Finally; Chpt. 2

Sex Stories

        Hours after that particular sexual encounter with him, Kaleb and I were found sitting on his couch together, cuddling. I loved the way his body fit perfectly with mine, how he made me feel so petite compared to his much bigger body. The TV was on, but we weren't really concentrating on it; we were just talking. His voice drove me crazy more in person than over the phone, and I had a hard time controlling the urge to beg him to do naughty things with me again. I was fairly sure we'd get to that, but we still had a while, since I wasn't going home for another four days.          

Just as I kissed him on the lips sweetly after he complimented me, a few of people burst through the front door, chatting and not taking notice of us until they had already shut the door. One was a girl with long red hair and freckles, long tanned legs and warm brown eyes, similar to mine. There was a man next to her, holding her hand; he looked Italian, with cropped black hair, darkly-tanned skin and dark eyes. The third person at the door had dark brown hair to his shoulders, like Kaleb's, but his eyes were an inquisitive stormy grey, and he was pale. Kaleb grinned at them, but I was frozen in shock, my body half on top of Kaleb's, in nothing but a tight yellow t-shirt and blue-and-grey checkered underwear.          

Kaleb kissed the top of my head and looked up at the people at the door, smiling more. "Hey, guys, can we have a minute?" They all broke into grins and nodded, walking into the kitchen at the end of the hall,and when they were walking down the hall one of the guys whistled and shouted back, "Damn, K, she's a keeper!" I heard the distinct sound of a slap, and then I couldn't hear a thing. Kaleb grinned at me. "Those are my housemates. I think they're just here for the day, because they're not usually here on weekends. Dante usually stays over at Adriene's house anyway, and Gabe's off taking care of his mother most of the time.

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   She's got Alzeimer's. So, I've usually got the house to myself. "         

I nodded slowly and smiled nervously. Kaleb patted my bum and chuckled. "You'd better get some decent clothes on if you want me to introduce you to them. " I looked down at my clothes, or lack there of, and giggled, blushing all over. I nodded again and got up on slightly wobbly legs, and to my surprise, Kaleb wrapped one of his arms around my knees and picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder like I didn't weigh a thing and walking up the stairs with me hitting his back with my little fists, screaming and laughing. "Put me down! Put me down, Mister, put me down right now!"        

Only when we reached the bathroom did he say, "Okay, your wish is my command, Princess," and place my feet gently back on the floor. He gave me a crooked grin and I laughed and kissed him all over his face. I wasn't really angry at him, and he knew it. Then I turned to the shower and grabbed the hem of my shirt.

I looked back at him. "Hey, do you think you could grab me my skirt from your room?" Kaleb nodded obediently and gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek. "Alright. Be back in a few.

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  " As he walked out of the room and quietly shut the door, I pulled my shirt up over my head and removed my panties. Running a small hand through my hair, I turned on the shower and stepped in, pulling the simple blue striped shower curtain closed.         

I wet my hair and sighed contently, letting the warm water run over my body and relax me. I didn't hear the bathroom door open and shut again, though, and didn't even hear his clothes hit the floor, but suddenly, the shower curtain was pulled aside again, and in stepped Kaleb, who turned and closed the curtain behind him again casually, like this was a regular occurrence. He grinned roguishly at me and wrapped his arms around my waist, bending slightly so he would be on my eye level. He chuckled at my shocked expression and kissed me quickly. "Do you mind if I shower with you?" He asked huskily, pulling me closer and running his right hand up my back and into my wet hair, tugging at the strands gently and looking into my big brown eyes. I shook my head vigourously and grinned at him, getting over my surprise enough to press my lips to his hard. He groaned softly and smiled into the kiss, fisting his hand lightly in my hair and tickling my sides with his fingertips, causing me to jerk and squeal for him to stop. He laughed and moved both hands to my sides, digging his fingers in and making me shriek and yell and laugh hysterically. "Stop, stop! Oh, Kaleb, please stop! It tickles!" I screamed, hitting his arms and grinning up at him, finally grabbing his hands and intertwining his fingers with mine. We grinned at each other.        

