Southern Girl in My Office - 2

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After our first time in the office, Erin and I played around a few more times over the next couple weeks. We did not really invite Sean to join in any of those times, but he knew about our activities, and enjoyed hearing about them afterward. One time I found Erin telling him about our previous day’s fuck session, and Sean was jerking off as she watched. I didn’t feel the need to stick around, so I left, but Erin told me a little later that she kept talking until he came, then helped clean him up. We all planned on making that first time a repeat performance. The time had just not presented itself yet. Until then, Erin and I would have our own fun.
Sometimes when working on accounts, I would have Erin get under my desk and suck my dick as I crunched numbers on my computer. She was becoming a little cum-slut, sucking my cock and swallowing my load, then asking for more. In fact, at first we kept a little box of moist wipes under my desk to use to clean me up, but before long, Erin became so skilled at cleaning my shaft with her tongue that they weren’t needed.
Another thing changed too. Erin, who normally wore slacks or capris to work, took to wearing more skirts, giving both of us easier access to her pussy. Often, she would come in to the office first thing in the morning and stand there still holding her purse and I would reach up her skit and pull down her panties or thong, taking it off. After placing it in my desk drawer, I would send her on her way and have her work the rest of the day feeling a breeze on her shaved pussy as she walked around.
Along with sucking me off, she also liked to sit in a chair to the side of my desk and lift her skirt to massage her clit as I jerked off. Seeing her fingers working that bare slit of hers would get me so turned on that it was hard to not cum too quickly.

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  Then she made more difficult when she brought in a little surprise one day.
We were in our normal thong pull-down routine one morning when she told me about it. “I brought a little something today,” she told me with a mischievous little smile on her face.
“Really?What is that?” I asked her as she lifted one foot free from her thong, pink this time with a lace trim.
“You’ll see,” she replied freeing the other foot.
I quickly ran a hand up her leg and then slowed when I reached her thigh. Lightening my touch to just my fingertips, I snaked my way up to her waiting pussy. Gliding my fingers over her smooth lips, I could feel myself beginning to harden inside my pants. Erin looked down appreciatively, and I felt her moisten just a little in anticipation.
Smiling, I reached around and gently patted her ass, saying, “I can hardly wait. ”
Erin made her way to her desk, leaving me to wonder what she had planned. I didn’t find out until that afternoon when she made her way back into my office and asked, “Don’t you have some billing to do?”
This was sort of a code that Erin was horny and wanted to give me a blow job. Rolling my chair back from my desk, I waited for Erin get in position.
Erin dropped to her knees first, then got on all fours and crawled under my desk. Before turning around to face me, she waited a moment, allowing me to lift the back of her skirt.

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  Folding it over her back, I exposed Erin’s bare ass. She wiggled it enticingly, and I gently rubbed one cheek, the lightly smacked it.
I heard Erin’s voice drift out from under my desk. “Oh, do that again. ”
I spanked her ass once more and waited to see how she liked it.
“I like that,” she told me. “We’ll have to see what we can do with that later. Right now, I have got to get your cock in my mouth. ”
The little blonde then turned around facing me. She rubbed my hardening shaft through my pants and grinned up at me.
“You know how much I enjoy your cock?”
“How much?”
“Enough that I think about it almost all the time. I want to see it, hold it, and stroke it. I dream at night about sucking the head past my lips. Before I come to work, I play with myself thinking about how good it feels to have you inside me. When we haven’t fucked in a while, I miss the feel of you filling my pussy.

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  God, thinking about it gets me so turned on. ”
By this time, Erin had undone the front of my pants. She pulled the front of my boxes down, revealing my hardon to her gaze. She took it gently in her hand, wrapping her fingers around it. We both watched as she began to stroke it up and down. After a moment, Erin lowered her head over my lap and began to lick the head of my dick. Holding her hand still now, she treated my tip like it was a lollipop, licking all around, savoring the flavor of my manhood. Dropping her chin, she placed her tongue at the base of the underside of my shaft and slowly dragged her tongue back up to the head. She repeated this a few times as I leaned my head back enjoying the feeling of having my southern blonde secretary service my cock. She repeated her motions on the sides of my penis, alternating the left and right sides, and gently massaging my balls.
In our activities at the office, Erin had been spending more time playing with my sac when she gave me a blow job. In consideration of her efforts, I had begun to really trim my hair short on them. I had been “manscaping” for a couple years by this point, but from our talks, I had gotten the impression that Erin appreciated a man who was well trimmed or shaved. I hadn’t gone for the smooth look yet, but was thinking about it. And, as I enjoyed the feeling of her tongue and mouth on me, I was considering again the possibility of shaving down south.

