Wizards of Waverly Place Inescapable Lust Chapter 4


Part 4 is finally done. Had some trouble with this one though I'm not really sure why. Anyway part 5 is the Halloween special and it takes into account some of the criticisms and suggestions that have been made. As a special Halloween treat I can tell you that Juliet and Mason return on the scariest of nights and they have a littletrick and a big treat for Alex. but thats getting just a little ahead of things. Comment as usual and enjoy.

Chapter 4

“Wake up Justin…Wake up Justin”! Justin opened his eyes and yawned. When his eyes had adjusted to the light Justin saw his mother Theresa Russo standing over his bed shaking him awake. “Mom, mom I’m awake” Justin protested. “This is the third time this week you’ve over slept and you’ve got the results of the student body president elections today”. “I know mom I know, please I’m up I promise”, Justin spoke still a little groggy. “You know your sister has been early for school all this week and here you are now still lying in bed, I swear it’s like you two have switched places”. “MOM” Justin screamed, “sorry just please can you get out of here so I can get ready”. “Ok, ok I know my baby boys nervous but you’re going to do great honey”. Theresa gave her son a quick kiss on the fore head for luck, and then promptly left closing the door on her way out. Justin stretched the sleep out if his body and felt the same wet patch between his legs as he had done Friday morning last week and Monday and Thursday of this week.

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   He hesitantly pulled the covers away and saw that he had had another wet dream about Alex this time she had tied his arms and legs to her bed and she played a very erotic game of 20 questions, asking him how often he masturbates and how often he thought about sex and what his sexual fantasise were. Justin couldn’t understand why he had suddenly started thinking of his sister like this. After getting cleaned up showered and dressed Justin practically ran to school as unlike Alex he did not like to be late, though for the life of him Justin could not figure out why Alex had been turning up early.

It was lunchtime and everyone was in the cafeteria eating. Justin however had stayed behind in his last class to catch up on some work. He had spent all his free time in the morning handing out flyers as a last ditch attempt to swing the vote in his favour. After he was done he went to exchange his books and grab some lunch out of his locker. He saw that Alex was sitting on the bench across from the lockers with what looked like a new student so he thought he would go and say hello. “Hey Alex who is this”. “Oh hey Justin this is Stevie” “Hi Justin”, Stevie said in a general happy tone, “I’m the biggest trouble maker in school”. Justin looked confused. “No Alex is the biggest trouble maker in school”. “Stevie looked up at Justin “I hate to tell you but since I moved to this school I’m the biggest trouble maker now”. Justin looked down at Alex” “So that’s why you’ve been coming to school early, I can already tell you two are going to be friends”, Justin said with a sigh not really wanting to contemplate the horror. “Alex can I talk to you in private for a moment”? Justin asked hoping to get this dream business out of the way.

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   “It will have to wait till we get home brother, I’m off to fill all the dodge balls in the gym with strawberry jam” Alex chuckled. “You not going with her little miss trouble?” Justin said to Stevie in a sort of I’m trying to be the voice of authority tone. “Stevie stood up and stared Justin down, “no I’m not. See you later Alex” “Bye Stevie”. Stevie walked half way down the hall and turned to Justin. “By the way Justin”. “What”? “BOO!” Justin jumped almost out of his skin dropping his books while both Alex and Stevie laughed. After grabbing his books Justin sat down next to Alex. “Nice friend you’ve got there”. “Yeah she’s a sweet kid. Well I’m off to jam some balls”. “Alex why have you not learned by now that if you, oh why bother have fun”, Justin said knowing he couldn’t talk his sister out of her plan. He swapped his books and ate his sandwich then headed off to his next class.

Justin was sat in his last class of the day and there was an announcement over the school radio, Justin Russo has been named student body president and is to make his way to Mr Larry Tate’s office immediately. Justin excused himself from class and went straight to see Mr Larry Tate.

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   When he arrived he saw that Alex was sat in one of the chairs in front of the desk. “Hello Mr Russo, congratulations on becoming student body president” “Thank you Mr Larry Tate” Justin replied in a slightly smug tone. “So what is it that you would like to talk about Mr Larry Tate”? “Well Mr Russo as I’m sure you are no doubt aware your sister has gotten herself into trouble”. “What did she do this time?” Justin asked already knowing the answer. “I have given her Saturday detention for tampering with the schools dodge balls”. ”I see but why should that concern me”? “I have a doctors appointment in the afternoon and as student body president I need you to cover the rest of the day”. Alex looked up at them both and sighed. “You are your own worst enemy Miss Russo”. “I completely agree Mr Larry Tate and I would be happy to take on this first official responsibility as student body president”, Justin announced proudly to his sister.

