First Time During Camping Trip


This is the true story of what happened when i was sixteen. my family is very close, old-school, and conservative. i grew up very sheltered and went to a private school. i did not consider myself gay or bi yet because i had no experience either way so i never thought about labels and so on.

well i went camping with my bro and his 4 buds from college. he and i were sharing a tent they were also 2 to a tent. up until this point, the ride to the country and campsite, unpacking, etc was all good and well; the guys didn't mind me being there but i felt like they were keeping their distance and being cold towards me.

it was night and we were all a bit tipsy, some closer to being piss drunk, and starting the fire. the other guys were fooling around tapping each others asses like on a sports team,sack tapping, mooning, flashing, and joking about their dicks. All very 'gay' stuff if u ask me. as i said i am very sheltered and never saw a cock before besides mine and it was a nice treat, even if just a glimpse at a flaccid dick every hour. i was just sitting off to the side watching and laughing when one of my brothers friends turned to me, saw my hard-on and said "wtf u looking at fag u like this?" came over to me and waved his 3in cut dick in my face. i had not even noticed my own woody until he did due to my loose basketball shorts.

he shouted to my bro "man your brothers a little queer!"

i pushed him away laughing and saying "your drunk dude get outta here with that man".

my brother pulled his friend away from me and yelled at him. night went on and i turned in early.

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   when they went to their tents my brother came in and asked if i really was gay

i said "idk i have never been with a guy or seen a dick before tonight. "

my brother then pulled out his soft dick for me to see. it was 6inches uncut while i am cut so that was new in itself. he said go ahead so i got closer and held it in my hand. it was heavier than i would have thought and his extra foreskin covered his whole head. i pulled his foreskin back and admired it but i got a boner myself and he was still soft with me handling his cock. he laughed quietly and said "maybe u should tend to your own for now", put his dick away and went back outside, said he would give me some privacy. i didn't wank then i just went to sleep and when i woke up my brother was still not in the tent and i had to piss.

i went outside and he was passed out naked in his fold-up camping chair dick tip brushing up against the dirt and beer spilled all over his abs, the can on the ground. i pissed behind a tree nearby and came back passed my brother and he really caught my eye for some reason. i approached him and his glistening body in the campfire light was so hot. i always loved seeing my brother shirtless around the house, and his soaked swim trunks latched onto his body defining his legs and dick,but he was actually shy about his body usually. i grabbed another beer out of the cooler and when i felt a bit more buzzed squatted down in front of him between his legs and lifted his dick up off of the dirt and brushed it off. i poured some of my beer on it and put it in my mouth. it tasted great but it was probably the beer and it was so big i could not fit much in my mouth and i stroked the rest of his shaft with my hand.

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it was hot so i undressed too and my brother woke up. i panicked and started apologizing he just shushed me and said to keep going. it was easy to jerk him with a foreskin whereas i use lube at home because I'm cut. when i put it back in my mouth i stuffed it in there as much as i could and he still wasn't hard. i gagged on it but once his head was past my tonsils that sensation disappeared. i opened and closed my jaw a bit for a light chewing feeling so my jaw didn't lock up and my brother groaned and grabbed my head. i quickly pulled off of him thinking i was doing it wrong or bad or hurting him but when i did he asked y i stopped and his dick twitched. he said it was amazing and before i realized what i was saying i told him i wanted him inside me. i climbed up on top of him facing him. his legs were spread and i draped my legs over his arms so his elbows hooked under my knees to hold me up. i leaned back with my hands on his knees and situated my ass over his cock. i drenched his cock in more beer and stroked it a bit spreading the improv lube and get him aroused.

i slowly slid his dick inside my asshole and all the way in so that my ass was sitting on his trimmed pubes. i didn't expect it to hurt so bad even while buzzed; i kind of forced myself onto his dick. once he was in me for a few seconds i felt really full inside is the only way to describe it and automatically clenched on the foreign object that was thrust into my virgin hole.

