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Topic:     My friend finally got me to bring the girl I’d been seeing out with him and his girlfriend.   I’d been dating her for a couple weeks, and I wasn’t really feeling the chemistry.   Anyways, we went to a nice Italian restaurant.   Afterwards, we decided to grab a drink at a little upscale bar nearby.   We sat at a small table in the corner of the bar.  Our waiter came over and took our drink order.   I’d had a few drinks with dinner, so I just ordered a coke. My date had her fourth cosmopolitan of the night.   The waiter brought our drinks.   He asked if everything was all right and disappeared into the back.   We’d spent two hours at the restaurant, so the conversation had slightly dried up.   The girls were talking about some television show when a waitress appeared from the back of the bar.   The light in the bar was low.   She walked slowly past our table and I caught her eye.   She wasn’t noticeably tall or short.   She had dark brown hair which she had up.

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    She was wearing the standard white button down shirt, only she neglected to button the top two buttons.   Her skin was tanned, and the low light made it look sexy as hell.   As she passed, it was impossible not to let my gaze fall to her chest, the side of her right breast partially exposed with her second button undone.   My gaze fell lower.   Her black pants and the low lights could not hide the curves of her figure.   She was not skinny but that perfect balance between too much and too little that was absolutely irresistible.   When she had passed our table, she looked back in my direction.   She had dark eyes which she accentuated with dark eye shadow.   I looked at my friend who had turned in his seat to watch her.   As he turned around, we exchanged that look that just said “wow. ” 
We’d been at the bar for forty-five minutes.   I could barely keep my eyes off the mysterious dark waitress as she walked back and forth through the bar.   She seemed to be noticing and returned my gaze several times.   My date was talking to my friend’s girlfriend while rubbing my thigh under the table.   More than once, her hand ventured over my cock, which with the rubbing and the waitress weighing on my mind, was now rock hard.


    Our waiter returned to the table.   He said his shift was ending and apologized for having to leave.   He told us “Natalie” would take good care of us and gave me a peculiar look accompanied by a wink.   I didn’t know if he was gay or trying to tell me something.   A few minutes later, “Natalie,” the waitress I’d been staring at for the past hour walked up to the table.
“You guys need anything?” she asked pleasantly though she wasn’t smiling.
My friend ordered another beer for himself and one for his girlfriend.   My date said she’d have another cosmo, which I believed was probably the fuel for the massage she was giving me under the table.   Natalie wrote down the order and as she turned, she put her hand on my arm and asked, “You good on coke?”  I looked at her hand.   The touch was electric.   I felt a rush of warmth flow up through my chest, all from this woman putting her hand on me.   “I’m fine.   Thank you, Natalie,” I replied.  
Another twenty minutes passed.   Natalie came and checked on us one more time in that span.

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    Suddenly, my friend stood up and said, “Well, I guess we need to be heading home. ”  He pulled some cash out of his wallet and put it on the table.   Then he helped his girlfriend put her jacket on.   My date, who always insisted on paying for herself, pulled thirty dollars from her purse to pay for her two cosmos.   She got up and so did I.   I started following the three of them to the door.   Natalie was at a table on the way to the door talking to a couple.   As I passed her, I put a hand on the small of her back.  
“How much do I owe you for the coke?”
“Don’t worry about it,” she replied and smiled for the first time I had seen that night.  
“Thanks,” I said and held her gaze a couple seconds before following my date out the door.
My date lived about four blocks from the bar.   I walked her inside.   She had to get up early, so I wasn’t going to spend the night.   I gave her a long kiss good-night and told her I’d call her.  
I had to pass the bar on my way home.

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    As I did, I remembered I didn’t leave a tip.   Natalie probably assumed it was included in my date’s thirty dollars, but I put that out of my mind.   I parked my car and went inside.  
I asked one of the waiters standing by the door if he knew where Natalie was.   He pointed towards the back of the bar.   I walked in that direction and found Natalie in a small hallway that led to the restrooms.   She had taken her hair down and was looking in a mirror on the wall as she was putting it back up.   She saw me and said, “I changed my mind.   Coke isn’t free. ” 
“Really?  Well, that might eat into the tip I forgot to give you. ” 
I was standing behind her as she continued to fix her hair in the mirror.   I pulled my wallet from my back pocket while admiring her form.   I didn’t try to hide it, and she saw me in the mirror.  
“I’m assuming that wasn’t your wife chugging the cosmos. ”
“Not even close,” I replied.

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She turned around and took my wallet that I was thumbing through out of my hand.   She grabbed my belt and pulled me close to her.   I felt her put my wallet in my back pocket.   I stared into her eyes and kissed her as she ran her hands up my back.   Her tongue probed my mouth and I felt the softness of her waist and on down with my hands.   She pulled her mouth away from mine and grabbed my tie.   She pulled me softly back towards the ladies’ restroom.   The bar was small, so it was a single person restroom.   Once inside, we embraced again.   She wrapped her right leg around me.   I picked her up and sat her down on the large marble sink.   She began unbuttoning my shirt.   When she was finished, I did the same to hers revealing her black bra.   I took her shirt off and felt the hot skin of her breasts press against me.   I dropped my shirt on the floor, and she started undoing my belt.

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    She unzipped my pants and let them hang on my hips.   I ran my hands up and down her thighs and she softly thrust herself on me.   I stopped and undid the button on her pants.   I pulled them off of her.   She was wearing a black thong.  
“Cold,” she said when the skin on her ass touched back down on the marble.   I picked her up off the sink.   I stood her up and turned her towards the mirror.   I kissed her neck and stared at her perfect body in the mirror.   She moaned softly.   She grabbed my pants and made them fall off my hips to the floor.   I rubbed my cock in between the cheeks of her ass, and she pushed herself back against me.   She continued to moan as I kissed her neck and softly licked her ear lobe.   All of a sudden, she turned around.   I again kissed her mouth, and she grabbed my cock with her hand.

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    She squeezed it softly before lowering herself to her knees. She pulled the waistband of my briefs down and let them drop to my ankles.   She grabbed the base of my cock.   She stroked it with her tongue from the base to the tip before taking the head in her mouth.   She swirled her tongue around the head and then slowly took it all in her mouth.   She pulled it back out and started a slow rhythm of sucking my cock.   I began to moan.   I was starting to get close, and she stood up.   My cock was pressed up against her stomach.   I kissed her and undid her bra.   I ran my hands over her breasts.   They were full and firm.   Her nipples were hard.   Natalie reached down and took her panties to the ground.   Then she grabbed my hands and pulled them away from her breasts.

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“I should probably know your name,” she said.
“Nathan. ”
“Ok, Nathan,” she said, and she slowly turned around and put her hands on the skink.   I moved in behind her.   I grabbed my cock and put it inside her.   I started thrusting slowly inside of her.   I held her waist with my left hand and massaged her breast with my right hand.   I started going faster.   I put both hands on her waist and watched my cock going in and out of her as she moaned my name.   She started getting louder and gasping.   “Please, please, please,” she mumbled as I felt her pussy clenching around my dick.   It felt so tight and my orgasm came on fast.   I stared at her bouncing tits in the mirror as I came.   At that point, Natalie was coming down from her orgasm, and she stared at me in the mirror.   “Come baby, come,” she said.

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    I thrust a few more times before slowly pulling out of her.   My come ran down her left thigh.   She rubbed it into her skin and licked her fingers as she looked up at me.  
“You are amazing,” I said to her.   We got dressed and walked out of the restroom.   By then the bar had somewhat emptied out.   She served me a drink and we talked until the bar closed.   The next time I went out with my friend, I took Natalie.   He was not surprised.