Later that evening after the family had had dinner Justin was sitting in his room going over his schedule for tomorrow. He thought about how he would be trapped in a room with his sister all afternoon and he could feel himself start to get excited. Stopping himself before he went to far he decided to confront Alex about his dreams. Justin took what felt like the longest walk of his life, though in reality it was only five feet, down to Alex’s room, standing at the door he raised a hand and knocked. “Who is it”? His sisters muffled voice came from through the door. “Its Justin”, he said trying not to sound nervous.

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   “Hang on a minute she replied”. Justin waited nervously fidgeting wondering what all the noise was, it sounded like she was tidying up or something like that but Justin really didn’t dwell on it all that much. After a long brief moment, the door finally opened and Alex had squeezed herself into a pair or blue denim hot pants that she could only do up two of the buttons on leaving the top button open and a loose fitting creamy white low cut spaghetti strap tank top which from the way it was hanging off her figure it was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra, and she finished the Tamara drew style look off with a pair of her favourite brown knee length boots.

Alex was panting lightly causing her almost bare chest to rise and fall. “Are you alright Alex?” Justin asked concerned. Alex flipped her hair around a little, “Sorry about the wait I was just getting changed”. Justin looked her up and down “Oh right, em, are you going to finish getting changed”. Alex laughed. “Oh Justin I am finished”. She walked over to her bed, her tight hot pants framing her nicely rounded ass. She sat with her legs crossed leaning backwards pushing her ample chest out. “So what do you want to talk about?” Alex asked speaking in the same little virgin voice she used in all his dreams. “Em well I’ve em been having weird dreams lately”. “Oh well come and sit down here and tell me all about them”, Alex gestured beside her for her brother to sit. Justin walked over to the bed all the time desperately trying not to get too excited by his sister, sitting down beside her he put his arms on his legs and let his head hang down thinking this was the best thing to do in case he couldn’t control himself.

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   “Well the thing is I’ve been having dreams you know”. He was so nervous he could barely speak at all. “Justin look at me”, he turned his head to face his sister. “Just do what I do take a long deep breath, and gather your thoughts”, her actions making her chest stick out a little more. “I’ve been having these, well there em there”. Alex shuffled next to Justin and put an arm around his shoulder, “there what Justin”. “Sex dreams”! He blurted out. “Don’t feel embarrassed most guys get them at some point in their lives”. “That’s not really the most embracing thing. I mean these dreams are about, well… you Alex”. Alex pretended to be shocked, though unbeknownst to Justin her plan was unfolding perfectly, “you’re having these dreams about me”? Justin got up and walked towards the door feeling ashamed of himself. Alex managed to stop him before he left. “I think it makes sense Justin”. Justin turned around and looked at Alex with confusion. “What do you mean it makes sense”? Well think about it like this, who was the first person you wanted to speak to when Juliet dumped you”? “You were, but.

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  ” Alex put a finger over his mouth and shushed him quiet. “That’s right Justin you wanted to speak to me, not mum or dad or even your friend Zeke, it was me”. “And where were you when I called”?“I was sitting on that chair in the corner playing with myself, using my phones vibrate function to make myself cum”. “You were what”? Again Alex gestured her brother to be quiet, “The vibrations would start and stop and start and stop, except when you phoned, and I saw your picture, the vibrations didn’t stop. “I had the best orgasm of my life right there”, she said moving the rug away and showing Justin the stain, “I thought about you then and I’ve thought about you every single time ever since”. Your dreams are your subconscious wayof letting yourself know that you want me, that you love me and that secretly deep down you want to fuck me”. Justin gazed in stunned silence. He couldn’t believe she felt the same way he did. “When I was in detention last week I wished it was you that was there with me and tomorrow it will be, let me prove there and then that this is real, let me give myself to you pretty please”.

It was approaching Saturday afternoon and Justin was dressed in a smart grey suit he had bought himself in an attempt to look the part of student body president. He had been ordered to re arrange the lunch menu which he did last night though today he would be telling Mr Larry Tate he was going to be working on that with Alex. Justin didn’t say anything else after Alex begged him to sleep with her but he knew one way or the other he was going to see if Alex was right. When he got to school Justin had a major case of butterflies in his tummy. He knocked on Mr Larry Tate’s door and let himself in. He saw Alex sitting in front of Mr Larry Tate’s desk while he was grading papers.

