Chudni Geetanjali

Short Sex

It was one of those afternoon when I came back from work in afternoon and I found that my wife was not at home. I called Indraniand she told me that she was at her mother’s place & would come a little late. I took out a bottle of Whiskey and poured a dink watching a movie. It was raining heavily. Suddenly the door bell rang . I was watching a hot scene and as usual my land was erect. I felt a little irritated. Opening the door I found Geetu , Indrani’s friend at the door soaking wet. I asked her to come in . She asked me where is Indranidi. I said Mayer bari. Geetu was now a bit perplexed and said oh Then I will go.
I told her it is raining heavily & you are all wet. Get dried up & go . Then I noticed her tight boobs was bulging out of herwet salwar. Geetu asked – tumi eka ki korcho andwas looking at my glass.

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   I understood if I play well thisdame will have fun. I told- Ektu drink korchilamtui to purobhije gachis ek peg khabi. Geetu ektu nakiye bollo jaa Jodi Indranidi jante pare. I caught her hand and said no one will know. I tok her to bed room and gave her a transparent nighty and told gaa muche change kore ne. She listened to me like a child. As geetu was changing a poured her a drink . Geetu came out In the black transparent nighty and my god I was sure Geetu also wanted to get screwed. She was without any undies and her boobs were a beauty. She sat beside me and took the glass and started sipping. I Geetuwas a little dark but chapki figure . After one glass as I poured the next I put my arms on Geetu and toldher tui heavy groom jinis. Geetu smilled and told me – groom jinis kheye dhekte hoi.
In next ten minutes Gettu wasall naked in bed with me. I squeezed her boobsand kissed her madly.

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  Geetu was full hot and told me Rajada amay chude khal koro. I said geetu khanki tor gud ami phatiya debo. Ami geetanjali ke sara dupur chudechilam. I asked her Amit toke kore na. She said Amit has lost interest. But fucking geetu was real fun . Next every week we used to have sex either at her flat or at some resort. And Gettu became my sweetchudniKhanki. In fact Geetu used to share what Amit did to her and asked me tumi Indrani di ke chudecho.
I enjoyed Geetanjali whenever I liked.
This is Sexy Chudbudi Geetanjali- Raja’r private Rendi