Meeting the Desperate Housewife Part -2


Meeting the Desperate Housewife Part-2
Another summer day and it was hotter than ever. I was sitting on the couch and watching a porn movie when suddenly I saw my neighbor that is Linda lying on the couch next to the pool and tanning her breasts. As usual her kids were gone to school and her husband on some or the other tour. The steel plate blocked the tits and her face and I continued watching the movie. Again my eyes went towards her home and I saw she was nowhere in sight. she must have been done with the tanning. I thought of paying her a visit. I knew she wouldn’t mind it. I took some handful things that might be necessary and made a move towards her mansion i. e. my mansion. She welcomed me as usual, but this time wearing just a bikini, red lava in color and shades that hid all her eyes and nose partly. I budged in and sat next to the couch where she was sitting. I was just wearing my shorts and an innerwear as it was too hot. She came with a lotion in her hands and started pushing it out while I stared at her tits. She sure wore tight clothes and this bikini revealed most of her melons and her cleavage too! Her panties could be seen through the hood of the strap of the bikini and seeing it made me hard.

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   She again chuckled and pulled her chair close to me and started smearing the lotion on her hands. It was then that I asked her whether I could help her out with it. She smiled and said sure. She guided my hands towards her neck and I started rubbing the lotion on her neck and collar bone and tickling her while going down to her arms. I told her to lift her arms so that I could smell her and when she did so, I placed her hand on her head and told her to stay like that in more of a commanding voice. She did what I said, and her tits pushed hard on her bikini making it stretch very much. A bit more and it would tear and fall off her. I smelled her perfume while she read a magazine. Little of what I saw in the magazineand reading this got me hard enough for me to see my bulge grow while I kept smearing the lotion on her arms armpits area above her breasts and finally when I reached to her breasts… I “hummed” and coughed and all she said was if you would, please… with this I headed towards her breasts when suddenly her phone rang. She got up furiously and switched off her cell phone and said that no one troubles us, isn’t it? I smiled and said—yeah no one! We stared at each other and then she was again lying in front of me waiting to be fondled by me. I saw her breasts swelling up and her nipples get hard as I said I’m starting. When I reached there, I pulled her bikini up and placed my hands directly on her erect nipples and she moaned and wiggled her boobs and my 9 inch was growing to its full length and tearing out form my shorts. I started applying the first coat and often twisted her nipple which made her purr like a pussy being fucked! I applied another coat and with the final touch I globed my hands across her bikini and pulled the straps down revealing her swollen breasts and her hard erect nipples. My dick was throbbing and fully erect and it throbbed whenever I touched her and molded her nipples trying to milk her. I bent down a bit to get a look of her face and yep she was enjoying it.

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   Her eyes were shut tight and she kept saying “shit” every few moments. Finally I came in front of her and walked up to her boobs and pressed them hard and licked her neck twice. She moaned but didn’t open her eyes. I was too scared to touch her clit so I stopped. She finally opened her eyes and I immediately kissed her tightly, she getting up slightly and pressing her melons against my body. My whole body froze when she licked my mouth and gave me her saliva. I did the same and we exchanged gasps while still pressing on each other. I slipped and fell on her boobies and unexpectedly her tits bounced me back and she let out semen like liquid from her nipples. I licked it and sucked her nipples while taking all the lotion in with her juice too. It didn’t taste like milk but was fine anyway. I headed towards her tummy and licked her belly. It didn’t tease her too much so I bit her from the skin of her bikini and she got up alarmingly. Accidentally, I pulled her vaginal strap of the bikini up and creased a part of it inside. She jumped up and lied down faster and I thought of doing it again. I took good hold of it and pulled it up higher then ever and she screamed and pleaded to me not to do it again.

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   So what, the fun isn’t over… I slyly pushed two fingers in her slit from the fabric and waited for her reaction. She sprung up and asked me to do that again! I slid another finger this time making her yelp and fall off her couch. She was now on the floor sweating like crazy and looking at my bulge. She tossed the bikini off and again lied on the couch, this time naked just with her panty. Her upper body was shining and now it was time for her lower parts to shine. I, quickly slipped a finger through her panty and started rubbing her slit, she was enjoying it. She was moaning and moving, trembling and rocking the couch like a cradle. She screamed when I tried pushing my fingers and wrist inside through the fabric and started getting lubricated now. Sweats were pouring down from her belly and crawling inside her panties. She was horny and well was in a naughty mood. She removed her shades and stared at my dick again and stood up on the couch while grabbing my shorts and pulling me up too! I kissed her belly while she gripped the inside of my shorts and let my monster out. It was throbbing and she was panting in pleasure. I took the lotion and smeared it on her belly while kissing her clit from her panty. Soon I was licking her sides and crotch and making her wet and swell. Her pussy was swelling from inside and she was now sweating from all of her curves.

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   While panting she gripped my head as I tried to suck her clit form her panties while she agitated and said—why are you doing this? I told her that I loved her but she insisted we stop here. So I was forced to let go off her and don’t know why she was now really sad and as she dressed up and dived into the pool, her erect nipples were softening and her body was now normal and her climax was burned out. She bed me goodbye bye licking my crotch and held me my underwear and shorts. I wore them and when I reached home I kept masturbating recalling the experience of licking her.