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   She was dressed in a white blouse that was unbuttoned at the top showing off her cleavage, a tight black almost mini pencil skirt and a pair of black 5 inch high heeled shoes. He could see that her black bra was showing through her top slightly. Justin Said he was here to take over and Mr Larry Tate said that he would be back at 4 o clock to let them both out. Mr Larry Tate left and Justin sat down on Mr Larry Tate’s chair. He looked at his sister who was sat with her legs crossed looking him up and down. “Good afternoon Mr President”. “Hello Alex” he said nervously, “you don’t have to call me Mr President”. “That is your official title now isn’t it Mr President”? Justin was already rock hard behind the desk but he dare not let his sister find out yet. “Yes it is” he said proudly. “Now then tell me why your in detention”. I’ve been a bad girl Mr President”. “Yes you have Miss Russo, has Mister Larry Tate been making you do any work then”? Justin asked finally having keyed in to the fantasy. “He made me do some of my homework today Mr President”, Alex replied sweetly. “Why is it that you act out this way Miss Russo”? “I don’t know Mr President, and pretty please call me Alex”. A smile appeared on Justin’s face, at that moment he knew exactly how he was going to play the game.

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   “Did you wear that outfit just for me Alex”? “Yes Mr President. ” “You look very nice”. “Thank you Mr President, would you like to take a closer look”? Alex uncrossed and crossed her legs making sure Justin had a good view of her black g string panties. “I certainly would Alex”. She got up off of her seat and Justin moved his seat back a little bit to let her in front of him. When she was stood right in front of him she twirled round so he could see her front and back. “Yes very impressive indeed Alex”. She sat down on Justin’s lap side on and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Comfortable Alex”. She wriggled her ass against his length till she was satisfied. “Yes very comfortable Mr President”. They both stared into each others eyes, Justin hadn’t realised till then just how deep and dark they were, accented by the smoky looking makeup. “Wow Alex your eyes are really beautiful, and your lips, pink and shiny”, his voice trailed and before Alex even had a chance to respond Justin already had his lips against hers. Alex relaxed herself and let her brother lead, he held her tight and they kissed. Alex closed her eyes and she was in absolute heaven, Justin’s dreams were easy because she controlled everything that happened, but in the real world not knowing what was coming was a bigger turn on than anything she could imagine.

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   Justin moved her skirt up her leg slightly and rested a hand on her thigh, Alex responded by slowly rocking her ass against his throbbing hard cock. Justin instinctively moved from Alex’s lips to her neck, tenderly kissing and biting. “Oh Mr President, that feels so good, my panties are getting so wet”. Justin felt his cock twitch at the mere hint of wetness and relying on his dreams he knew what to do next. Justin pulled up Alex’s skirt even on both sides and told her to straddle him. She commanded without question turning herself around to face Justin. They kissed a little more before Justin trailed down Alex’s neck to her cleavage. She arched her back and let his mouth explore as much off her pert teenage tits as it could reach. “Mmmmm, oh god yeah Mmmmm Mr President, you like those tits, you want to see more”? “Oh yes I do”.

Justin pulled his head away and one by one unbuttoned her blouse revealing an almost sheer black bra with black and pink embroidery detail. Justin’s jaw dropped at the sight, his hands falling to his lap. Alex looked at him staring at her chest and she smiled, lifting his head up and kissing him passionately. Alex broke the kiss off after Justin moved his hands to her ass, “hang on Mr President something is itching me”, Alex arched her back again and took of her blouse throwing it on the table behind her and then traced her hands up her body to her neck, pulling at the knot she held the straps as they came loose and she let them fall taking the rest of her bra with them to reveal her perfect pert breasts. She then untied the knot at her back and threw the bra with her blouse. Alex breathed a long sigh of relief that displayed her chest perfectly, “that feels so much better”.

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   Justin moved his hands from her ass to her tits and gently massaged them paying particular attention to her nipples, pinching and licking them, “Mr President I like that, that feels so good”. Alex moaned and squirmed as Justin played with her. Alex worked her skirt up the rest of her thighs revealing her matching panties. Alex placed a hand on his shoulder and used the other hand to rub herself through her panties. Alex moaned, the rubbing and licking was absolute bliss, “Mmmmm Mr President oh yes, yes, I want to feel your fingers inside me, pretty please Mr President, pretty please finger me”. Justin kept a hand on her breast and rested the other one on her panties, rubbing her up and down. Sliding his hand underneath he continued rubbing listing to Alex moan. He slipped his two middle fingers into her tight virgin hole and slowly moved them in a come here motion. “Mr President, that’s it, nice and slow” Alex moaned gasping and panting. She raised herself up slightly and took off Justin’s belt. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled them open. Justin moved his hand from her tits to the arm of the chair and he raised himself slightly so she could pull his pants and boxers down to his knees. Lowering themselves to their original position Alex took her brother’s rock hard throbbing cock in her hands. “Oh Mr President you’re a big boy aren’t you”. Alex slowly tugged at her brother.


