The Water's Pleasure


Ela was a pretty girl; curvy, what you could call the perfect woman. Everywhere she went, every day, men would whistle at her. At work, the customers would whistle at her. Everyone would say "Pretty baby, won't you be mine?", luckily she was already taken. Robert was her boyfriend of just over a year. Ela and Robert were a popular couple to all they knew. Being so popular though, you'd figure they had both been around a few times, if you know what I mean. The two of them thought about this of each other as well. The truth though was that none of them had ever been touched. Their relationship grew very intense. Every day all they could say was that they loved each other. It was a cool summer night. Both of them had had a long day of work. Robert decided to call Ela over to try out his new pool just installed. "Make sure you bring your swimsuit!" he told her.
The doorbell rang and Robert opened the door.

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   "Hi Sweetheart!" Robert said to Ela and they had a long kiss. Ela walked into the door. She had come over in her black Brazilian bikini. Robert felt a sensation over him, almost like a shock. Ela's hard nipples were showing through her top. "Are you ready to swim?" Robert asked. "Can't wait!" Ela replied. They walked outside to the pool. Ela felt a brush past her and heard a loud splash! Robert had done a cannonball into the pool. It splash Ela a little. "You splashed me!" Ela yelled at him. Robert gave a small laugh. "What are you going to do, tan?" he asked her. Ela gave him a disapproved look at him. "C'mon, it's just the two of us.

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   When do we ever have time for ourselves?" Robert asked again. Quickly, Ela's frown turned into a smile and she gave a small shrug. She walked over to the entrance and slowly walked down on the steps. "Damn it's cold!" she said. She walked down further more. She shivered from the water, but smiled when she saw Robert's face. Robert walked next to the side of the pool and opened one arm for Ela to come next to him. She walked over and they cuddled. Ela looked down into the pool and noticed that Robert was erect.
"My, are we really excited about the pool?" Ela said to Robert and giggled. Robert had a shocking look on his face, but quickly told her, "you just really look good tonight, babe". Ela gave him a quick kiss, but before she could take her head back, Robert kissed her back, but longer. Ela could feel his tongue through her lips into her mouth. It tasted sweet. Robert put his hand on her left breast and squeezed it.

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   Ela went to go take his hand off of it, but the sensation it brought to her, she couldn't let it go. Robert squeezed her breast some more, then moved the cloth aside. He played with her breast and nipple. Ela looked up and Robert was smiling. She smiled back. "I've been waiting for this forever" he said. He lifted her breast above the water and gave it a licking. He looked up and smiled her at the same time. She twitched a little. Robert reached behind Ela and untied her top. It floated off into the pool. Out layed her round and firm breasts. The water felt cool on them to Ela. Because of the cold water, her nipples became firm and outspoken. Robert ducked his head a little into the water and squeezed her nipples and sucked them.


   He sucked hard.
A feeling like a shock went through Ela's body. She tilted her head back. She took her hand and touched her pussy. Robert noticed. He untied the sides of her bikini bottom and let it float up to the surface and float away. Ela was cold now and shivered. "Don't worry baby, I'll keep you warm" Robert said. He slipped off his trunks. The cold water made him shake a little. The water made them want to afloat and they tried to force themselves to stand straight. Robert turned Ela over. He stuck his dick into her ass and held on to her breasts. He tried to force his dick into her ass, but had trouble from the pressure from the water. It brought Ela even more pleasure.

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   As she was being pushed she struggled to stand in the water. Robert shoved his dick harder. He pulled it out all the way and then shoved it in again. He pushed it harder and harder. Every time Ela letting out a moan. "Oooohhhhhhhh" she groaned. "You like that, don't ya, baby?" Robert asked her. "Ohhhhhhhh yes baby, yes. Fuck me, baby". He smiled. He flipped her around again so they were facing each other.
Ela held on to the side of the pool with her arms. She floated a little. He stood and inserted his dick into her pussy. He tried harder to push his dick into her pussy, giving the both of them even more pleasure.

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   At first Robert went slow. The sensation was phenominal for the two of them. Then Robert couldn't take it, he need it more. Robert went incredibly faster. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" Ela said loudly. Robert forced his pelvis into hers. Ela was losing grip on the sides. It felt so wonderful to her. "Oh yeah baby!" Robert said. Finally Robert cummed inside her. It was so warm compared to the cool water. She sunk a little into the pool. Robert had to grab Ela. "UuUHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Ela screamed. Robert lifted her up and carried her.

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   He shoved his dick once again inside of her. The water splashed every time he lifted Ela. The water lapped on them. Ela squeezed tightly on to Robert. Ela felt a small orgams. Her eyes rolled back a little. She had never felt such pleasure before. "Fuck me! Robert, I need you to fuck me! Please!" Ela told him. "Don't worry baby," Robert told her, "I'll help you" and gave her a long kiss. Robert started to slower, but the sensation was incredible. Ela could feel every move his dick made inside her. "Mmmmmmm" she said. Robert took Ela off of his dick and put her by the side of the pool. Ela weakly turned Robert around to the side of the pool and he held on.
She held his legs so they floated and started to suck his dick again.

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   It was even more pleasurable from the first time. It tasted wonderful. Ela smoothed her hand over his shaft one more time and then gave him a sloppy kiss. They both laughed. Robert held Ela close to him and said "You are so wonderful. Always be mine". Ela turned her head to Robert. "Forever" she said.

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