Amy laid on the bed watching Chad use the computer. The subtle muscle movements in his arm and the look of total concentration on his face made her giggle. He was so focused on what it was he was doing he hadn't noticed that she'd removed her clothing and was wrapped up in the bed sheet. Chad noticed the time and yawned turning to look at Amy thinking she was asleep. He looked at her in surprise realizing she was still awake. She smiled and stretched her arms up and pointed legs towards the bottom of the bed, the sheet lowered slightly, Chad grinned as she raised an eyebrow. It wasn't long until Chad had closed down the computer and was getting changed. Amy laid on the edge of the bed watching him get changed. Chad yawned again and walked to the edge of the bed expecting her to roll over. Amy laid there and smiled then rolled on to her back for him to step over her. He stood there hesitating. "Go on. " She encouraged him. He tilted his head to the side puzzled and then thought for a moment the best way to step over her. He put his leg up on to the bed his outer thigh facing her, Amy ticked a finger slowly moving her way up his calf snaking her finger towards his knee and then across his thigh. Chad laughed and gently took her hand and lowered his leg.

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   Letting go of her hand he steadied himself and then put his other leg up on the bed to try another approach to get to bed. Again Amy trickled her finger up his leg. Her nails tickling him, the sensation shooting up his leg she got to his knee and then started to make her way up his thigh. Chad took her hand again and stopped her. He put his knee on the bed and leant forward over the top of her. As he shifted his body weight on to the leg on the bed Amy stretched again raising her chest towards him as he moved to lay down in the bed. Fussing about for a moment as he got comfortable Chad sat up and pulled the comforter over his and Amy's body. She was still wrapped up in the sheet while Chad was dressed in his boxers and singlet. Amy lent on her side and moved towards him and started to trace her finger around his chest making slow and calculated figure eight's, being sure to circle around each of his nipples in the process. Slowly she moved her way down and began to trace a line across the top of his boxer shorts occasionally going under the elastic. She withdrew her hand for a moment and then sat up and kneeled beside Chad. Amy moved about so that she was sitting on his groin with a leg either side, having to hitch up the sheet in the process. Sitting on him she lent forwards and kissed him on the lips quickly and gently and then sat up again being sure that she moved her hips in the process. Already she could feel his excitement growing. Taking her hands on either of his shoulders and traced the line around the outside of his singlet and then moved her hands around in mirror images around his chest occasionally adjusting her hips.

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   Amy gently and subtly lifted herself up and down using her thigh muscles. She tickled herself moving her hands up her thighs removing the sheet that covered them. Chad grabbed her by the hips and began to encourage her movements and then with one hand around her neck gently but firmly drew her in to his kiss. They kissed for a moment, she took hold of his hand and removed it from her neck and placed it on her thigh, his other hand stayed on her hip. Realizing that she now had his total and utter attention she started to move her hips around in slow circles, she looked at him and had a devilish grin on her face as she arched her back slightly to be sure to get the full effect of the circle, her hips moved around and started to rotate around to the right. The curve of her waist was accentuated by her pose and she slightly lowered her right shoulder to enhance the look. As she brought her hips forward she leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Amy put her hands on either side of Chad's face as she kissed her way down his jaw line back towards his neck and then down across his shoulder slightly and then trickled off. She took two fingers from either hand and while leaning forwards still over him she walked her fingers down his body until they were at the bottom of the singlet. Sliding her hands under the shirt Amy brought her hands back up again. Chad lifted his body slightly so that the shirt raised as she removed it. As she raised her hands to remove the shirt off his hands the sheet fell from about her chest and sat about her waist. Taking advantage of the situation she raised her hands and stretched again, pushing down slightly with her hips feeling his penis now erect under her still hidden within his boxers. She brought her hands together as she stretched and then slowly brought them down, lightly moving one hand down the other and then down either side of her face slightly touching her lips and slower even more so as she reached her breasts. Chad wanted nothing more than to take her then and there.

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   She smiled knowing it, being able to see it in his eyes. Knowing that he was also enjoying this like crazy. She traced her hands around the outside of her breasts. Amy started to move her hips about more so, she was now teasing herself as much as she was teasing him. She traced a finger around her nipple and was slightly startled when Chad joined in. His firm hands on her chest she put her hands over the top of his and then ran her fingers through her hair as she started to move her hips even more. Chad noticed that she Amy was biting her lip slightly and saw that her chest was starting to rise and fall fast and felt her movements drive further down on to him. He took Amy by the hips and held her tight stopping her from moving. She looked at him again and bent down to kiss him. Both of their hands moving to his boxers lowering them until he finally kicked them off. She was now hovering over the top of him on all fours kissing him. He grabbed her breasts and played with them, leaning forwards and kissing them sucking on a nipple every now and then. He heard her make a quiet moan as he flicked his tongue back and forth over a nipple. Chad moved his hands around her back and then down her body until his hands were on her ass. He gripped her firmly and brought her down so that she was again sitting on top of him, his penis still against his body but in direct contact with her.

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   Again, Amy picked up with a light grinding movement, and then with the new sensations she picked up and started to become faster and more determined. Chad again reached for her hips and this time slowed her down. Smiling Amy looked at Chad as she positioned herself over his penis so that he could enter her. Slowly she moved his now very firm penis around her vagina and teased him with a light pressure as though she was about to let him enter her. As much as it teased him, it sent shivers down her spine. Then slowly and incredibly focused she lowered herself down on to him, she gasped as she did so feeling the muscles inside her expand. Her eyes were closed and she was looking slightly upwards. Chad put one hand on the side of her face, directed her back towards him. Their eyes locked as she raised herself equally as slowly. Another devilish grin came across her face as she contracted the muscles inside her. She shivered and felt him do the same. With her eyes fixated on his, and his on hers, Chad put his hands on her hips again and encouraged her movements as she started to grind her hips again. As she brought herself down on to him, Chad started to raise his hips in time with her movements. The pair now in a rhythm they both started to breath heavier. Chad could see by the way she bit her lip that Amy was ready to go wild, and wanted her to! He continued to move his hips in time with hers.

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   His upward thrusts meeting her downward grinding. She could feel the tingling all over her body starting to become more and more, as could Chad. With more deliberate movements the pair started to thrust together passionately in sync with each other. Amy started to shudder and Chad started to groan. Amy no longer feeling inhibited by the shyness, her only focus now was the pleasurable feeling started to move herself up and down more with a purpose, controlling her muscles contracting on the way up and relaxing on the way down. The movements now random Amy was close to orgasming as she started to feel her body swell with the feeling she looked at Chad, at the same time he looked at her. The two bodies meshed together as one felt the orgasm of the other person. She felt her body spasm at the same time he did. Amy moved forwards, sending more shivers through her body and kissed him gently on the lips as she again started to grind on top of him. Chad feeling energized, in one swift movement rolled over so that he was now on top of her and started to thrust gently again. Her chest was heaving up and down and she was biting her lip making cute little noises of extacy as she rocked her hips in time to his. Again the movements became faster and the pair orgasmed again. Enjoying the moment it was at least a minuet before either of them moved. As he withdrew himself from her she contracted her muscles sending another slight shiver through her body. The two of them laid down exhausted next to each other, Amy nestled protectively within Chads arms and drifted to sleep.

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