Moving Into My New House


It was just about then when 3 young guys came barreling out of the trees in the back of the yard, just chasing each other with paint ball guns. It startled me a bit and when I jumped up, they all stopped in their tracks and just stared at me. I don't know how old they were, but boy were they the picture of good looking. All 3 of them just looked me up and down with no real trying to hide it at all. I wasn't wearing to much to make me look overly sexy or anything, I mean, hell, I was just wear some loose fitting shorts and a loose top, so that I wouldn't get too hot from all the lifting. The shirt wasn't even tight enough to show my hardening nipples. "What can I do for you guy's" I asked finally, while approaching them slowly. The taller guy, which happened to be the closest of the 3, spoke up and said,"sorry lady, we didn't know anyone had moved in here yet. We use this yard while practicing our strategies in the paint ball wars we have around here. " He held up his paint gun as if to prove his statement. "oh, I see. " I replied coming to a stop about 5 feet from him. The other 2 were coming up on either side of him clearly looking at my chest trying to tell if I were wearing a bra I'm sure. The thought of them so close to me and by the way the bulges in their jeans were growing, not to mention the beer, I was getting pretty hot. "Well we were suppose to be moving in today, as you can see. " I said gesturing over my shoulder at the truck.

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   "but my husband got called away on business, so I'm doing it on my own and building up to it. " I held up my beer and gave them a little smile while cocking my hip out a little. Not so much that it was obvious that I was flirting, just maybe shifting from one leg to the other. All their eyes followed my hip and I felt a warm tingle run up my spine. "Well, it was nice talking to you, but I must get started on this truck, or I'm never going to get it done today. " With that I turned slowly and started back to the truck, not too fast, making sure I gave a little extra sway to my walk as I went. I could feel them staring at my ass and . . . . . . . . .

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  "Hey, if you would like some help, we don't have anything going on really and we could help you unload it at least. " I stopped and paused a moment before turning around, I had to let the smile fade first. With that, I turned just enough to have to hike my legs up some and "that would great, but really you don't have to, I mean, I don't even know you guys. I'm sure you have better things to do. " "Not at all" they all chimed together as they started toward me. I didn't argue any more, I just turned and sauntered back to the truck, with them following me just far enough to watch my ass wiggle. I sat my beer down by the chair I was sitting in and went to the side of the truck opposite of them. I knew my shorts were loose enough that if they were looking that they would get a good look of my goods. I lifted one leg up and acted as if I was having trouble getting up, "can someone help me up, I'll hand some boxes down and you guys can carry them in and just put them away in the living room. " With that, the taller one jumped into the truck and came over and offered me his hand while one of the others came over and put his hand on the small of my back to steady me. He made sure to be in front of me while his friend pulled me up. The one in the truck was clearly looking down my shirt and when he pulled me up the other kept his hand in place as it slid over my ass. I pretended like it was nothing but it was pure heaven to feel his hands on me. I'm sure he was looking at the gap in my shorts, or at least trying to. I don't really know if he saw anything or not.

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  I made sure to bend over and linger at the edge of the truck quite often, fanning my shirt and my shorts some just for good measure. The conversation between us never really shifted off me. They wanted to know everything about me, from how much I weighed to my age and then they were talking about their girlfriend's not wanting to go "all the way" and what I thought of that. With the topics growing more detailed on what I liked and why. Despite the loose fitting clothes, I was still sweating like crazy. Each of them had taken their shirts off and as each one did, they looked at me, as if they wanted me to do the same, I did want to, but a girl has to maintain some control, right. The shirt stuck to my chest and the sweat was just heavy enough to make the thin fabric transparent. I again pretend not to notice and let them look. I know they all knew by now that I wasn't wearing anything under my shorts or shirt. I did however fail to notice for some time that my shorts had risen up and the sides of my pussy hair was showing. I normally shave it but with all the moving I hadn't the time to do it lately. It probably would have never dawned on me, if I hadn't got my shorts caught on a screw sticking out of the side of the truck, tearing a hole in the fabric right on my left ass cheek. I was lucky it didn't grab skin, but in it doing so, I felt the fabric squeeze between my lips and I knew they must have all been seeing more than I had thought. The fabric tearing wasn't loud, but they all jerked their heads around as if they had super fine hearing or something. "Ahhh, damn.