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   i was so tight and only clenched tighter due to the tension and not relaxing and with his long cock pressing on my prostate. it felt so good i shuddered.

i groaned pretty load not even thinking of the sleeping guys. my brothers head whipped up and looked down eyes wide open unable to see his cock at all, instead he saw my balls and cocks underside.
he leaned forward and i saw his abs so clearly defined as he licked my neck from my collar bone, up to my Adam's apple where he sucked and swirled with his tongue, past my chin, and finally met my lips. me locked lips and made out for a good 2 minutes. he moved down to my tiny dime-sized nipples and licked and nibbled on them one at a time.

i took my hands off of his knees and started pinching his nipples and rubbing his abs.

i just sat there while my brother struggled to get his right arm free from under my leg. he began to work over my cock and balls. he squeezed my balls real hard and pulled them.

now that i was used to the feeling of his long cock in my ass and my brother felt he had stretched me out a bit he went to start thrusting. he freed his other arm and placed his large hands on my his and lifted me with his own strength, no thanks to me just being dead weight in ecstasy on his uncut dick. he lifted me up and i felt empty when his cock slipped past my sphincter out into the cool night air. his foreskin rose slowly back up his dick and over its head.

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   he must have rubbed a real sensitive spot upon exiting because he shook a bit and smiled but went weak in the arms and dropped me.

i landed back on his dick and thought i might have broke it or hurt him, my mouth dropped and my face went pale. my brother just put on this giant grin ear to ear and i sighed a sigh of relief.

he picked me back up i aligned his cock and he thrust himself in me. instantly that empty feeling had gone and my anus clenched tighter than before as if to never lose his cock again. he tried to lift me again but was met with resistance this time and as he slid out of my ass inch by inch i felt like my ass was being pulled inside out.

my brothers foreskin rolled back up to his head and stopped right beneath his mushroom head that was still in my. his head was so defined that the rim of it caught my sphincter and gave it a tug- the most amazing feeling i have ever experienced. at that moment he dropped me again, this time with a bit more control, and plowed into my prostate. my dick shot a small stream of cum that must have just overflowed from build up because i hadn't orgasm'd.

i put my hand on my brothers shoulders for leverage and force on the downward stroke. my brother repeated this action twice more railing my prostate and massaging my sphincter each time. the last time he lifted me slowly but forced me down harder than before and i heard his balls slap my ass as mine bounced on his abs. when his head met my prostate he threw his head back eyes rolled back in his skull, breathing heavily abs flexing sweat dripping everywhere and he came inside me. his first jet is what sent me over the edge followed by five more warm gushes that seeped down his cock and dripped out of my ass.

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   i shot my load, though significantly less in volume than my brothers, all over his chest, the first stream hit his chin and the following two on his abs. the cum on his abs dripped down into his belly button and into his pubes.

i slapped my still semi hard-on on my brothers abs rubbing it in my own cum. my assholes death grip on my brothers cock let up and i got up off of him. my hole felt so empty and stretched out then. i got back on my knees in between my brothers legs. i wiped some of my brothers cum from my dripping, gaping boy pussy and swirled it around on his stomach mixing it in with mine. i licked in his belly button and then his nipples. i moved up to his lips to kiss him and he licked up my cum that was on his chin before we swapped it snowballing back and forth and i swallowed it.

i had never once even thought of trying my own cum in all the years I've wanked but it was sweet and salty and a little sour after-taste.
being fucked by my brother was the most beautiful thing that could ever happen in life when i look back on it. the bonding and love and hormones, sweat, lust- knowing i caused him so much pleasure was the best part- i didn't want it to end so soon.

i moved on down to clean up my brothers dick. i picked up his limp pecker in my hand, cupped his balls in the other, and sucked on the extra foreskin that extends past his head. his head was still hanging back and panting from his orgasm but i continued and from the skin gushed the leftover cum and i stuck my tongue in and out of his foreskin rapidly licking it.

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   i eventually pulled his foreskin back and stroked while i sucked hard as i could to get him hard again. he could not get fully erect but neither could i. i sat on his legs again facing him as before but a bit further back. our dicks hung in the space our legs created almost touching. i took both of out dicks in my hands and started docking; a fetish porn i found online. i rolled back his foreskin ever so gently to reveal his head, pressed mine against his so our pee holes lined up, and mashed them together tight. then with our heads still together rolled his foreskin back up over his head, and then over mine. now his extra skin connected us at the cock. then i jerked off as usual but over the junction; the feeling of his foreskin sliding back and forth over my head was phenomenal i can only imagine how it feels to have one all the time.

my brother noticed the fire had died down to some embers.

