On The Tip Of His Tongue


Darcy was a sweet innocent newly minted fourteen year old. Due to over protective parents she was naive about physical love making. If you asked her what oral sex was at best she'd answer that it was phone sex, at worst it was when people talking about it.

At supper Darcy's announced that everyone in science class was assigned a project on genetics. This project was worth half the term's final grade. Her Dad who liked science spouted off about Gregor Mendel the father of modern genetics. He continued to tell Darcy about the Augustinian friar's pea plant experiments.

After supper, Darcy spent some time googling genetics trying to come up with something practical for her assignment. The next evening Darcy told her parents she was struggling. Mom piped up saying she suspected Darcy had a golden opportunity as the next weekend they were having the annual family picnic and scores of relatives from both sides of the family would be present covering almost four generations.

That evening she googled inheritance and Darcy hit on a great idea. Apparently there was some controversy in the scientific community on whether a persons ability to role their tongue was inherited or not. She figured she would include tongue length which was suppose to be on average four inches from teeth to extended tip.

When she described the project to her parents she noticed an odd twinkle in Dad's eyes while Mom looked a little embarrassed turning a light shade of red. Dad suggested that during the picnic she could take a picture of each relative's profile while measuring their tongue length and recording whether they could role their tongue. Then she should put those pictures along with the relevant statistics organized into a family tree.


   Darcy was thrilled as the project sounded both interesting and fun.

To prepare for the big event she asked her parents to be her first volunteers. She set a camera up with a simple white background then placed a chair in front of a digital camera on a tripod. When her mother sat down she gave her a twelve inch ruler, had Mom stick her tongue out and put the ruler up to her teeth.

Darcy snapped a couple of poor pictures until she tried a macro lens. She wrote in a project journal her mother's maiden name and a little about her place in the family tree. Mom's tongue length was slightly under the adult average. She asked her to try rolling her tongue but Mom failed miserably. That was added to the journal.

Next Dad sat down, in profile he held up the ruler and stuck out his tongue. Much to Darcy's surprise it was a fraction longer than seven inches. As for tongue rolling Dad should have been in the circus since he could role both ways and even twist it around clock wise and counter clock wise. Darcy took pictures and wrote down all the relevant details. Dad helped by taking Darcy's pictures. She had average length but could at least roll her tongue.

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   It looked like she picked up some of Father's genes.

Dad gave Bill, her fifteen year old brother, no choice but to participate. Little did Bill know his sister's project would start him on the road to earning the nick name "The Muffin Man" from the local girls. Despite being only fifteen his tongue was already six and a half inches long and he possessed most of his Dad's muscle control. At this point in life the only ability his tongue had shown was a proclivity of getting tied when talking to girls.

By the time the annual family picnic arrived Darcy was ready. As the car was being packed she triple checked her gear. The event was always at their great-grandfather's ranch due to its extensive acreage. When they got there only half the expected crowd had arrived. Darcy immediately ask where she could set up then quickly commandeered a small room perfect for her needs.

No time like the present as Darcy took one person into her "genetics lab" after another. Even though she was fully focused on including everyone something was already apparent. Any male related by blood to their great-grandfather possessed an above average tongue length and exceptional muscle control. She dashed off a quick note to look up references to long tongue length on the web.

By the time the diner bell rang she was done and ready to share in the fun she was missing.

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   As usual the dinner was spectacular. Once that was over but before it was too dark, the usual family photos were taken. In one picture Darcy sat on great-grandad's knee. After the photo was taken he whispered something odd. He said "You know Darcy a long tongue can be very useful to women and girls alike. " She whispered back "Well if that's the case it is too bad only the men seem to have that trait. " That made great-grandad role in laughter until he started violently coughing which earned Darcy a very cross look from Mom.

By the time they said their goodbyes Darcy was exhausted. Her last thoughts before falling asleep were that of her great-granddad's remark. Unlike her brother, Darcy was a go getter so the next day she worked on her project. Outside of the already noted male trait for long flexible tongues she also realized that in general the women in her family were above average in looks with pouty full lips. Certainly compared to what she saw at school and throughout the neighbourhood. Of course that brightened her day but she had enough sense not to brag about it.

Darcy checked the web to see if she could find anything relevant to tongue length and came across a reference to a TV personality named "Gene Simmons", who apparently became famous with a rock band well before she was born. The quote that intrigued her stated "I was oblivious, for the first thirteen years of my life, that I was endowed with a large oral appendage, my super long tongue.