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   I tore a hole in my favorite shorts. " I exclaimed as I turned trying to pull the fabric around so I could see it. I know they were watching me and I could feel the air hitting my moisture down there. "I can't tell, did I get some skin?" I asked turning a little. The guy helping me in the truck, came over, a little too quickly and reached out to touch me, but pulled his hand back, just looking, "nope, just the fabric, but thats a damn big rip. Half you ass is hanging out. " he said chuckling nervously, not sure if he should have said it. The others joined in with the same nervous little laugh, and everyone was looking at me to see what my reaction was going to be. I giggled with them and they all let out a sigh of relief, smiling inside, I took a look at my watch and noted it was time for quitting for the day. It was going to be dark soon and I had to find some clothes and stuff to make the bed up and all that before too long. "Well guys, I think I'm calling it quits for the day. " I said walking to the front of the truck. "can someone help me down?" I didn't have to ask twice and the shortest one of the bunch held his arms up and as I stepped off the truck I leaned a little too far and caught him off guard. He missed my hand and arm on one side and with over compensating he grabbed a hand full of tit and kept me from falling. The little shit let it linger while I was steading my footing and as he let go, I swear he tried to pinch my nipple.

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   Not that that was a bad thing, but it did seem a little more bold than I felt comfortable with at the time. Again, a girl has to maintain some kind of control. With that I thanked them and headed inside. I turned and closed the door behind me and watched all them gather their things with looks of disappointment on their faces. They slowly walked to the point where they came through the trees earlier. I had absently started rubbing the nipple he had tried to pinch while I watch them go. Feeling safe, I dropped my shorts to the floor and peeled off my shirt, still watching them. They were still close enough and there was enough daylight out still that if they had turned around, they could have easily seen me through the glass panel door. I so wanted them to look. As I climbed out of the tub later that evening, I walked through the house in just a towel. It really never dawned on me about the curtains in the back were still not up. As I reached the kitchen, I opened the fridge door to get me another beer and heard a noise outside. I stopped, startled, my heart began to race a hundred miles an hour. It sounded like voices. But who the hell.

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  . . . the guys from earlier. Had they came back to spy on me? Surely I didn't miss judge their ages that much, I mean that was the actions of teens. . . . . I shut the door and turned out the light, trying to not let who ever was out there know I heard them. Creeping back to the glass door, I peered out in the yard. The moon was high and almost full so I could see really pretty good. I saw a "group" of guys running to the other end of the house, hell, there must have been about ten of them. They were just teens! I stepped back, holding my towel close, wondering what the hell I thought I was doing. .

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  . . . For a moment I felt dirty, then reality hit me and I didn't show them anything they hadn't jerked off too every night since puberty hit them. And it was all in fun any way, what harm did I do, none, I just gave them something else to jerk off to. But coming back here and spying on me. . . . . and bringing the whole town. . . . .

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  . I walked back through the house turning off the rest of the light, might as well hit the bed, they would lose interest, as soon as they saw all the lights off. I laid down on my bed on top of the covers, even with the air on, it was still hot. I listened to them argue about leaving, some saying they were going to stay and other clearly leaving as I heard their voices trailing off. I must have dozed off for a little while, but when I woke, all was quiet. Laying there staring at the ceiling I realized I left the door to the truck up. "Damn!" I hopped up and went to the back door. It was only about 20 feet to the back of the truck from the door and sure wasn't getting all the way dressed for that. I glimpsed around and didn't see anyone, just as I thought, they all went home. I slid the door open and walked slowly and quietly to the truck. The night air sure felt good on my skin, so I lingered a little before hiking myself into the back and closing the door. The sound of the door was so loud, that I thought for sure I was going to wake the next county. I turned to go inside, still lingering a bit, the air felt so good. . .

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  . . I ran my hands over my naked body lightly, causing my skin to perk up, giving me goose flesh and my nipples grew hard almost instantly. The feeling was heavenly. I continue to rub myself as I watch the moon, shine down on me. I must have some release. The thought of the guys devouring my every move earlier, still had me moist. I slid a finger down and felt my wetness and knew I had to fix this problem now. I just laid down in the cool grass and started rubbing my body more feverously now. Stroking my nipples and playing with my clit. I was totally lost when I heard a light sound from my left side. I continued to rub my clit as I lazily let my head roll to that side. I nearly died, when I saw a young guy over there jerking himself off with the speed of a race horse. I thought I would jumped up and run into the house, but my body didn't move. I continue to watch him and my fingers started moving faster.

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   My back arched slightly on it's own and I buried my fingers into me faster. I needed someone to fuck me, and I sure needed it now, but my body wouldn't let my mind do anything but watch what was going on. It was then when I felt the first wave coming close. I arched my back further and my eyes closed tight in anticipation. Yes it was coming and I couldn't stop it! When it started I gasped for air and lost all sense of time. I had came that hard in so long that it seemed like it was going on for a really long time. What brought me back was a warm splash of something hitting me on the chest. I opened my eyes and there were 4 young guys all jerking off on me! 2 of them were coming and the others were close to it. Again, my mind said to run into the house but all I did was rub their come all over me, doing this caused the other 2 to started coming, now all 4 of them were coming on every part of my body, some in the face and hair but mostly just my chest and stomach. There was so much of it and they seemed like an endless supply of come. I felt like I was under some kind of spell, I would never have done any of this on any normal day. I sat up and took the closest one in my sucking the last of his come from him. I felt hands all over me, on my legs and breast and between my legs. Rubbing the come they had just shot onto me all over me. I felt strong hands pulling me up by the waist and I wasn't letting go of this young cock, so I just let him guide my ass into the air.


