An Evening Sky


     It is late evening and the coolness of the air is relaxing.   We are quiet.   Looking out over the yard from our deck we see the stars dotting the sky and the clouds floating by.   I stand behind her with my arms wrapping her close as she leans back against my chest.   We slowly rock back in forth while in a dance that has no music to be heard aloud.   The contrast between the cool air and the warmth of each other causes us to hold each other closer, her arms over mine as my face pushes against her hair.   She wears her smile well, contentment and love flowing through her mind.
     She turns her head to kiss me gently and I look upon her eyes and her smile.   The light that radiates from her tells me that I am loved.   I kiss her back gently upon her lips and she kisses me again.   Now a soft voice rises up to my ears, “I love you so very much. ”  We kiss again and I tell her that I know.   I know because I feel loved.
     Our kisses continue and now my hand brushes across her breast.   She responds by pushing outward against my hand.   I massage her gently through her shirt and feel her nipple harden under her bra.

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    I unbutton her shirt and reach inside.   She stops her kiss long enough to smile at me, “I want you,” she says.   I undo the clip at the front of her bra and begin to rub her nipple between my fingers, feeling it enlarge.   I stop and unbutton her shirt more.   I kiss her again.   My hands work their way down the front of her shirt and twist each button free as they go.   I now have her shirt open and her breasts fall free of her bra.   With both hands I now cup and massage them, playing with her nipples and kissing her lips.
     We stay quiet knowing that the children are asleep just a few windows away.   The quiet of the evening and coolness of the air leaves nothing for our senses but each other.   She stays quiet, leaning against my chest with that smile upon her face, she allows me to continue feeling her breasts against my hand.   The skin is soft yet they remain firm and feel almost moldable in my hands.   I enjoy this intimacy that we share.   Her smile reaffirming to me that she likes what I am doing.   She rocks steadily against my body as I continue to watch the evening sky with her.

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    It seems so natural what we do now, standing to gaze at the sky with her chest exposed and my hands massaging it so gently.
     She reaches up with her face and we kiss again.   She has a grin upon her face and I know that she is happy.   With a hand she reaches behind her and opens my pants.   She reaches into my underwear and begins to play.   My cock had already begun to harden before this and now it comes fully to life as she pulls her hand back and forth along it.   Her fingers wrapping themselves around me, she has my hardness in her hands.   She knows that I like this.   She continues to smile while looking at the stars, her chest pushing against my hands and her body dancing against me.
     My one arm now stretches down and across her body as I reach for the ‘V’ at the front of her skirt.   Her chest heaves slightly as she draws a deep breath as I rub my hand firmly into her crotch.   She pushes herself against my hand.   I know that she is already wet and that she wants this.   I know because I love her and she feels that love.
     I continue to massage her through her skirt and move my other hand down so that both hands will bring her towards them all the more.

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    I move my head downward a little so as to kiss her ear.   I nibble softly for just a few seconds and then gently kiss her neck once, twice, and then bury my face into the nook between her neck and her shoulder.   I kiss her neck repeatedly and she turns her head to meet my lips with hers.   Our lips intertwine and our tongues dance now as she pushes her hips to meet my hands.   My hands traverse the form between her legs and her crotch with my thumbs facing inward to trace the line where her wetness is.   My thumbs slide repeatedly across her now swollen clit and then down across her lips.   Each time that my hands begin to trace down, she pushes her hips outward to meet resist against my hands.
     She momentarily stops working her hands against my stiffness and pulls up the front of her skirt.   She is kissing me deeply as she pulls her panties down, lifting one leg and then the other.   She drops them to the deck as my hands now massage her exposed vagina.   She opens her stance to allow me further access to her.   I continue to rub my hands up and down across the fullness of her crotch while running my thumbs in the same pattern that I have been.   I allow my thumbs to brush across her clit and then trace them along the inner edges of her lips pulling them slightly apart as they go downward and then upward.   She pushes her warmth against my hands with each pass they make, but now with her fully bare against my skin I allow my index fingers to push into her as they curve under and between her legs.   I feel how wet she now is.

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    She is beginning to flow out from within her and it drains downward.   My fingers help to spread her wetness.
     She reaches around me again, this time pulling my pants downward to free me enough to get my cock out and into her hand.   She is arching her back as she massages my member with one hand and with the other she reaches around my neck.   Her exposed breasts are pointing out towards the evening sky as we continue our evening dance.   Her hand is wet from my excitement as my hands are wet from hers.   We continue to kiss and to dance.   Our breathing matched as we both labor with passion.   I want her.   She wants me.   This is how it is supposed to be.   We are in love and we want each other.
     She releases my neck and then my cock.   She straightens her back and moves forward.   She smiles and looks back at me as she raises the back of her skirt.

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    I move forward and lower my pants a bit more to allow my cock to move.   She keeps her skirt with one hand and with the other she guides me into her.   She is warm.   She is wet.   I slid into her slowly, feeling her swollen lips swallowing me, pulling me into her.   I inch forward until my hips are pressing against her buttocks.   I am fully into her.   She is bending forward and now grasping the railing with both hands.   She is pressing against me and I am pressing against her.   We do not move at first, both of us enjoying the complete intimacy experienced when you are joined as one.   I am a part of her; she is a part of me.
    Now, slowly at first, we begin to move.   I am moving in and out of her.   She presses back as I move in and she holds firm as I move out.   With each movement out, more and more of her fluid is allowed to run out of her.

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    It flows down and forms two rivers, one running down each leg.   I know that the coolness of the air accentuates the feeling of this liquid against her leg.   I know she feels it.
     My hands hold onto her hips as I am now using more energy to make quicker thrusts.   Her mouth is wide open to allow herself to take deep and quick breaths.   Her head is turned upward and she moans quietly when she closes her lips.   Soon she tells me, “I will cum soon, I am going to cum. ”  Now one hand releases the rail and moves to find her clit.   She plays with herself as I am driving my cock in and out of her.   Her own wetness covers her hand and she uses her own juices that have mixed with mine to oil her clit.   She pinches her clit in her fingers and rubs it franticly.   I know that she is close now.   I keep up the pace even though it is with exertion to continue moving so fast and forceful.   She continues to breathe hard and her hand remains between her legs.   She is now rubbing her clit forcibly as I am pounding my dick into her.

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    She throws her head back even further and with a frenzied and breaking voice says, “Now, I am cumming, I am cumming!”
     I feel her wetness flooding outward as she squeezes her legs together.   Her hand presses firmly against her clit as I pump the final few times before I let myself go.   As she is still cumming I release my hot liquid into her.   I press my hips firmly against her buttocks, burying me as deep into her as I can go.   I feel my cock spasm and pump loads of hot sperm into her as she spasms within herself.   We are both cumming now, together we are cumming.
    We stay like this for what seems a long moment.   She whimpers quietly as she struggles to catch her breath.   Soon she pulls away from me, allowing my cock to drop out from her, allowing our juices to spill out of her.   Her skirt drops down as she straightens up, hiding her from view.   She steps back into my arms, my cock still exposed and covered with our lovemaking, pressed up against her skirt.   She pushes against my chest and I wrap my arms around her.   Her arms reach across her and hold my arms.   Her shirt is still open and her breasts are still exposed.   We kiss, we smile, we look back out onto the evening sky.

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    This is what it means to be loved.
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