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   It really was longer than everyone else's, and I was soon to find out that having a long tongue came in handy with the girls. "

Darcy was pretty excited the day she presented her project to the science class. She was well prepared but of course nothing goes without a hitch. When the picture of her brother's long tongue was shown some jerk quipped "I bet he can pick his own nose with that thing" which made all the immature boys laugh until the teacher demanded silence.

One thing that Darcy noted was that a few girls seemed to fidget in their seats including their teacher Ms Wadsworth. All in all it was a successful presentation and she was sure to get very high marks. The strangest thing occurred as she was leaving. The class slut asked if her brother was dating anyone. Darcy answered no then asked why the sudden interest. She replied with a smile "Ask your Daddy. "

That night while trying to get to sleep she thought about that ex-rocker's odd quote. A number of things started to come together "The odd twinkle in Daddy's eyes", "Mom's embarrassment", great-grandad's "a long tongue can be very useful to women and girls a like" and finally her teacher and some of the girls obvious agitation. Before she nodded off Darcy promised herself she was going to ask Dad why a women liked a long tongue.

The next night Darcy's Mom was at her weekly bridge game and Bill was out skate boarding. Only Dad was around which was alright with Darcy.

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   She sat beside Daddy cuddled up and waited until there was a TV commercial. She said "Daddy I just have to ask. How can a long tongue like yours be so valuable to a girl?" Dad almost choked. When he recovered he asked her why she wanted to know.

Darcy went through the litany of odd information she had accumulated. Dad's eye got larger as her clues were presented. Dad started to suggest she ask her mother when Darcy cut him off saying "Dad, Mom already seems embarrassed. I've always counted on you to tell me the truth. Are you going to fail me now?"

Reluctantly Dad agreed but told her she could not tell anyone they had this conversation. Considering the long lead up to this moment Darcy was just bursting with curiosity. Before he started Dad poured himself a tall stiff drink and downed it in one shot then poured another.

The explanation started with Dad asking "Darcy do you know what oral sex means?", continuing through "So a women with pouty full lips are considered to have perfect blow job lips" and ending with "That's why every female can't resist a long tongued man. "

During his very graphic explanation Darcy went from disbelief, turning scarlet to finally soaking her panties. Her only comment was "No wonder the majority of women in the family are beautiful". Dad chuckled and nodded his head.

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   As she went off to her room, his final words were "Sweet dreams honey. "

That night as she remembered her Dad's detailed description of the families oral tradition, her hand absent mindedly snuck into her panties. In no time at all the young girl had fingers playing the role of a man's tongue. When she came hard the mental picture of Daddy's tongue became unequivocally associated with her orgasm. To think all this time she was living under the same roof with two very rare pleasure muscles.

For days all Darcy could think about was oral sex. Before these revelations she always thought sex was too risky because a girl could get pregnant. Now she knew you could give and get pleasure at no risk. Between her nightly masturbation sessions and after school diddling while viewing her tongue porno collection Darcy came many times more then she had in her previous 14 years.

Darcy became obsessed with having a long tongue replace her fingers. Exactly how was the question? She knew in her heart despite the moral and legal complications the short tongued local boys won't do. That left only two accessible choices, Bill and Daddy.

That choice was made for her when Mom and Dad announced they were leaving on a romantic weekend. For the first time the two teens would be left unsupervised. They were warned that no friends could come over and if there was any transgressions the consequences would be severe.

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For Darcy this was an opportunity too good to pass up. The evening that their parents left the two teens agreed to watch a movie. Darcy said she needed to change so she would not have to when tired. Bill thought that was was a good idea. Soon the two met up in the TV room, Bill in tee shirt and work out shorts. Darcy wore a tight night shirt only a few inches below her little bottom with titties jiggling, unencumbered by a bra.

Before the movie started Darcy told Bill that she had a secret she wanted to share. For Bill this was great opportunity to stare at her tits. Darcy sat on the couch cross legged. Bill could swear that in the dark shadow between her legs his sister was not wearing panties.

With such a sight no teen male could stop from getting an erection. Bill was so entranced that he did not even try covering up. Darcy saw her plan was working perfectly. She had to ask "Bill are you listening?" a few times until he reluctantly look at her face. She then told him what she found during her science project then dropped the bomb shell retelling what Father had explained to her.

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When she finished Bill wore a smile from ear to ear and licked over the top of his nose to show off. Darcy had saved the best for last when she asked "Bill will you please show me why a long tongue makes a girl so happy? I promise to show you what a girl with blow job lips can do. " If it was not for being so shocked he would have cum right then and there.