   I thought I would be ready for it, but when he entered me he slammed it all the way in hard causing me to lunge forward shoving the cock in my mouth down my throat. I nearly gaged and was trying to pull it out some when I felt his hands on the back of my head pushing it back down my throat. At first I panicked thinking I was going to be choked to death, but then relaxed and let him fuck my mouth. The guy behind me was drilling me good and I could feel his head swollen to seemed like the size of an apple. I had someone rubbing come into my ass and then a finger dove in, my body was being attacked from every angle. I now had a tongue on each nipple, bitting and sucking. Still more hands on me, and still felt come hitting me, I must have been wrong about how many were still there, I finally said forget it and just let them use my body how ever they wanted. The guy I was sucking exploded cum into my mouth and it was all I could do to swallow it but I felt a lot of it seeping out the sides of my mouth. He pulled out and before I could move another one, not so big, was pushing his into my mouth. I did all I could do to maintain my balance but it was really the guy behind me holding me up. I felt him come and them pull out of me fast. A hand rubbed come all over my ass hole and then plunged into my ass! I never really been "ass fucked" just a little finger action up til now. It hurt like a son of a bitch at first but then it was all I could do to keep from attacking these guys. My body started writhing like a maniac and I took hold of the cock in my mouth with both hands and stroked it as I sucked and I mean I was sucking and stroking hard and fast! I felt him coming and I wouldn't let him go, he started crying out and someone grabbed me by the hair, yanking it back to get me to release him, which I did and yet another stepped in. I don't think he thought I was ready, but when I he slid it into my mouth and I sank my nails into his ass, he nearly came unglued trying to get away.

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   I wasn't letting go and he loosened up and he started face fucking me furiously. I felt myself begin to come when The guy in my ass first squirted off. The heat of his come where I had never felt it before turned me into a writhing she bitch of a woman. I started slamming back into him as my first wave hit me, I had a hold of the guys ass that was in front of me and I know I had to be breaking skin, but he still pounded me. The sounds of my ass hitting him was just adding to all the animalistic fury inside me and a felt my ass tighten with every pulse of my heart and the orgasm I was having had my whole body in this tingling numbness that I had never felt before. I had to have more so when no one stepped in when he pulled out of my ass I leaned up and found a guy that was laying down and sucking my tits and I nearly leaped on to his cock. I grabbed another guy and pulled him close and sucked him while I was working my pussy harder and faster than I had ever done before. The guy was just moaning his little head off. I still had hands all over me and my nipples were sore, but ached for more attention. When someone wasn't touching them, I was pulling on my nipples as hard as I could. I never stopped coming, my orgasm lasted longer than it ever had in my life. I was literally covered in come, my own, what must have been 10 or more guys. I know I sucked off at least 6 guys and more fuck me good from every angle before I fell over into the grass, exhausted. There was no one for a moment and my body tingle in every spot. I heard them leaving talking about what a slut I was and how tight my ass and pussy were, not to mention the best suck they ever had.

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   I thought I was done and was considering going into the house when I felt someone spreading my legs. I didn't bother to resist and probably couldn't if I tried. He slid his hands gently over my legs, caressing them, working out the tightness in my muscles. His hands were bigger, and soft, like he sued lotion. They felt sooo good and he reached my swollen pussy lips and parted them gently as I felt the head of his cock touch the sensitive skin. He wasn't in a hurry and didn't ram it into me like the other's, instead he teased me a little, causing me to jerk with the touch of him on my clit. When he did enter me, is was slow and easy. I felt him coming closer to my face, licking my skin as he did so. He nudged my chin up and kissed me under my chin and licking my skin around to my ear, nibbling on my lobe. Instictivley, I wrapped my arms around him and with all my strength, wrapped my legs around his back, letting him enter me even further. The ease of it and the softness of his touch. . . . .

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  . . I felt his lips on mine and recognized his cologne. . . . . . he parted my lips with his tongue while he worked his cock into me expertly. Our tongues played together like they had so many times before and he made love to me letting my body conform to his. . . . . .

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  after a time he carried me into the house and laid me on the bed. When I woke the light was streaming through the window in a furious way! I rolled over to his side of the bed to find a video tape, a flower and a note, reading:It was a lovely full moon last night and I just had to get it on tape, you should watch it. I'll be back first thing in the morning from Dallas, would you mind picking me up? I'll have a surprise for you if you do. With all my love, me. . is the best online escort service in Rhodes!

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