Home Schooling - Ch3 "The Climax"


Please first read: Home Schooling - Ch1 and Ch2

There were no more lessons until the weekend but Chrisa's room became a beehive of activity. They left her  door open so I often saw them naked and playing together. The faint sound of the vibrator would soon be accompanied by Chrisa's loud climax. With so much sex going on in the house I found myself constantly aroused.

Bobby would greet me in the morning with a sexy kiss one hand on my breast and the other under my nightie. At first I was not sure if that was a good thing but I did like the idea of having a horny man around the house. On Friday at supper I told them to get plenty of rest as we were going to have more lessons over the weekend. Well at least after I had done the grocery shopping.

When I arrived back from the grocery center, I've never seen the kids so ready to help. It seemed like I had magic elves as the bags disappeared and everything was packed away.

I led my horny gang to my room with its king size bed. I said "No one wears cloths for the rest of the weekend" and we all stripped. "Bobby, one of the easiest ways to make a women come is through oral sex. Just licking her pussy is not enough you must mix up your technique to keep her guessing and on edge. You have at your disposal first and foremost your tongue, lips, fingers, and toys. Use them in any combination your sexy mind can imagine.

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   Last but not least do not forget to mix in body caresses and breast action. "

I got on the bed with my legs hanging over the edge then tossed a pillow on the floor. Chrisa got on the bed to watch while Bobby got down between my legs. "First I will tell you what to do, then you try it. When you get it right we'll move on. "

I taught Bobby everything his Father had every done to me. The hardest for Bobby was finding my gspot but it was definitely worth the effort. "OK Bobby, my pussies all yours show me what you got. "

He began by raising up and kissing me while his hands stroked and played. Soon he was kiss-licking over my breasts and down my torso. The fingers of one hand lightly strokes my inner thighs suggesting that he was going to touch my pussy but pulling away at the last second. Momma was being sucked into her young lover's teasing.

When he was kissing my mons he pushed my knees up, pulled me to the edge of the bed and spread me out. As I shivered in anticipation he kissed my inner thighs on the way to my hot box. He licked around my outer labia and I could not help squirming in an attempt to get his tongue where I wanted.

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   Bobby took the hint and gave me a long slow taint to clit lick sliding off to the side of my clit. As I sighed he drove in and gave it a suck causing my eyes to pop open and a big gasp.

He continued to mix teasing with powerful direct action and I knew my son was now in control. My only influence was cries of "Just like that" and "Oh yeah"s, moaned between continuous panting. With my eyes shut I did not see Chrisa hand Bobby the vibrator. It was turned on and pressed to my clit, at the same time he pushed in two curling fingers to rub my gspot.

My pelvis jerked up into his face and I came harder. Bobby pulled out his fingers lapped up my come while keeping the vibrator pressed on my clit. To my surprise I came again. This time Bobby took the vibrator off and just lapped up my juices letting his old mum try to recover.

When I opened my eyes both kids were smiling over me, weakly I muttered "Good Boy. " Chrisa said "That was awesome, when's my turn?" Bobby remained silent but wore an ear to ear cunt lickers grin.

I replied "I think Bobby needs some special lovin', Chrisa how would you like to learn fellatio?" She gave me a puzzled look and I said "Suck his cock. " She sure knew what that was. I told Bobby to get on the bed while I took Chrisa out of his ear shot.

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I asked her if she wanted to taste his cum or just let it pump out onto his stomach. I was not surprised that she was all for having him cum in her mouth. I gave several pointers including only going down as far as you are comfortable with and looking into his eyes as much as she could. The last thing I did was pin back her hair so Bobby would always see what she was doing.

Chrisa got on the bed between his legs. She moved flat on her stomach then sucked his balls sliding up to give little kisses all over his shaft. Bobby groaned and Chrisa giggled at his compliment. My daughter teased and used all her mouth parts to play with his women pleaser. She had learned enough from giving him hand-jobs to know when to back off.

She seemed to love surprising him by taking it deep into her mouth then off and licking down to suck his balls. I even noticed she drag her nipples up his thigh and over his groin. For some reason she decided he had been teased enough as she engulfed his member and bobbed her head furiously. You could see her cheeks suck in and the tip of her tongue moving back and forth under the shaft.