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My thoughts were broken by a soft click and low buzz coming from beneath my desk. Looking down, I tried to figure out what generated the sound. While Erin had her lips wrapped around my cock and one hand on my balls, the other had disappeared beneath her skirt. Anticipating my curiosity, Erin released her mouth to smirk at me a little.
“Yeah, I brought a little something today, just for fun. You want to see?”
Erin lifted the front of her skirt to show me the small, white vibrator that she had pressed against her clit. Still stroking my cock, and moving the vibe in circles around her little nub, her breathing began to quicken as she explained.
“You know that I’ve never had a vibrator or anything before. I just used my fingers or sometimes the handle on my brush. But I’ve been thinking about it for about a couple months now, and last night I went to that little place my sister Chelsea told me about. We actually went together, ‘cause I didn’t want to go by myself. It was a lot nicer than I thought it would be. They had it divided into two sections; front and back. In the front they had a bunch of clothes and candles, incense and stuff. I liked a lot of the stuff they had there.

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  I even tried some of the outfits on, thinking about wearing them for you. ”
Erin paused for a moment, thinking about the outfits, and I told her that I would love to see her in some of that stuff. She nodded her head, and then went on to tell me about her shopping trip.
“Then Chelsea I and went to the back part. I had to show them my ID first, but when I got a chance to glance around, I saw all kinds of stuff. They had a bunch of movies and toys like this one…and more. ”
“Like what?”
“Like, bigger ones, and handcuffs, and oils, and other stuff that I never would have thought of. ”
“So, what then?”
“We didn’t really look at the DVDs ‘cause Chelsea wanted to go straight to the toys. We spent a while looking at all of them, then I picked this one out, and she got a bigger red one. It’s her second one; the first is like this, and she said she wanted to go up in size. ”
I thought about this for a moment while Erin lowered her mouth over the head of my dick again. Her sister, Chelsea, was even shorter than Erin, about 4’ 8. ”Although she did not share her older sister’s natural thinness, Chelsea was a very cute girl with a pretty face, c-cup breasts, and a mouth that had both a cute smile and lips that would like perfect wrapped around a cock. A brunette with glasses, she was a sharp contrast to her sister in looks, and had a reputation of being a little bit of a partier. Not so much at her house, which she shared with Erin, but more of a go out and have a good time type.

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   I always got the impression that she might be a little kinkier than Erin; a little more inclined to try new things.
Now, having heard about their trip to the sex shop, I fantasized about a little about Chelsea using hew new vibrator on herself. Teasing her clit with it before working it into her snatch and bringing herself to an incredible orgasm. It was a good thought, especially with her older sister giving me a blow job from under my desk with her new vibrator buried in her slit. I could hear its muffled sound as Erin pumped it in and out of her pussy. She moaned around my shaft as it pleasured her wet nether regions, causing a greater stimulation for me.
My thoughts regarding Chelsea became kinkier as I imagined her using both vibrators at once; one in each hole. I decided to find out a little more info from Erin.
“I bet your sister really likes her toys if she decided to get a second one, huh?”
Erin rose up from my dick. “Yeah. She got the first one about three months ago, and I sometimes I would walk in on her using it. She told me that she really liked it, and was encouraging me to get one as well. I’m glad I did. ”
“Me too, babe. Did you ever get weirded out or anything when you walked in on her?”
Erin kept stroking me as we talked.


“The first couple times, yeah. But then it kinda became no big deal. She would do it in her bedroom, at first, then she started doing it in the living room when I wasn’t there. But I would come in, and there she’d be, stretched out on the couch, working herself over. ”Erin giggled a little. “Sometimes, I think she wanted me to see, just to see what I’d do. ”
“What did you do?”
“Usually, I just walked out like it was no big deal. But this week I watched her twice until she finished. Seeing her come so hard was what made me decide to go ahead and get one. After we got back from the store last night, we both played with our new toys. ”
“Did Chelsea use both of hers?”
“Yeah. She started with the smaller one, and then moved on to the new one. Eventually, she had both of them going at once, once in her pussy and the other held on her clit. ”
Erin grinned at me again.
“You like hearing about that?”
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  Now finish what you stared, babe, while I think about it. ”
Erin obediently returned her attention to sucking my manhood and I sat back again to envision what she had told me. Both sisters in the same room, playing with their vibrators, Erin experiencing for the first time the pleasure a toy can bring, and Chelsea using two vibes on herself at once. It was a highly erotic chain of thoughts, and I could feel the cum rising in response.
“Erin, I’m gonna cum!”
In response to my declaration, Erin sucked even deeper on my cock and moaned again and as she furiously worked her new toy in her cunt. Reaching down to her head, I pulled it in tight to my body, shoving my shaft deep inside and held her there as I shot a load straight to her throat. Erin took it without a pause, swallowing much of it, but leaving a bit in her mouth to taste to bring on her own orgasm. Erin sat back and looked at me with cum-coated lips as she brought herself off burying the vibrator deep in her fuck-hole as she rode the waves of pleasure that coursed through her body.
After a moment, she pulled the toy from her pussy, only to pop it in her mouth to let her juice mingle with the last of my cum she had left in her mouth. Swallowing it all, she grinned at me again.
“You know, Chelsea has always thought that you’re pretty sexy…”