Helping dad pt. 1


It all started when my mom went on a two week trip to visit her mother in Canada. This was an unusual thing as we always went on vacations or trips together as a family but my dad could not get any time off from work. On top of that, it was during the school year and there was no way my parents would let me miss two weeks of school for anything.
The first few days were uneventful, dad cooked dinner and helped me with my homework; basically doing what my mom would normally do. When it would get close to 9pm we would go into my parents bedroom and watch TV. I\'d usually fall asleep by 10pm and the next thing I would know is my dad would be waking me up at 7am to get ready for school. Like I said, pretty uneventful - until that is, the third night.
On that night I fell asleep as usual but I was awakened by the bed slightly shaking. When I opened my eyes I noticed quite a few things, one being that it was 1:26am. Another thing I noticed was that the TV was on and there was a porno playing on the VCR. The last thing I \'noticed\' was that my dad was jerking off. It was very hard to see as the only light in the room came from the television and my dads body was covered with the bed sheet, but there was no mistaking the shaking of the bed as well as the up and down motion I could make out near his crotch area.
I was turned on, not by my dad but by the images on the TV. This wasn\'t the internet age and I had no access to porn, so watching the woman on the screen orally please this HUGE guy was something that was absolutely amazing to me. My dad watched all 40 minutes of the porno, bringing himself close but then stopping (I didn\'t know why someone would do this until I got a bit older!). When the porno was finished he turned off the tv and went to the bathroom.

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   I assume he finished off in there as he was only in the bathroom for a short period of time. When he came out of the bathroom and back towards the bed I got my first view of my dads cock. It was semi-hard, I\'d estimate about 7-8 inches in length 5 inch and thin cock was a joke compared to that.
He slipped into bed, turned his back towards me and went to sleep. I remember not being able to sleep at ALL that night, I really could not believe what I just witnessed. After what seems like eternity I fell asleep and before I knew it my dad was waking me up for school. That day, all I could think about was what I saw and what I HOPED to see again. I was anxiously awaiting bedtime the entire day. The day seemed to drag on but finally the time arrived and I hurried to bed. I remember trying my hardest to stay awake so that I could watch my dad put on a show again. My dad was in the shower and I was struggling to stay awake, if not for the fact I got ZERO sleep the night before this would\'ve been easy. Before I knew it, I fell asleep. When my dad got out of the shower he must\'ve noticed me sleeping and decided to just go to bed without the TV being on. I say this because him getting into bed woke me up. I was excited that I woke up but dissappointed that he didn\'t have the TV on so that I could have a repeat performance of last night.

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As I lay there, just replaying the images I saw the previous night over and over in my head I was getting aroused. I didn\'t dare touch myself while in bed with my dad, so I just lied there thinking about everything and getting myself more and more turned on. While lying there and just looking at my dad a thought came to me. I was looking at my dad and just staring at his boxer shorts, thinking about his cock. Now, I\'m not gay, but I guess since I was thinking about all this sex stuff and gettting more and more turned on I just couldnt help thinking about my dads cock. I had the urge to want to see his cock, to touch it, anything I just didn\'t care. His snoring told me he was sound asleep and this only got my mind thinking even more wild thoughts, such as trying to carefully open the front of his boxers so I could get a view.
Was I actually considering this? Looking back I can\'t believe I actually thought that was a good idea, but at the time, yes I thought it wouldn\'t be a problem if I was slow, quite and careful. My dad was lying there, facing me. I carefully reached over to the front of his boxers and gently stuck my hand through the front opening. Immediately my fingers touched his shaft. While he was still pretty thick, his cock was very small in this soft state. I moved my fingers over the head of his cock and I remember thinking to myself "Man, I can\'t believe Im doing this". After a few minutes of this something happened that I did NOT expect. His cock started to grow.

