’’
I can't do this I'm a man i have pride and self-esteem I can't let this gaijin bitch tell me what to do no matter how I feel about her! She is out of her mind, as I start to get up she had dropped her skirt. She is only wearing her bra, pantyhose and high heels at this moment she looks at me puts her leg in front of me and says.
''I'm gonna say it one more time. Beg me to allow you to cum and kiss my feet.


What she just said, her sexy figure, the look on her eyes trembled, my cock was twitching and she sent me over the edge. I could not hold myself anymore, I kneeled in front of her and started kissing her feet and begging for her.
''Please please let me cum Aline, allow me to feel you once again I beg you. ''
''Much better. ''
She stepped on my face and pushed me to the ground. I was there shamelessly worshiping this woman in my workplace how pathetic am I. . .
''Now why would I let you cum? You have been such naughty boy Hiro-kun. ”
''please Aline le-''
''Na huh~you can't say that name anymore I don't allow you to say my name with that dirty pervert mouth. It’s mistress for you now did I make myself clear!''
''Yes mistress ''
This is madness! Just her words alone make me feel like I could cum any moment now!
'’You know Hiro, I enjoyed your company quite a bit today. I think we will get alongjust fine, the two of us don't you agree?''
''Yes mistress I loved keeping you company today''
''now be a good boy for me and strip naked for me''
“Ri-right here and now?!”
''Oh c’mon, we passed the point you can still feel shame. Let's just enjoy the moment, don't you want to feel good again?''
This fucking woman she is insane, but I'm loving every second of it, the way she devours me with her eyes as I undress I feel like mice being stalked by a hawk, when I'm finally done I do the seiza position and just stare at her back with my hard cock still twitching and now leaking pre-cum from anticipation.
''You know that for a jap~ you have a pretty good looking cock, as you know your country doesn't have the reputation for big dicks, I think I will enjoy toying with you tonight. ''
Is she fucking serious with this she is telling me that my people have small cocks in our homeland how dare she but despite that, I still can't help but feel good about myself as she complimented my cock, I was too distracted that I didn't see her walk past me grab something she kneeled behind me, wrapped her arms around me and started caressing my body.

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   She whispered dirty things in my ears and played with my nipples her smell was intoxicating her touches made me feel like I was melting.
'’How long have you waited and dreamed for a moment for this to happen Hiro-kun''
''It feels like forever! I can't believe this is happening even now you are amazing!'’
''Hoho~ Don't worry, we are just starting big boy, now it looks like your buddy right there is really eager for some attention. Do you want me to help him out''
''Oh my~ Hiro, don't be so loud, do you want to be found out in this embarrassing situation by all your coworkers do you want to be known as the masochist of the company? A man with no pride that surrenders to a woman that easily. ''
Fuck she is gonna drive me crazy like this.
''N-noI-I don't want that but please mistress help me I beg you!''
''You know you are so cute when you stutter like that Hiro, I will help you but you better not cum. You will only cum when I allow it do we have a deal?''
“Yes! yes! please just make me feel good again. ”
“Okay big boy but you better not cum or I will have to punish you. ”
To think that this was just a simple and innocent girl a few hours ago, not in my wildest dreams would i imagine to be in a situation like this she is amazing, she moves her hands over to my hard and messy cock I have been leaking pre-cum like crazy she is not jerking me off she is just teasing my cockhead with her fingers and beautiful hands her long polished nails moving around my dick this teasing is so much that I started to moan.
''Does it feel that good to be teased Hiro-kun''
''Yes I'm loving it please don't stop aaah!''
'' Oh my those cute moans if you keep that up I might have to make you my new pet''
''Yes! please make me your obedient pet I will do anything !''
''Anything you say. . . ''
I should have never said that but I was out of my mind long ago my brain was fully committed to the pleasure she was giving me, I never felt nothing like that with anyone it was the first time I felt so good for such a long time,and she was done she with my head she worked her way through the shaft of my dick she applied pressure on some veins and glands that could have honestly milked all of my cum if she wanted too she moved her thumb up and downwhile her other hand caressed me with her long nails teasing me around my chest she then tighten her fingers around the end of my cock and went up making a pile of precum, to my surprise she took that to her mouth and tasted my precum. She made such a face that I was getting even hard I don't even know if that was possible but she was making me surpass all my limits she then grabbed my chin with her hands turned my head and gave me a long hot kiss, after that kiss I was in the clouds I could not think at all, she brought me back to reality when she tightens her fingers around my balls and gave a nice squeeze only now I realized what she had grabbed a bunch of rubber bands we used on money, she got those rubber bands so tight around my balls it was hurting but that feeling was washed away from my mind when she made me fall on her, my head resting on her chest and her long legs around me her feet started to jerk me off it was heaven.
'' You have been enduring it so far hiro-kun I'm proud of you. ''
''Th-thank you mistress.