Bobby did not last long with that assault as he exclaimed his immanent climax and she moved her mouth to the end of his dick. I saw his balls rise, his eyes squeeze tight and Chrisa's throat swallowing.

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   It was powerfully sexy just to watch. Finally Chrisa pulled off then laid a little kiss on his shrinking cock and said "Thanks big fella, see you again soon. "

When Bobby had opened his eyes I told them "You know, you can simultaneously give each other oral pleasure. It's called the 69 position. Try it sometime. " Chrisa smiled and winked at a grinning brother. The tired crew went down stairs to eat and recover.

After a long easy lunch Chrisa was fidgeting so much that I said back to my room. Chrisa ran up stairs and was on the bed positioned like I'd been earlier. She was just arranging her butt closer to the edge when Bobby got between her legs.

He reached up and massaged her breasts bringing her nipples to attention while distracting her with inner thigh kissed. I'm always amazed how fast my daughter gets revved up as her bottom could not keep still. Bobby kissed close to her pussy but skipped over onto her mons. Chrisa pleaded with him but I saw a smirk that told me he was going to tease his little sister unmercifully.

I was right he kissed, licked, sucked and played with her like his own private windup toy.

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   Her noises left no doubt that she was loving it. He let her climax build until you could see her stomach muscles tense into a girly six pack. Then he sucked on her clit and she exploded but Bobby continued right through her orgasm. His middle finger probed for her gspot then BINGO she came again.

Bobby lapped up her juices and I could see a wild look in her eye as he licked under her clitoral hood and began flick his tongue to either side. I watched Chrisa climbing climax mountain at a torrid pace. Bobby was all too willing to push her over the edge when he pursed his lips over her clit and hummed long and loud. She screamed and came again finally pushing him off her pussy. Like a gentleman he got up over his sister and gave her a gentle kiss.

I moved her so we could all take a much needed nap. Hours later I awoke and made hot dogs for an early supper. Knowing what I was about to do had me as jittery as Chrisa had been. The kids walked into the kitchen with hands playing "who can touch who the best".

We talked and ate. Most of the conversation was around my sex with their Father.

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   Questions like when did you do it the first time and what's your best memory . . . etc. Considering what had been going on I gave them honest detailed answers.

After a desert of ice cream the tension began to build again and even though I had a case of the butterflies, we went back to my room. I lay on the bed like I had when Bobby ate me out but without the pillow on the floor. I put KY on my hands then motioned Bobby to come closer. I lubed up his already hardening cock then told him to get me ready with his hands, fingers and some lube.

We kissed and he stroked my body. I felt his shaft glide over my mons and my libido turned to a boil. I took his cock and ran it up and down my slit then told him to lean back so I could see. I put that monster at my entrance and said "Take it slow. "

As he entered me I moaned. I had gotten a lot tighter, from lack of use, over the last three years and his superior size stretched me enough I thought of the song "Like a Virgin".

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   I told him to rock back and forth while going deeper.

My moaning got loader with every added inch and still it seemed he had not bottomed out. By the time Bobby was balls deep he had definitely touched virgin territory. I said "Bobby, pulled out until just the tip is in then push back until your balls touch my tushy. Keep a steady slow stroke as long as you can. Every once and a while give me several fast and deep stokes then change again. If you think you're going to cum stop and move your ass around to stir up your Momma's desires. You can also pull out completely and slap my clit with your cock then get back in. Make me come as many times as you can. "

Bobby took over as I grabbed his butt cheeks to control the pace. I was in heaven with that long pole pulling back and pushing deep. My pelvis could not stop but try to meet every thrust of my big boy. The first climax hit me out of nowhere when he went deep enough to tap my cervix. To his credit my baby boy kept that steady stroke.

My pussy must have gripped his cock different when I came as his breathing became more rapid.

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   Before he could cum I said "Stir me up Bobby". He pushed deep and moved his ass around and that mighty pole touched every part of me. I was climbing to my next climax in a hell of a hurry.

