I Tricked My Sister - Part 4 continued


Continuing from part 4. . .
I slowly pull my dick out letting my cum leak out of her pussy and down between her thighs. I run my finger between her cheeks playing with my sticky mess. I smack her on the ass firmly before getting up. I'm not sure but I could have sworn I saw Jill's hand wiggling around between her legs under the blanket. I thought to myself as I walked up the stairs.  I'll have to come back down to pay her an early morning visit if I'm awakened by my usual morning wood. Time to get some sleep for now. I strip of my clothes and hop into bed.
It wasn't long before I was woken from my sleep. I felt the bed rock slowly and a hand reaching up between my legs. I continued to lie still pretending to be asleep. The hand slid further up my leg and towards my crotch. The soft fingers brushed against my semi-hard cock causing it to jump.

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   The movement stopped for a second as if they were trying not to wake me. I was getting more turned on by the thought of being fondled in my sleep. After a moment I could feel the touch of a silky smooth hand grabbing hold of my dick. I clench my mouth shut as she works her hand up and down the length of my cock squeezing it firmly. Her hand slid back over the head of my dick. She worked a finger around the tip playing in my sticky precum.
She slowly pushed back the covers being careful not to disturb me. My dick was now out in the open air glistening with precum while she strokes it up and down. I feel another drop of sticky goo run from the top of my cock, she must have seen it also. Not more than a moment later my dick is sliding into her mouth after she licks me clean. "This feels so fucking good!" I scream in my head. I lift my head and take a peek down at my night time fondler to see Sarah's lips wrapped tightly around my shaft. I remained silent the best I could as she sucked me harder and harder. The thought and feeling of being taken advantage of while I slept was unbelievably hot. A intense tingling sensation shot up my spine as I felt her finger slide back against my asshole.


   I moved slightly but continued to play possum.
The pressure building in my balls was growing by the second. Her mouth slid up and down my shaft pushing the tip of my cock down her throat. She sucked harder and faster as my dick began to throb in between her lips. She pushed her finger against my ass once again. I bit down on my tongue to hold in my moans of pleasure. Sarah slowly took my dick deeper into her mouth until I could feel the head of my dick halfway down her throat. She massaged my cock with her throat swallowing it down deeper as she pushed her finger into my ass sliding a few inches deep.
My dick throbbed and jerked sharply as she penetrated my asshole. The combination of her finger in my ass and my cock down her throat was enough to make me explode. I sprung up from my pillows moaning deeply as I began to cum. My dick pulsed violently filling her mouth with cum. She continued to suck and wiggle her finger in my ass elongating my orgasm. Two more loads rocket from my dick into her mouth before a few drops run back across her lips and down my shaft. She paused for a second holding my dick in her mouth wanting to suck out every last drop.

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    I cry out in pleasure once more before collapsing back onto the bed.
I open my eyes to see her face slowly moving towards mine. Our lips meet gently pressing against each other. Her lips were still slick from licking up my cum.  She let out a soft whimper before leaning in again to kiss me deeply. Her lips pushed against my  mine and my tongue playfully flicks her pouting lips and pulls back. She grabs my head to pull me towards her once again. Our lips  embrace before I open wide to kiss her deeper. Her mouth opens wide spilling cum deep into my mouth.  I tried to pull back but she held her lips against mine using her tongue to swirl the cum all around my mouth. I could feel my hot gooey load pooling in the back of my throat as we kissed passionately. I spit the jizz back into her mouth.  
She broke the kiss leaving a string of cum linked between our lips. Sarah stood up over me and opened her mouth. A bit cum oozed out of her mouth and fell down onto my lips, followed by a long thick stream of thick cum pouring into my mouth.

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   She bent down to kiss my cum soaked lips. I gagged as it fell into my mouth and filled my throat. I gagged again accidently swallowing a mouthful of my own cum.
"That's what you get for being an asshole, and fucking me in front of my friend!" she whispered into my ear before walking out of my room snickering to herself.