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   As she exploded her hot,young pussy juice,all over my hand,I blew my load,deep into that great ass. It was like the first time I ever came!! I thought I'd have a heart atack! Slowly I caught my breath,and while still in that pink hole,I said:"You have the best ass I've ever been in! My God! I would love to have it all the time!. " I pulled out my shrinking cock,we kissed,and she said:"I'll be all yours if you want me. " I answered:"We could get in big trouble,you know. " She said:"I won't tell anyone if you don't. " I said:"I won't either! She then said:"I'm also on the pill,so next time,you can take my virginity too,sound good?" I said:"I've gone to heaven,haven't I?" She answered;"Yes,your in my heaven!!" Then she said:"Can I suck you off,since I didn't finish before?""Yes please,do what you want!!"   That story,and more will come next week!! Can't wait to tell more!!
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