Before a stunned brother could answer Darcy stood up and pulled off her night shirt. Then went over to him and pulled down his shorts. She got to her knees, took hold of his dick, made her lips pouty and did as Daddy had described by taking him into her mouth. This was way too much for inexperienced Bill and his hips jerked forward gagging his sister and then he blew his load.

With Darcy coughing she pulled off while Bill continued to spurt. She soon had cum on her face, in her hair dribbling from her mouth and all over her tits. She stood up and screamed at Bill then ran away. As she locked herself in the bathroom Darcy heard his profuse apologies.

His sister showered off the cum then brushed her teeth. By the time she was in her room her anger had turned to such disappointment that she cried herself to sleep. For the rest of the weekend the two teens avoided each only begrudgingly speaking after their parents returned.

What neither kids knew was that dear old Dad had not trusted them because he remembered what he did when his parents left him alone for the the first time.

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   Before their getaway Dad had installed a hidden wireless camera triggered by a motion sensor snapping pictures every few seconds.

Dad didn't check his computer until Tuesday night and could not believe his eyes. It was clear that Darcy had instigated the incestuous encounter. As soon as their Mother was out shopping Dad called the two teens to his den. After showing them the pictures he read them the riot act. Both kids were scared shitless. Bill was told he would be sent to military collage if he ever touched his sister again. Then was banished to his room.

Dad stopped Darcy from leaving then closed the den door. He told her that he knew she had started the encounter. He asked her what was she thinking. Darcy to her credit told the truth. She admitted that his description of oral sex, the fact that the males in the family had exceptional abilities and the sexual excitement it stirred in her had led to the incident.

Darcy started to promise that she would never do it again when Dad cut her off with one stunning statement "Angel, all you had to do was ask. " Darcy's insides turned to water.

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   With a smile he told her to go and think about what he had said. As she got off the couch Daddy patted her bottom giving it a little squeeze.

Darcy was in complete shock. Did her Father just proposition her? She changed into a nightie but before going to bed she opened her laptop pulling up the pictures of Daddy's tongue and fingered herself to an amazing orgasm.

As soon as Darcy had a moment alone with Daddy she requested his help. Dad told Bill to offer Mom his help at her flee market stall for the coming weekend. Bill did as told hoping he could work his way out of the deep shit he was in. Dad told Darcy he could help her most of Sunday.

By Sunday Darcy was a live wire. Mom noticed and was ready to stay home thinking she was sick. Luckily Dad volunteered to take care of his princess and make sure Darcy stayed in bed. He helped Bill packed the car and they soon drove off.

Darcy was in her room waiting. As she heard his footsteps climb the stairs she started to have second thoughts. As Daddy walked through her opened door he flicked his tongue out like a snake.


   Making any second thoughts vanish.

He told her to stand up while he sat down on the bed. Pulling her directly in front of him. Daddy slowly looked from her pouty lips to her bare feet then gave a deep throaty growl. For her part she nervously looked at her feet fairly twitching in anticipation. Daddy took her hands and said look at me.

When their locked eyes he said "Darcy to really enjoy yourself you need to relax. I'll be gentle, just forget the inexperienced reactions of your brother. Daddy has pleasured many women. Hopefully you will also enjoy your Father's touch. "

After that he undid the buttons on her blouse. He dropped her blouse to the floor her bra soon join the blouse. One hand began to rub circles on her stomach and the other pressed on the small of her back.

Leaning in his tongue darted out flicking across one hard nipple then the other. Darcy gasped and shuddered.


   Daddy's talented tongue continued to play with her firm breasts while his hands slipped under her skirt. The elastic of her panties were pulled until they started an inevitable slid over her rump and down her legs until gravity assisted in their descent. By this time Darcy was all but shaking, impatiently she undid her shirt and pushed them down to expose herself to Daddy.

He told Darcy to join him on the bed. The naked girl was all to glad to do as bid. Daddy leaned over her and licked her lips until her tongue ventured out. Soon they were kissing then tongue wrestling. Daddy's hands stroked and caressed her body enticing moans of pleasure from his young daughter.

He rolled his tongue and stuck it far enough into Darcy's mouth she knew he wanted her to suck it like a cock. Darcy started giving his long tongue a BJ while her Father's fingers cupped her sex enticing the girl to spread herself. Daddy broke their kiss and moved to sucking her nipples. His hands pressed her breasts together and he did what only the men in her family could do by licked both her nipples at the same time.

