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So having not much else to do at work each day I like to troll message boards and chat rooms for some tasty treats. I’ve been privately chatting with this whore Veronica for about 6 months now. Hot little number, a few times she’s hoped on her web cam and fucked herself real well for me while I jacked it at my desk. Her face isn’t the best but her body is tight and smoking. Full c cups with dark nips. Trim waist and full tight ass. She keeps herself real nice down below too, fully shaven, sweet little thing.
So, she was pressing me to meet her, finally, no other plans I made a date to meet her at a restaurant. I wasn’t too disappointed when I saw her swinging her tight ass to my table. Her face was defiantly something to be desired. After a long dinner and two bottles of wine I suggested we take a walk. I wanted to fuck this bitch, but I didn’t want her back at my place and didn’t want to wait to drive to hers. I just wanted to nail her and be done with it. The park a few blocks up would be perfect. Thinking of the shit I was going to do to that bitch got me rock hard on the walk. I was sweet-talking her arm around her shoulders, asking her to tell me about her life.

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   Like I’d really give a shit.
We reached the park; I grabbed her hand and pulled her in. I’ll give it to her she didn’t hesitate, she wanted my cock, that was for sure. We were walking a good 10 minutes when I spotted a nice wooded area I could get her down in. I pulled her towards the spot and she let herself be led. I got her up against a tree, started kissing her, feeling her body. I pulled down on her strapless dress. She put her hand to protest but I whispered in her ear “I want to see your fabulous tits, honey” and that’s all it took, down came her dress, her melons popped out and I fondled them mercilessly. I had this bitch worked.
I worked her dress up her waist barely a protest as I slipped my fingers inside the crotch of her panties. She was dripping wet and wanting it. I wasted no time, eased out my cock pulled her legs up around my waist and slid it in her right there. I was fucking her hard for a while, and just wanted to shoot my load. But every time I saw her face I’d lose a bit of excitement. So I pulled out and turned her around, pressing her against the tree, she let out a complaint when her tits scraped the rough bark, I didn’t give a shit.

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  I reached down and pulled her panties to the side again, and they ripped. “Hey!” she tried to say but I had already slid my cock back up into her sopping fuck hole. As I was fucking her I noticed, two boys, probably no more than 16 watching us from a few trees over. Ha those little shits enjoying the show… I was young once too so I really started pounding her hard, reaching in front and grabbing her tits. She wasn’t complaining much either as I drilled her sloppy cunt. I finished pulling out of her and letting my cum shoot all over her ass. I turned away to zip up and she was bitching about me cumming on her ass and ripping her panties. I gave her a charming smile and picked up her torn panties to wipe off her ass. She still seemed PO’d at me but she was coming around. I smiled more at her and told her she was beautiful. I grabbed her and hugged her close, gave her some bullshit story about soul mates. It’s what she wanted to hear, I knew from the months of chatting her up online. I know how to work women. I guided her through some more woods; well aware the boys were still spying on us. My mind was going, I wanted more from this bitch, and I wanted to treat those boys to a show.

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   We came to a clearing; we must have reached the center of the park where they had a nice little duck pond. I took off my jacket and laid it down for her to sit on it. We talked for a while. I took out some blow I had and offered it to her, she didn’t really want to but I urged her to. I thought I might need this nice little mix, and turns out I did tonight. I was sure not to have any myself this time, you see because I mixed in a little bit of crushed up magic, gets some girls relaxed, they way I like them. We sat there a bit longer, me holding her close. The night was warm. The park was dark. I felt her slumping against me and asked her if she was okay. She just gave me a drowsy smile. I got instantly hard. I lay her back and started playing with her pussy. She spread her legs for me that whore. Again I pulled her dress up to her waist and exposed her tits.

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   I climbed on top and pushed my dick into her wet pussy. She was loopy, but not out as I rode her hard.   I slipped it out and poised at her asshole. She barely objected as I slid it in her ass. She started to cry out as I pushed deeper into her I told her to shut up, and she did. I pulled her legs up and spread them wide, lifted her ass up as I slid my cock deep in her ass. I motioned to the boys at the edge of the woods to come closer. They didn’t move. I looked down at my date and she seemed very out of it so I called out to them “Come on over if you want a good look”And slowly they did, both boys stiff ones in their pants came over. “This bitch is ripe boys, you like watching?” Both nodded. “I wouldn’t object if you wanted to jerk off” I said. I’m not gay but I don’t mind some company. I kept fucking her ass. Both boys whipped out their cocks, and started stroking them. I said to the closest boy, “go ahead stick it in her mouth, my girlfriend likes it” he looked a bit unsure but I reassured him.

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  He knelt down and stuck it on her lips. “Don’t be shy, she’s faking it, she wants to pretend” I said. So he reached down with one hand and pushed her mouth onto his cock. It wasn’t long until he was full on mouth fucking her. “Hey, mister” said the second boy. I smiled up at him. “Sorry kid, you ever fuck ass before” he shook his head no. I pulled out and moved aside “Go for it” I motioned to her stretched ass, and this kid didn’t hesitate, he was between her legs with his cock up in her ass before I could say boo. Neither boy lasted too long and shot their loads in her ass and mouth. They thanked me, well both of us and scurried off. I hadn’t cum yet so I climbed back between her legs, and fucked her in her pussy, shooting my load in her this time. I got myself back together, and managed to get my jacket from underneath her. I should have taken her back to her car but she was out cold, didn’t want someone to see me. So, I just left her there half undressed, each hole dripping with cum. Stupid bitch, who meets people off the Internet anyhow? When I got home I uploaded the cell phone pics I took to my newsgroup.


  Then made sure to block her email and instant messenger. She was going to be pissedWhen she woke up. Haaa haaa.