He pulled halfway back then banged me with several fast deep hard strokes and I came again. He returned to that steady stroke with my yelling "Fuck Mommy Bobby, Fuck Mommy". That made him pull out and slap my clit with his dick sending electric shocks through my body.

Before he could get back in I said "Lets do it doggie style" I flipped over got on my knees looked back and said "Grab hold of my hips and make Momma proud. " He was in me in one deep wonder full thrust. His motion was a bit faster now and I pushed back to meet him. My ass rippled with the impact and I yelled "Fuck me!" over and over. I even heard Chrisa repeating it and saw that she was using the dido to emulating us.

When he banged me with those fast hard strokes I came again. Bobby could no longer be denied and focused on his own pleasure. I groaned "Cum for Momma" and he thrust deep holding me tight then I felt him empty his balls into the place he was conceived. It was all to stimulating and I came once more.

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We stayed locked like that for a minute or so then my son the stud pulled out and collapsed on the bed and I rolled over to look proudly at my new orgasmic hero.

A Mother's work is never done, so knowing what was to happen next, I told Chrisa to lay down and I started to finger her and rub her clit. She was surprise but started getting into it. I inserted one then two fingers pulling them wider apart to slowly stretch the little virgin. After a long while I added a third finger and believed she was ready.

I told Bobby to take Chrisa's place and for her to get Bobby hard. "Chrisa see if you can ride him. " She was way too sexed up to refuse. I was relying on the fact that most teen boys don't need a lot of recovery time. Chrisa first kissed then licked his cock making it rise to the occasion. I gave her the KY to get it lubed before she tried it out.

When he was erect I instructed Chrisa to straddle him then I helped her to position the head to her entrance. My little girl had to work hard and I saw the strain on her face. Bobby encouraged her saying "Take all the time you need Sis. " Despite the obvious discomfort she began the decent.

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   Chrisa must have been very wet as there were tickles flowing down his shaft.

She started pulling up then pushing down and soon his shaft was disappearing. Despite her age she was almost my height so I figure she could take it all. I saw a look of determination on her face when she pulled up then drove herself all the way down. Chrisa exclaimed "Oh my God, I'm stuffed. Any more and it'd be tickle the back of my throat. "

As she sat on his thighs I stroked her back and Bobby played with her nipples. I handed him the vibrator and he massaged her clit. Chrisa's eyes rolled back in her head and her lashes flutter as she let out a loud long moan. Right after that she began to rock her pelvis and my little girl had her first fuck.

It seemed that both Bobby and I were forgotten as Chrisa rode his cock. Back and forth with the occasional side to side she used her brother's rhythm stick. All of a sudden her eyes popped open and she started to move rapidly and screamed out a climatic end to her first ride then she laid on his chest.

I used my hand to indicate he should role over. He did and she wrapped her legs around his back as he started the long slow stroke I had taught him.


   Chrisa looked into his eyes and smiled then closed them again as she sunk into the feelings her brother stirred. Suddenly he gave a quick series of deep strokes and she came. I guess the apple does not fall too far from the tree.

He fucked her like that for a while then told her to get on her knees. When she was positioned he entered her but much gentler than he had with me. I patted his ass to show my boy he'd done good.

Right from the beginning you could tell that doggie style was going to be Chrisa's favourite position as she was quickly pounded back into Bobby accompanied by all sorts of noise. Most of which was "Fuck me bro" and "Deeper Bobby deeper". The only thing that seemed to stop her chatter was when she came.

Bobby had to pull out and slap his cock on her ass several times. His face had sweat rolling down it but he was keeping his sister happy. Finally I saw fire in his eyes and he picked up the pace bouncing Chrisa around. Finally he loudly declared his immanent climax and emptied the last of his depleted stores. He collapsed over Chrisa flattening her out on the bed. As he rolled off I saw a rather stretched pussy dibble cum and come onto the bed sheets.

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I had no more lessons to teach so I left them to practise on their own. Of course a dutiful son takes care of his mother and I don't go wanting. A few years from now Bobby will go to college and I know his sister and I hope he visits often.

Thanks for reading about my personal solution to a growing problem.

Yours truly

Betty, aka Mom.