With new sensations coursing through her body she knew the best was yet to come. Suddenly Daddy sat up got off the bed and stripped. Darcy played with herself as she watched a grown man get naked for the first time.

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   When his erection was revealed a gasp of "Oh Daddy" was heard.

Daddy got on the bed hovering over his baby girl. He started kissing her again but quickly moved to her neck and slowly worked down to her breasts again. When he was once again licking and sucking her nipples she felt his thick phallus rubbing up and down her virgin slit.

Darcy was so worked up that his cock head was soon slick with her wetness. Without thought Darcy's pelvis moved in anticipation of his entry but all of a sudden his pleasure stick was gone as Daddy's mouth moved to her stomach. Already her excitement had built to such a point she was no longer in control of herself squirming and moving all over the bed.

To gain control Daddy placed a hand on the back of both of her thighs pushing them up and effectively pinning her pelvis to the bed. His long tongue licked over her belly and tantalized her mons. Darcy's head flipped from side to side and her hands grasped the bed spread pulling it into wrinkled handfuls.

Suddenly Daddy broadened his wet tongue and lay it flat over much of her pussy then rapidly moved it back and forth while applying enough pressure to enter her slit. Her engorged clit had already ventured beyond its protective hood. When contacted by Daddy's tongue, Darcy's scream in climatic glory.

Her hands went to the back of her Father's head to drive his face deeper into her pussy. Unfortunately she gripping his hair pulling out some.

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   Daddy took his tongue off his orgasmic angel and disengaged her clenched fists.

As she was coming down he grabbed, from her night stand, two hair bands. Before she was even aware Daddy had her wrists tide to the headboard. Then he was back between his baby girl's legs. Darcy came out of her haze when she felt Daddy's magnificent muscle intrude into her love canal.

He snaked his way further and further into his daughter. It was only then she realized she was bound. Her arms attempted to move to his head as she frantically climb to another climax. With each wiggle of his tongue electric shocks shot throughout her body.

If the sensations of his tongue snaking its way into her slick velvet walls was not enough Daddy's fingers began to rub sweet circles over her clit. His other hand tweaked and pulled her nipples. To young and inexperienced to gain any control Darcy literally succumbed to Daddy's manipulations.

Just as his tongue could go no further he curled the tip upwards to find a spot Darcy did not know existed. She exploded literally seeing stars but Daddy did not stop rubbing her gspot over and over again. Darcy was feeling more pleasure than she could have imagined.

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The first wave of multi-orgasms took her by surprise as she convulsed under the control of Daddy's magnificent muscle. The man showed no mercy as he stiffened his tongue then twisted it around and around while thrusting his face in and out of his orgasmic princes.

Darcy's cries of pleasure echoed around the room. She had tears of joy streaming down her face. Finally he pulled out giving he pussy a light kiss then removed her constraints. The two snuggled together and caught an hour or so nap.

A satiated daughter awoke first. She realized her sleeping Father was still naked. Slipping out from under his arm she moved down the bed, eyes fixed on his semi. She felt a overwhelming need to give back at least a small fraction of the pleasure he had given her.

As she leaned over his manhood her long hair fell over his groin. At first Darcy only kissed his phallus but as it started to grow kisses turned into licks. Soon enough she saw the thick veins pulse along his shaft ending in a large engorged head.

Precum began to leak from the tip. Darcy could not stop but taste the leaky substance.

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   As her head came back up she gazed right into her Father's smiling face. His winked gave her permission to discover the oral expertise that dominated her genes.

The young daughter licked, sucked, tongued and mouthed the very cock that had impregnated her mother over fourteen years ago. With many words of encouragement but only a few words of instructions Darcy was rapidly acquiring those skills which would someday provide her lovers with their most vivid sexual memories.

After a time Father's breathing became more rapid and his hands clasped either side of her head. His pelvis started a rapid thrust into Darcy's mouth and she felt the head swell. Her tongue rapidly played under his phallus as Daddy said "swallow for me Darcy". Rope after rope of thick cum shot into her mouth and she did as bid gulping down her Father's warm seed.

This felt so right, as unlike with her brother, she had earned the right to this cum laden victory toast. When the spurts stopped she sucked up the last dribbles then backed off the shrinking shaft to look into her proud poppa's face. She surely was a young women true to her breeding.

Knowing that there was no time for further fun Darcy said "Daddy I think I have much to learn". He replied "All you need to do is ask. ".
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