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   When I felt it slowly getting bigger I pulled my hand away fearing he was awake. The snoring continued and his body didn\'t move so from what I could tell he was still sleeping. I carefully put my hand back into his boxers and again started to feel the girth of his cock. Again his cock grew. . . not to a fully erect state but still it was gaining momentum.
I started to get a little bolder and put my hand around his shaft. I started to slowly move it back and forth, mimicking what he was doing to it the night before.   As these thoughts danced through my head I heard his snoring stop. Instantly I stopped stroking him but did not want to pull my hand away for fear that it would almost certanly awaken him. As I lay there, waiting to see what would happen all I could think of was that I was completely fucked if he woke up. After about 2 minutes (OK It felt like 45 minutes!), my dads hand moved to his cock. His hand closed around his shaft WITH my hand still on it. I thought to myself, is he half asleep or.

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  . .
"Tommy", my dad whispered.
I didn\'t answer, hoping that he would think my hand somehow found its way into his boxers while I was asleep (yeah I know, not likely).
"Tommy" he said again.
Again I refused to respond.
Slowly he started jacking himself with my hand still on his shaft. "I know you\'re awake" he said. With that, I opened my eyes, I was shaking like a leaf.
"Why did you put you hand on my privates?" he asked.
"I huh, I saw you doing that to yourself last night" I stammered - I couldn\'t believe I actually admitted to seeing him last night.
"Well, normally mommy would be here to take care of daddy" he whispered, still slowly stroking his cock.
I didn\'t know how or what to respond. I just kept looking at him as he continued to stroke himself with my hand. He then whispers, "You know, you can show daddy you love him like mommy does".

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"How?" I asked I started to mutter.
With that, he released his grip around his cock. I stopped stroking him, "No, keep doing it" he said.
I started to stroke it the way he was doing it. He rolled onto his back as I continued to stroke his cock up and down. He was completely hard and started moaning. After about 5 minutes of this my dad finally spoke again.
"Tommy, I want you to do it like mommy does. Kneel between my legs as you do it"
Before I could even respond to him his left hand was already on my shoulder pushing me down towards the area between his legs. As I kneeled in front of him, both hands wrapped around his thick shaft, all I could do was kneel there staring at him. I knew I should continue but I could only just kneel there holding his now pulsating cock in my hands.
"Tommy, keep going - You\'re making daddy feel good. "
With that I continued to stroke his cock. I could feel the wetness coming from the head of his cock. I started to feel good, knowing this is how my mom would pleasure him and I seem to be doing a good job.

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   I was actually starting to enjoy this. Perhaps my dad saw the look on my face -
"Great job kiddo. You want to take a closer look at daddy penis?"
He leaned forward and put his hand on the back of my head. "Get closer. " he whispered.
Before I could respond my dad was pushing my head down towards his cock. I could tell that even though he was asking if I wanted a closer look, I was getting one regardless. My head stopped getting closer when the head of his cock touched my lips. I held my lips closed tightly. I could still feel the pressure my dad was applying to the back of my head, he wanted me to go further. I was afraid.
"Tommy, open your mouth baby". . . I clenched my lips tighter.

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   "This is how mom and dad show they love each other. You love daddy, right?". With that I ever so slightly parted my lips. I stil didn\'t want this thing in my mouth, yet I didn\'t want him to think I didn\'t love him like my mom did.
Once my dad felt my lips part he applied A LOT more pressure on the back of my head. This basically forced his entire cockhead into my mouth. It was huge. I just stayed there, kneeling and not knowing what to do next.
"That\'s it baby, your pussy feels good". Pussy? Both his hands were on my head now, slowly he pulled me deeper onto his cock. After about an inch I gagged, he eased up and pulled my head upwards, stopping just before my mouth got off his cock. He then pulled me down again. This went on for about ten minutes.  
My dad turned on his side and had me lay next to him, all the while my mouth was still on his cock and he was still slowly pumping in and out.
"Oh baby, your pussy is so wet.

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   Even wetter than your mother" he groaned.
He slowly picked up his pace. His pre-cum was filling up in my mouth. I didnt want to swallow because I didn\'t know if I should or not. The saliva and pre-cum were causing each thrust to make a squishing sound. Saliva and pre-cum dripped from my mouth onto the bed on each thrust.
"Tommy, you\'re doing a good job honey"
His pace began to quicken. . . . .