"I should get up and get that going again and hopefully it will still be going by breakfast" he said.

"don't worry about it u rest, old man, ill get it" i said with a wink.

but when i got off my brother and turned around my brothers friend who was harassing me earlier was standing outside his tent furiously pumping his dick watching us. i made eye contact with him and he came over.

his hard dick was not much bigger than when it was soft and he grabbed my cock with his and with both hands rubbed our cocks together getting my jizz all over his dick and balls.

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   my brother was still in his chair with his head hanging limp over the back of the chair. his friend went around the back and put his 4. 5in dick in my brothers open mouth all the way to his crotch and even fit his balls in my brothers mouth.

i sat on my brothers stomach my back against his chest so his dick was sticking up in between my legs and layed back against him. i felt our cum and sweat between us which got me so hot and bothered again i began to grind on him. his friend pulled out of my brothers mouth and came around the front of us. my brother lifted his head and licked his lips as if he liked the taste of my cum. his friend squeezed mine and my brothers dicks together rather tightly then hovered over them.

"H-hey what do u think-" i stammered to no avail.

this guy was a big guy, football player type build stocky. and he didn't think twice before jumping down on our cocks. my brothers and my dicks plunged into this strangers hole. it felt so tight but that was with two cocks which led me to believe he was not a virgin- and coming onto me earlier. his weight was not an issue as his ass cheeks were nice and plump cushions and he did all of the work himself with his powerful legs.

the pressure was so intense for me i can only imagine what it felt like for him being stuffed with 2 dicks at once.

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   he slowly went up and down on our cocks and there was a lot of resistance. it only took a couple of pumps to loosen him up and i fell out once. this guy didn't make one sound i don't know if hes used to it dorming with other people or what but i would be moaning and screaming to my hearts content out in the wild. the idea of teaming this guy with my brother and our dicks rubbing to tightly together was too much.

it wasn't long before i came again, this time inside the college stud. this helped lube up his hole and he bounced faster and easier. my dick slowly went soft but was trapped in my brothers friends ass between his anus and my brothers dick. eventually he lifted high enough off of us and i slipped out but they kept at it for near 10 minutes it seemed. out of their game i decided to stay there and whack him off; needless to say he was sorry for his earlier gay-bashing and deeply grateful for my help. he kept bouncing and i kept jerking and the friend stared me in the eye before pulling my head up to kiss me hard and deep. i got off of my brother to be able to go down on his friend. he, too, was cut and though small, alot thicker than my brother and i. i had no room to close my jaw and i started drooling all over, gagging loud. i pulled his thick piece of meat out of my mouth and spit a wad of saliva and mucous on it. i jerked it a minute to catch my breath but soon found myself lusting for his cock again and hungrily stuffed it in my mouth, only to gag again.

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   i stopped bobbing and let him fuck my face as he jumped on my brothers cock. he sifted his fingers through my hair and got a good grip before giving my tonsils a pounding.

my brother moaned and his friend just sat down on his dick once more with more force and my brother howled and jizzed in this guy too. he convulsed in his chair and his friend stopped bouncing as i felt his tool quiver and he blew in my mouth grinning and panting but still not a sound. seeing as he was so thick and my own drool wouldn't stay in my mouth his jizz was a surprise. i didn't know what to do, my brothers friends held my face in his crotch and i couldn't breathe so i had no choice but to swallow. this guy didn't shoot he gushed, i know this because i didn't feel a jet of cum hit the back of my throat or tonsils, just a hot gooey ooze of man juice moving like a glacier down my throat. it was so thick but so sweet.

He pulled out of my mouth, dismounted my brother and nodded to him. he then whispered in my ear "thanks, you're not so bad, fag" and went back to his tent.

me and my brother went back to our tent and he told me that he fucks that guy regularly in school but hes so homophobic nobody suspects. my brother said he likes him because of this thing he does with his anus flexing and relaxing it while being thrusted that makes him cum like nobody else can. he never spoke of that night again, to me at least. my brother is less shy about his body around me now though and he has caught me jacking more than once since and just sat on my bed talking with me. only one time since camping has he ever fucked me again.

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   he tried to teach me to deepthroat and do the thing his friend does with the asshole muscle but that's another story.