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She took off her High heels throwing them aside so she could use her feet to its full potential. Her nylon pantyhose together with her strong grip of my dick with her toes was just to die for my body was so relaxed i couldn't feel nothing else, then just when i think this is how she is gonna milk me dry she stops just before i cum on the verge of me exploding all of my cum over her beautiful feet
'' I know i could feel your body preparing for the orgasm''
''then why did you stop ?!''
''because I decide when you get to cum remember and you said you would do anything to be my pet. . . ''
Fuck I'm retarded, she is gonna tease me all night long I bet she is not even gonna let me cum what a sadistic bitch!
''I hope you are good at holding your breath Hiro-kun. ''
''What ???!!''
She lays me on the ground and kneels close to my shoulders her ass is just above my head I know what's coming yet I can help but widen my eyes and look surprised she locks my neck and head in between her legs and buries my face deep in her ass smothering me and only letting me smell her she was so wet from all of this and without a second though I started using my tongue on her wet pantyhoseto taste her juices over my face.
''AW!oh my you took me by surprise Hiro being so proactive like that and licking me I think you deserve a reward, let me help you there''
She got up just a bit the moisture and warm atmosphere she had created was broken but as I could see again she tore her pantyhose apart with her hands making an opening for her ass and pussy, then without a warning sheslammed her ass on my face again but this time I could stick my tongue inside of her taste her with all of my might she didn't falter either going straight for my cock and milking my shaft she dictated the pace, I was playing her game and she reminded me that so I adjusted my licks to her taste until we were both in the same rhythm it was like we were dancing together both of our bodies fine-tuned to complement each other.
“You have been such a good boy this whole time, and I would be a filthy liar if I told you I'm not enjoying you eating me out, so I think you earned you reward I will taste your cock and milk every drop of your cum with my mouth so you better put that tongue of yours to work. ”
My god that was a mini heart attack, the moment she touched the tip of my dick with her soft warm lips, her tongue swirlingaround of it, until she went mouthful down my shaft she used her mouth and tongue to tease my head and her hand to jerk me at the same time on my end I was doing my absolute best to please this goddess I used my hands to caress her body and help me get even deeper inside of her i was thrusting myself into her mouth as well but she kept me under control no matter what i did she was my owner and i was just her toy and that was fine with me, when i accepted that fact she started to quicken the paceit was getting faster and faster the movements of her hand and mouth all of that pre-cum and saliva i was about to cum and this time she didn't stop she milked every drop like she said she would and it was all inside of her mouth, but I was not the only one that came my brains out this whole time i have been eating her out and playing with her clit she squirted all over my face I was done I never felt so tired in my life and i used to run marathons in high school this orgasm devastated me I almost passed out but she didn't let me pass out because even after i came she teased my cock head.
''NONO PLEASE ALINE! I'm still sensitivedon't do that''
She didn't say a thing she turned to me her eyes had that expression of a predator again even though I just came, my cock twitched and she slid her pussy all the way to the base of my cock she grabbed me by the chin lifted my face and gave me a tongue kiss, i was so close of getting inside of her that I started to trust myself in-between her pussy and legs, that didn't lest however with the same hand he was holding my chin and kissing me she moved to my neck and forced me into the ground so hard that I actually hit my head in it.
''I'm gonna have to stop you right there Hiro-kun. . . ''
''We are playing my game and you don't get to be in control''
I'm fucking sweating right now, has she gone insane what is she gonna do?she still choking the fuck out of me, just when despair was getting to me
her other hand slides over her body ina sensual mannerit reaches all the way to my dick the tip pointed rock hard in the entrance of her pussy she grabs it and pushes it down into my belly than she sits on it, my dick is being embraced by her pussy lips the post orgasm wetness and all of that precum and saliva from the blowjob works wonderfully as lube she slides up and down I can almost forget she is still choking me, almost
''a-aline please stop choking me''
''Shut up!!''
Fuck me, that only made her go faster im gonna fucking die while cumming I can barely look in her face but she seems to be enjoying this so muchthat she is having an orgasm every 30 seconds, I think im close to cumming but my head is going blank everything is getting dark is this how I'm gonna die ?
what is going on I can feel the air going back to my head all of that lack of oxygen wait a minute why is everything dark.
''Am I dead ?''
"No, you fucking dumbass! they turned off the lights''
''What ?!how late is it ?''
Oh shit oh fuck I'm not dead but I mighy as well be right now if they turned the lights off that means.

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  . .
''It's fucking 3 AM ''
'' Aline I'm really so. . . ''
''Shut up, get up and help me with your phone's flashlight we gotta clean this before we leave''
''Bu-but what about my erection. ''
''Really ?! are we really go talk about it right now don't you think we have BIGGER! problems to take care of''
''why do you have to be such a bitch about it''
''ugh fuck me, look Hiro you are not the only one frustrated here that we didn't get to finish our fun alright but I'm not trying to lose my job or go to jail does that sound reasonable to you?''
''I-i okay I'm really sorry''
''i promise i will compensate you for this just help me okay?
And once again I fall for that sweet kiss and sensual way of dealing with things, we got dressed as hard as that was and used a bunch of toilet paper and liquid sope to clean our little adventure we worked with what we could and before we left the building I asked her if I could keep her ripped sweaty and cummed on pantyhose.
"you really are a pervert aren't you tsk tsk''
she said that just to tease me this fucking woman in the parking lot she took off her expensive high heels lifted her skirt up and let me have a good look at her ripped pantyhose and wet panties before taking the pantyhose off and giving it to me.
''Try not to have too much fun without me okay big boy we have some unfinished business to take care. ''
She gets inside her imported car and drives off leaving me alone with my thoughts feelings and a horrible pain in the neck, what tomorrow and the following days hold for me, I cannot wait for it to come.

Written by: EVO X
special thanks to:
You are all truly wonderful. .