Police Brutality


The story you are about to read is fiction and should in no way be taken to insult hard working police officers.
Some days are better than others.   Sheila had been having a rough day at work and only wanted to get home and take a bath and masturbate before bed.   Since her husband had left her, she had been working a couple jobs just to afford the house they had decided to buy in the country.   She did not know how much longer she could take it.   So when the police lights flashed and she heard the siren, she almost cried.   She had not been speeding and as far as she knew her tabs were up-to-date.   Quickly, though, she pulled over onto the side of the dark country road.   She bit her lip, preparing herself for the worst.
The officer who got out of the car behind her was very well built.   It made her wet just thinking about the bulge he must have in his pants, though she thought he was there to write her a ticket and it might cost her quite a bit to get out of this.   She squirmed a little as he came to the window.   She cried, fearing that the ticket would be way more than she could afford.   "Isn't there some way we can settle this, officer?" she asked.   "I am going to need you to step out of the car, ma'am," he said, looking very serious.   She did not know what to do but comply, since she was scared they might take her to jail unless she did as he said.

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    She could see his partner, a more stocky man, approaching the car as well, a strange grin on his face.
Suddenly, before she knew what was happening, the handsome police officer who had her leave her vehicle pressed her up against her car and was patting her down.   He stopped when he realized her panties were wet.   Hiking her skirt up, he pulled them down to her ankles.   What was he doing?  She started to fight him, to push him off of her.   She felt his strong hand grab her wrist and pull it down, slapping a handcuff on it and slapping the other one to the handle of her car door.   She was now trapped, locked to her car door with no panties on.   The police officer continued to grope her butt and grabbed the other hand, handcuffing it through the rolled down window to her steering wheel.   Her legs spread, her pussy dripped and she found it highly arousing in spite of her quite reasonable fears.   It was obvious the police officer and his partner were planning to rape her.
She was feeling humiliated and scared, but yet was getting horny in spite of herself.   The officer proceeded to remove her skirt, having her step out of it and her panties.   Her lower body was now fully exposed.   Then he began unbuttoning her top and slid the bra she was wearing down to expose her 36D breasts.   The evening air made her nipples harden and she wondered what he would do next.

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The officer's partner pulled out a camera and started snapping pictures.   He was obviously just going to watch, at least she hoped so.   It was bad enough the one officer was going to rape her, but at least he was good looking.   The handsome one dropped his pants and began working his cock into her ass, which was quite painful but arousing at the same time.   She could not see it but it felt BIG, at least seven inches and thick.   He worked it into her virgin ass slowly.   It hurt and felt good at the same time, causing her pussy to gush.   He fingered her pussy, making her even more wet.   It was getting her so aroused that she was starting to hope she would fuck her dripping mound when he finished with her ass.   She was so turned on at that point she would let him do anything he wanted.   He pounded away on her ass for a good ten minutes before stopping.   "Do you want me to fuck you in your pussy now" he asked, knowing what her answer would be.   She nodded.   He had to know what her answer would be, since if she had not been enjoying it she could have lifted her leg and tried kicking him.   Not that it would have been a good idea.

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    "If you are a good girl, I will uncuff you afterwards. "
 "Fuck me, please," she begged.   She was so turned on by all of this that she heard the words come out before she could stop them.   He smiled.   "Fuck  me now. "  He slapped her face and then slid his cock up into her dripping pussy.   She leaned back hard, pushing it in deeper than he had wanted to go.   He pulled her hair.   "You stop being so demanding," he said.   "I make the rules here. "  "Yes, sir," she whimpered.   "You make the rules.   Just please fuck me. "
He smiled and pounded into her, finally cumming into her hard.   "You have been a good girl.

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    I think I shall take you home with me," he said, undoing the handcuffs and then cuffing her behind her back.   "I thought you were going to let me go," she said.   "In the morning, after we fuck a lot more. "  She smiled.  
She tensed as he put a collar on her but relaxed as he put her in the back of the police car.   "I am your master now.   I will bring you back here in the morning but until then you will do everything I want. "
"Yes, Master. "  She smiled.  .