   She could feel herself almost ready to cum, she used a hand to play with her clit, and all she needed now was the sound of her brother’s voice. “Please talk dirty to me Mr President”. Justin didn’t hesitate, “Do you like it when I finger your tight sweet pussy”? “Mmmmm yes Mr President”. “Are you ready to cum for me you nasty little slut”? “Yes Mr President, I’m ready, I want to cum please make me cum”! Alex rocked her hips and before Justin knew it her essence had escaped, covering his cock and legs. She continued to ride his fingers till she was sure all her juice had been released. “Mmmmm thank you Mr President”. Justin stared at his sister. He couldn’t believe he had just done in real life what he had been dreaming about for the better part of a week. “Your very welcome Alex, very welcome”. Alex looked at Justin with pleading eyes, “Mr President”. “Yes Alex”. “Now that we are both covered in lube, I want you’re cock in my pussy, will you ride my pussy pretty please with a cherry on top, my cherry I want you to pop”. Justin’s jaw almost hit the floor. “Well how can I refuse an offer like that”? Alex removed her brother’s fingers and licked his hand all over, savouring every single drop of her self. Justin placed his hands on her hips and she placed her hands on his shoulders, Alex adjusted her self taking off her panties moving her already dripping wet slit above her brother’s cock.

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   She sank down with sweet anticipation. Having only ever known the touch of fingers she was sure that the proper equipment would be much more satisfying, though she had not bargained on it being painful. Feeling the head of his throbbing member on her opening she lowered herself onto his head. As wet as they were Alex still felt some resistance but it wasn’t much. She yelped at the pain of it entering her tight hole. “Oh god, FUCK”! She screamed. “Justin immediately responded thinking he might have hurt her, “Alex, Alex you alright”. “Yes, it’s just so tight it hurts a little”. She forced down a little further and Justin moved his hands up her back. Alex squirmed on his lap trying to get a feel for the real thing. They stayed like that for a while till she opened up to him a bit more. “Alex you sure you’re ok now”, Justin worried. “Yeah it feels a little better, just a dull ache”. Alex thrust down and took the rest of his cock inside her, popping her cherry she screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure. “OH MY HOLY FUCKING YES, GOD YOU FEEL REALLY GOOD INSIDE ME”!!!!!!!!!!!!! Justin felt sensations of pleasure unknown to him, soft and wet but tight at the same time.

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   “YOU’RE SO FUCKING TIGHT, FEELS SO GOOD WHEN YOU RIDE MY COCK”. They moaned and screamed as Alex cow girl fucked Justin. Alex remembered the tease of their little fantasy and having adjusted to her brother’s cock she decided to heat things up a little.

“Is this how you punish all the bad girls who have detention Mr President”? Justin’s cock was twitching and throbbing more and more at the duel sensations of fantasy and reality. “No Alex, this is how I punish special offenders, who just don’t respond to conventional methods”. “Mmmmm I’m going to have to get detention with you more often Mr President”. Justin could see that Alex was enjoying it enough for him to rock his hips in time with her thrusts. “You certainly should Alex, though next time your punishment may have to include whips and chains and strict obedience”. Justin could feel his orgasm building and building. “Nasty little sluts need obedience and discipline. “WHAT ARE YOU”!!!!!? Justin screamed. “IM A NASTY SLUT MR PRESIDENT”. “YES YOUR ARE AND NASTY LITTLE SLUTS EXIST TO BE FILLED WITH CUM”!!!!! Justin moaned as he exploded inside her. They both thrust till Justin gave out and sat while Alex pumped his cock dry. “Fill me with cum I want it all, give it all to me”, she moaned as the hot thick liquid filled her up.

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   When Alex stopped thrusting she rested her head on his shoulder and they held each other tight. Justin finally broke the silence a while later. “Alex it’s about time we got this place cleaned up and we got dressed. “Alex looked up at the clock and replaced her head, “Its only 3 15, there is enough time for another quick fuck”. Alex I will fuck you all you want when we get home I promise, we just have to make sure were not caught”. Alex climbed off of Justin moaning as some of his juice leaked out of her hole. She put her legs on to the floor and almost collapsed not realizing she was so weak after having been fucked. Steadying herself she took a deep breath, “now that all our games are done clean us up like before our fun”. Justin blinked and looked around and saw that not only the chair and floor were stain free but also their bodies were cleaned up as well. “See Justin no worries, aint magic grand? She said sounding half asleep. All we have to do now is get dressed, oh and I will hold you to your promise when we get home Mr President.
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