Stay for the Night


Walking down the street after a night at the bar, I bumped into one of my childhood sweethearts. Jenna her name was. long white-blonde hair nowadays, wearing a black dress-style top showing big cleavage, bigger than she did when we were in school together, her jeans tucked over a very sexy ass, a fuller ass than I remembered again.

"Hi Jenna, gosh it’s been a while"
"3 or 4 years I believe, where have you been?"
"Just coming back from the bar, you?"
"I thought I was staying at a friends' tonight but he kicked me out, his girlfriend wasn’t happy about me staying, oh two seconds. . . ”

Her phone went off and she turned around and answered it, I admired the body I longed after for years, she used to play hard to get with me and god she used to tease my cock, meeting her tonight brought back all those memories, wait a minute, didn’t she say she needed a place?. . .

"Sorry about that" she apologised "just David apologising about kicking me out"
"Why don’t you stay at my place, I just moved into a new apartment and I haven’t had anyone around for a couple of weeks, its lonely living by yourself"
"I can imagine" she smiled "sure I need a place to stay and I would love to stay with you"

We walked home, it was a little uncomfortable at first, we hadn’t seen each other in a while but yet we had nothing to talk about, we had both moved off and obviously lead different lives. After a few minutes or so she finally broke the silence

"So how far is your place?"
"Just 5 minutes or so away"
She grabbed my arm, linked hers and smiled "thanks so much for offering me a bed for the night"
"Anything for you Jenna, but I’m offering you abed, I have a one room apartment though, it’s a sofa bed too, so there’s no sofa or second bed" I had to warn her even though it felt like I might have ruined the chance to see her again
"Don’t worry, spooning is the greatest thing ever invented, Kev" she grinned

We got back to my apartment, and I was tired out, I stripped down to my boxers and jumped into bed
"Make yourself at home, bathrooms there kitchens there for a drink, but I’m tired"
"don’t worry I think I’ll go to bed too" at which point she took her top off revealing her bra, 34c the tag read, she used to be a B cup last time we got close, she then pulled the jeans tight from her ass leaving her stood in her black lace underwear. She was never shy of flaunting her body to me when we were younger either.
She jumped into bed with my and rolled into me, I held her as we spooned and I could smell her gorgeous scent and feel her soft sexy skin against me, it had been so long since I experienced this, I started to get a bit of a boner.
"Some things never change, Kev" she giggled
"Well, whaddya expect i’m holding a very gorgeous girl in my arms, I used to dream of this" (I still did from time to time if I’m honest)

I kissed her shoulder and we proceeded to lie there for a while, falling asleep.
It seemed like forever had passed when I felt her hand rub down my stomach and into my boxers, her warm firm grasp held my now tame cock and balls in one handful, stroking them both made me moan and my cock immediately sprung into action. Jenna used to always giggle at the fact my cock is about 2 and a half inches limp and when hard grows to about 7 and a half, and as it started to grow into life I could feel her smile.

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She caressed my cock and rubbed up and down very slowly, pushing as far down my shaft as possible and pulling up as far as possible for maximum pleasure, I started to breathe heavier and she bit her lip, she was turned on and I hadn’t even touched her, we had waited nearly 8 years for this moment, for all we messed about like kids, we never dated or fucked and now she was grabbing my cock as we spooned. I kissed her neck gently sucking with each kiss, I knew this was a hotspot for her from when we messed about and my hand moved up and down her stomach, she was insecure about her stomach when we were younger because it wasn’t flat like the other girls, bit I always thought it was so sexy. My hand eventually found her breasts, I caressed them both before removing her bra to pinch her small nipples, all the while kissing her neck and shoulders while she pumped my cock hard but slow.

I rolled over onto my back and she followed by rolling on top of me, we kissed passionately for a while, 5 minutes or so until she moved down my body and removed my boxers completely, she then grabbed my dick with both hands and twisted them alternatively up and down my cock, she spat on my cock a few times for lube, it was amazing the sensation, Jenna was pumping my cock! after some time she twisted her body over mine and moved her mouth down my cock, her juicy lips acting like a pussy for my cock, she enjoyed nibbling my head a little, making me jump and my breathing was very, very heavy now, I removed her underwear to see the clit piercing she had gotten when we were younger, I tasted her pussy lips for a while before sucking a little around her piercing, her leg was shaking while she moved her pierced tongue up and down my cock, we were both about to orgasm at the same time until she jumped off me.

she moved around, biting her lip she just stared at me with a sexy grin on her face, she wrapped her thighs around me and slipped my cock between her pussy and bounced on my cock out of rhythm at first as she laughed and I watched her breasts bounce, I couldn’t help but stare at her, she was my vision of perfection for so many years and now she was feeling my cock deep inside her and I could tell she was feeling the same as me, I rolled her over into the good old missionary position and proceeded to pound her pussy as hard and fast as I could.

I grabbed her hands and put them above her head and held them there as I watched all emotion drain from her face, she looked into my eyes for a lifetime straight faced until her eyes widened. Her mouth opened wide as she gasped for air, I went faster and faster harder and harder, I sucked and nibbled her nipples as I felt her pussy pulse tighter and she let out a cry. The sound of her achieving an orgasm sent me over the edge as my thrusts became slower and harder, I came a huge load inside her.

We lay looking into each others eyes for a few minutes, she smiled the whole time, we were breathless, she got up and went to the toilet, came back and lay in my arms the entire night.