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It was about noon on a saturday. Jon knew that his brother and father were working their respected jobs and his mom was either cleaning up the house or exercising like she sometimes did. Jon had always had some-what of a crush on his mother. He loved to sniff her panties and watch her through the key hole in her door while she got changed. Therefore, when he woke up with a raging hard on, he knew that he wanted to jerk it to his mommy.
He went downstairs and, luckily for him, his mother was getting ready to do her Taibo. Jon was happy because he knew what his mother wore to workout. She always wore black spandex that were almost see-through at the ass they were so tight. She also wore a tight yellow tank-top and no bra. Therefore, he knew he would see her DD tits bouncing everywhere. He couldn't wait till she started.
She always worked out in the family room, where the television was. Jon now had a perfect excuse to watch her from close up. He poured himself a bowl of cereal and sat down in the family room saying, "I just want to eat my breakfast and I'll get out of your way. " She didn't care. She immidiately started her routine.

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   Jon's boner was becoming harder than stone watching her ass jiggle in his face and her tits bounce from side to side. He started to rub his cock making sure she couldn't see him.
Soon, his cock was bulging out of his pajamas. He couldn't deny the urges. He wanted to squeeze his mom's ass and stick his cock right in between her tits. However, he didn't know how to approach her. Soon she started to sweat and her spandex became soaked. He wanted to kiss her wet ass and fuck her harder than his father ever had. He couldn't control himself. He reached out and grabbed her ass and started to masturbate uncontrolably. Oddly enough, she had sexual urges for her son as well. She took his queue and pulled down her pants and let him eat out her asshole.
She started to rub his hard on. She knew he wanted in her mouth; so did she. She knelt down and stuck it all the way down her throat.

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   He rested his balls on her huge breasts. One by one she took them out of her shirt while she sucked on his cock. He reached down to rub her pussy and felt that she was wet. He got up and she sat down on the couch. He stuck his cock in her and buried his face in her breasts. He fucked her until he too started to work up a sweat. Then he pulled it out. He wanted to fuck her in the ass.
She left the room and came back with some of his father's lube. She spread some on her asshole and then on his cock. The moment he stuck his dick in her ass, he thought he had died and went to heaven. Almost immidiately after, he came in her ass. He then pulled it out and squirted the rest on her tits. She massaged them like it was lotion and said, "I think that's enough of a workout for one day. "

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