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It had been an annoying day at work, her boss sucked. It seems the dirty lecher had only hired her for how she looked and didn't care about how smart or good she was at her job. All it was, was get me coffee and then give her suggestive looks and wink at her. If money wasn't so tight she would tell the guy to jump off a bridge. He was too smart to ever do anything "physical" that could be construed as harassment and finding another job would be too annoying and difficult. So she put up with it but not willingly and she was in a bad mood when she got home. Her partner was busy cooking dinner when she stormed in. She headed straight for the bathroom to wash her face as he called out how her day was. She didn't want to speak just yet as she ran her hands under the cold tap cupping the water and splashing it on her face. She was too busy in her inner monologue, more like inner ranting to hear her partner walk from the kitchen to the bathroom door. As she raised her head up there he was in the mirror leaning on the door with a hand towel over his shoulder.
"Hi there, did you have a nice day?" he asked again.
She shot him a dirty look then as if the dam walls had burst she unloaded on him. Her words fueled by her anger. He stood there with an amused expression on her face listening to her diatribe as she vented.
"Hold on" he interrupted her
"Has he done anything other than look at you funny?" he asked a note of concern in his voice.

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"Well no! But thats not the POINT!" she replied.
"OK" he interrupted her again just as she was about to start venting again.
"So he hasnt touched you?" he asked again
"No!" she replied her tone expressing exasperation.
"He hasn't said anything at all about how you look, how you dress or commented on you being a piece of meat?"
He was rather shocked at her outburst she was normally fairly quiet and hard to upset he hadnt even realized she was this angry. She went to storm past him to get out of the house but he stopped her from leaving the bathroom.
"Hold on a minute, what was that all about?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.
"I don't want to talk about it ok just let me past. " she replied her arms folding across her chest.
"No, I deserve some sort of explanation after that little outburst?" he stood making sure he blocked most of the door.
"I don't care I don't want to talk about it NOW LET ME PASS. " she shouted.
She tried to push past him but he stopped her again only this time she kept wrestling with him digging her nails into his arms trying to make him give way.
"Ouch" he cried as he wrapped her up in his arms so she couldn't hurt him anymore.
This only served to enflame her struggle more as she tried to hit him and kick him.

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   He tried to avoid most of her struggle but a few were connecting not that it hurt too much but enough to know she might get lucky and then he would be in trouble. He looked around to the open shower and pushed her in there pushing her up against the wall before pulling the shower door shut behind him.
"You need to cool off a bit I think. " he told her matter of factly.
He turned on the cold water tap directing the shower head at her as the water burst forth. Her hands offered little defence against the streams of cold water. She cried out in anguish and then collapsed against the wall of the shower tears streaming into her eyes as her clothed soaked against her skin hugging her gorgeous tight body. He turned the hot water tap a bit as he moved against her hugging her in his arms which she accepted gratefully.
"I'm so sorry" she whispered against his chest.
His hands moving to stroke the hair out of her eyes and behind her ear. He answered her with a kiss deep and meaningful. She kissed him back hungrily wanting to be close to him her hands sliding around him and hugging him close to her. His own hands sliding down her body and snaking back up underneath her shirt onto the bare skin of her back. They kissed slowly intimately at first but as the warm water cascaded of them things began to heat up. First her hips pushed against his leg as his tongue slid over hers teasingly. 

Her hips slowly began to undulate against his the wet fabric clinging to her body giving a unique stimulation. His hands grabbed her top and raised it up as she lifted her hands above her head breaking the kiss he dropped her top to the shower floor. His hands moving straight to her bra and as one slides underneath the other moves around behind her unclipping it with a practiced air. It falls off with a wriggle of her arms and shoulders discarded at her feet her nipples hard in his warm palms as he squeezed her breasts gently in his hands. Her own hands had moved to his pants sliding in under the waistband seeking out what she wanted very badly at the moment. She slid his pants and boxer shorts down as she went allowing her hands to circle around his quickly hardening penis. It felt so alive and warm in her hands as she gripped it firmly yet carefully stroking it softly oh how much she wanted this in her right now.
Her hips as if following her desires pushed hard up against his cock gyrating back and forth against him trying to push the material of her pants against her clit that was begging to be touched. He pushed her back holding her against the wall again with one hand as he lowered himself to her fly level and unzipped her short denim skirt before sliding it off of her as well as her panties she quickly stepped out of them as he pushed his mouth against her clit and sucked hard on it. His teeth grazed the sensitive flesh careful to be extremely gentle as her hips rocked against his mouth. His hands cupping her breasts against his palm feeling the nipples rub against the hard skin as she moved back and forth. He didn't stay down there long as his cock was also aching for release and he wanted it inside her deep inside her.
Standing up he gazed down at her licking his lips and swallowing before kissing her again. She kissed back her hands moving down to his cock again stroking it in the water as she guided it up against her slit. She moved the head against her opening before letting it slip down and then up in her causing her to gasp into his mouth as it sunk deep inside her.

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   He slowly started stroking in and out of her but he wanted to give it to her hard so he quickly turned her around pushing her up against the glass as he kissed her shoulder his cock sliding between her legs. She bent down pushing him backwards with her bum as he lined his cock up with her entrance again sliding it deep inside her.
She braced herself against the glass with her hands and upper body. He started to really fuck her slamming his cock deep inside her pussy. His thighs slapping against hers with a loud wet thwack as he pushed her against the wall with the force of his thrusts. His hands slid around her waist holding her and pulling her back onto his cock as he fucked her hard and fast. The cum came boiling up from his testicles as they banged against her legs. He groaned as he exploded in her his semen rocketing forth into her deepest depths. She shuddered herself as the feeling of his cum splashing inside her set her over the edge. His hands sliding around her body hugging her tight from behind.
They were both breathing hard his cock still spasming inside her pussy as tender as it was. She could feel every jerk and movement as his cum with the aid of gravity slowly began to seep out. She turned around sighing softly as his cock slipped out of her spent vagina leaning back against the glass she stroked a hand over his cheek as she looked into his eyes.
"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean anything. I was just upset at work and you kept questioning me.

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  " she started to tear up again.
"It's alright" he replied stroking a hand over her cheek and smiling softly before kissing her lightly on the lips still breathing hard.
"I didn't mind I just wanted the make up sex and didn't want to have to wait. " he grinned cheekily and poked his tongue out.
She smiled too before replying "Yeah that was good lets do it again sometime. " her hands sliding around his waist as she rested her head against his chest holding her close as his cock wedged between them slowly started to go down. .