Then Kaleb dipped his head and kissed my lips again, but this time it was passionate and hot, his tongue exploring my mouth and twining with my own. His hands were wandering all over my body, never staying in one place; they were down on my ass, squeezing and caressing, then rubbing my back, then running through my hair. My body was pressed against him so hard I could barely breathe.


   Not that I really noticed, though; his kisses made me dizzy with need.        

Kaleb unstuck his lips from mine and started trailing kisses downward, over my cheek, to my jaw, along my neck, down to my collarbone, until he reached my left breast. He looked up at me with those cloudy brown eyes as he sucked my nipple into his mouth, eliciting a moan from me and a squeal when he ran his teeth along it, making it immediately go hard. He played with the other one with one hand, and the other went down between my legs, spreading my pussy lips apart and rubbing between them gently, making me whimper and throw my head back. His fingers probed my pussy gently until I was completely soaked and he was very sure of it. Then he promptly picked me up, and I could feel his erection bob just underneath me as I wrapped my legs around his waist, my heels pressing into his butt. I ran my fingers through his silky, wet hair as he leaned me against the cold tile wall and lined his cock up with my pussy entrance. He then looked into my eyes the moment before he put it in and, seeing my nod and the approval in my eyes, he pushed in slowly, so I could feel every inch of him entering me, until he was buried to the hilt.        

My whole body twitched, and I whimpered as I shifted slightly, feeling every inch of Kaleb's cock inside me as he stood still and allowed me to get used to the feel of him inside me. When I was ready, I nudged him, and as he grinned at me, I noticed the sweat on his brow, and the slight strain in his eyes, like he was holding back.

And I appreciated it, but this wasn't my first time. He didn't have to do that for me, and I told him so by bucking my hips into his and moaning. "Oh, fuck me, Kaleb. Please fuck me, you naughty boy. .

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  . "        

Kaleb gladly obliged, moving in and out of me slowly until I smacked his arm and hissed for him to go harder, faster. He leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you. " I smacked him again and scowled, and he chuckled before pistoning himself in and out of me fast and hard. My eyes widened and I gasped loudly as I looked up at him, seeing that wicked gleam in his eyes. I let out a long scream and he immediately covered my mouth with his, moaning into my mouth and muffling both our noises so his housemates couldn't hear us as well. We kept at it, the water slowly turning colder as we slammed our hips together and kissed each other passionately.       

Kaleb pulled out and I knew what he wanted me to do. I turned and placed both my palms on the wall, spread my short legs and pushed my ass out. The gorgeous man behind me groaned in approval and I looked over my shoulder to see he was staring directly at my bum, just looking at it, and then reaching out to caress it gently. I whimpered and wiggled my hips, whining, "Oh, don't tease me, give me that cock and you can play with my bum later!" He laughed and positioned himself at my entrance, slowly pushing the head in as he whispered huskily, "You want this cock?" I nodded vigourously and moaned, encouraging him as he slid more of his cock inside me. I felt myself tighten in anticipation at what was about to happen. I was close to cumming before and now I could just feel that after a couple thrusts this time I was going to squirt all over him.       

He suddenly grinned and slammed himself into me, eliciting a scream of pure ecstasy from me and groaning from himself. He fucked me hard, just as I wanted, and watched my facial expression as he slowly brought me to the edge.

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   I could see he was straining to hold back, to let me cum and only then find his own release. And then he whispered, "Oh, please, baby, cum for me, I know you're close, and I can't hold on much longer. . . " and reached around my body to pinch my clit. And I went completely over the edge, screaming my release and clenching tightly around him, shooting liquid all around him as he let out a long, loud groan and exploded inside me, sending me into another, smaller orgasm as I felt his warm cum shoot inside me, load after load. By the time we were done, the water was icy and we were sweaty, wet and exhausted.       

Kaleb pulled out of me and turned me around, wrapping his arms around me and turning off the water. He pulled me out of the shower and helped me dry off even if we didn't really have a real shower. I in turn helped him dry off and we dressed silently, still panting and grinning foolishly at each other. Kaleb kissed me long and deep before we stepped out of the bathroom and down the stairs, only to see three shocked faces in the kitchen. I guess we were louder than we'd expected.