Seduction by a Familiar Stranger - Part II


“Yes, my love. I’m home,” he said softly, almost emotionlessly. This struck her as odd, but she was beyond caring right now. She squealed in joy and fell down on top of him with a hug and kisses all over his face. He laughed gently and rubbed her bare back with his other hand, holding her neck with the other, so he can lean up and kiss her. She was ecstatic and emotional, weeping, calling his name, again and again as she kissed him lightly, then didn’t resist when his hand on her neck guided her mouth to his. She moaned a bit, feeling those sensitive lips against hers and she opened her lips, letting her tongue glide out over his mouth. She tasted him and when he opened his mouth slightly, aroused by her attentions, her tongue slid in to caress his tongue, gliding over his teeth, dancing over his gums and tongue. She moaned again, then gasped and pulled back from the kiss to feel something bite into her tongue. She pulled back and looked at her tongue, bleeding slightly. She frowned, thinking of a chipped tooth, and then dove down to kiss him again. He held her neck gently, not fighting her when she pulled back, only licking his lips, tasting her, tasting her blood in his mouth. He smiled, almost sadly, still worried about how she would react, but ready to let her take her time with it. When she leaned back down to kiss him, he knew that she was fully aroused and would require a few hours of pleasure before she would talk to him coherently. He laughed to himself that this was his plight and it was certainly nothing to complain about. She kissed him feverishly, eyes open, watching him, afraid he will disappear again.

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   She felt the familiar tingling in her body and a new tingling, something that somehow felt like it’s been there all the time, that she had somehow overlooked it. She watched his face, sliding her hands over his chest, playing with his nipples, feeling them hard under her soft palm and tweaking fingers. Her leg slides over him and she straddles his thigh, humping onto the muscular limb slowly, feeling his warm balls and steel hard cock against her knee. She moans again, kissing his lips, biting them gently, kissing over to his earlobe, nibbling one roughly, before dragging her tongue to his neck. She circled her tongue around, feeling his pulse under his skin and flicks the tip of her tongue over the pulse point again and again, nipping there with her teeth. Mike held her gently, feeling his own blood begin to boil under her mouth and hand. His thigh was getting soaked from her hot pussy and he felt a beastial urge to throw her over and mount her, ramming his cock into her harder and harder until she screamed in intense pleasure, but that would be for another time. Now was the time to let her enjoy herself as he wasn’t sure she’d ever do this to him again after she regained her wits and realized what had happened last night. He kept one hand on her neck, dragging it up through her hair on the back of her head, sighing to feel the soft, curly masses falling through his fingers. The other hand slid to cup a DD breast, thumb brushing her hard nipple, making her gasp at each touch. He smiled to himself as he still remembered all the right places, all the right buttons. She began to breathe hard, nibbling down his throat to his chest, sliding her breasts out of his reach, knowing a few more flicks like that with his thumb and she’d have an orgasm already. She licked each nipple, wrapping her hot lips around the tiny nip and tugging gently, flicking them with her tongue. She knew it drove him wild and continued to tease his nipples while her hands slide softly down his sides, fingernails trailing gently. She felt him shiver at her touch and smiled as she slid lower to lick down to his belly button.

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   She drew a small circle around it and dipped inside once, hearing him gasp, then laugh as it tickled him as always. She giggled to herself and pulled her tongue out to drag it lower. She slide lower, now kneeling between his legs, his cock sliding up between her breasts, enveloping him in warm globes of softness. She felt him twitch against her chest and pulled her hands down to hold the sides of her breasts, creating a tight passage for his cock. Rocking a bit, she pulled up, sliding his cock down between her breasts, then pushed down to watch him slide back up between them. The pre-cum leaking out glistened on her breasts, making him slide easier. Mike groaned then eased up on his elbows to watch as his cock head appeared at the cleavage between her squeezed together breasts. He licked his lips and reach forward with one hand to pinch one of her nipples. When she gasps and begins to speed up her rocking, and his hard cock twitches again. He smiled again, rolling her nipple in his fingers, then switching to the other nipple. She feels her pussy getting wetter and wetter, throbbing on its own now. The feel of his cock between her breasts is intoxicating and as she looks down, she opened her mouth, letting the head slide into the hot depths. She runs her tongue over the soft head, sliding around, tasting the pre-cum. Her pussy pulses to hear him moan and she rocks again, sucking him deeper, now rocks the other direction, feeling him slide out over her lips and tongue. She finally can take it no more and quickly releases him, standing over him, crouching down, watching his face.

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   His grin said it all and reaches down to grasp his cock and hold it in the right position. She lowered herself down, gasping and jerking a bit when the head touched her swollen pussy lips. She had never been this horny and hoped he would let her have her fun for a bit more. Her legs trembled as she crouched lower on him, feeling the cock slipping inside her hot tunnel. Even her rear throbbed tonight for him. She finally sat fully against him and groaned, trembling. Any amount of movement would set her off at this point. Her husband, watching her close her eyes in an effort to control that light spasming already beginning, slid his hand down his waist to her pussy, quickly sliding two fingers over her clit, pounding it furiously. He was rewarded as she bucked and screamed on top of him, pussy contracting violently around his hard shaft, milking him. He continued to pound her clit, her hot cum pouring over his fingers, until she fell to her knees over him, unable to hold herself up any longer, her body covered in sweat. She jerked and spasmed, arching and riding him like there was no tomorrow. He had never lasted this long and she briefly wondered what was different about him. Her mind fled as another orgasm flooded over her and she rode him mercilessly, her hips pounding against his, his balls flopping up to her rear. She gasped again when he pulled his fingers from her clit, licking them briefly, before putting both his hands on his hips and lifting her off him. She believed he was done now and was simply pulling her off, but was confused as his cock was still hard and straight up against her.

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   She gripped his wrists as he slid her forward a bit and set her back down, his cock sliding along the slit in her pussy, the head pressed against her clit, instead of inside her. She opened her eyes and looked at him in wonder, puzzling at what he was going to do. Mike grinned up at her, then slid her hips back a bit, making the head of his cock slide over her clit, then slide her up a bit, to make it bump her clit from the other direction. He felt his own cum rising in his tightening balls, but was determined to continue pleasuring her until she begged him to stop. He slid her rapidly back and forth against his hips now, the mushroom head slamming her clit again and again. The warmth of her pussy wrapped him in dripping wet spasms as she shook again, her hands clawing his chest and stomach. She came again and again, screaming out his name, “Mike, oh Mike, Mike, Mike!” He knew better than to attempt to count orgasms with her as she had had more than 20 in one masturbation session he had videotaped, but he knew she must be nearing that number now, as she shuddered violently, body flushed, breasts bouncing. He felt himself nearing the edge and gripping her hard, the rolled her hard and fast, lifting her legs over his shoulders, ramming his cock hard into her hot, dripping pussy. She was beyond caring when he rolled her over and exploded again as he rammed into her. When she felt one of his hands slide between them to rub a thumb over her clit again, she screamed until she couldn’t breathe as the most intense orgasm washed over her, throwing her against his steel cock. This orgasm seemed to never end, tearing over and through her, bursting her senses into millions of tiny droplets of sweat that floated away from her in the steamy room. This last orgasm was it. Her kagles were sucking him hard and he knew there was no turning back from this one. With a few final thrusts into her, his own hot cum rushed in to fill her to overflowing. He gasped for breath himself and thrust again, feeling himself still spurting into her.

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   It took a moment for him to realize that he was still pounding her clit and that she was shaking like a leaf, but not breathing. He tried to catch his breath and released her clit, laying on top of her gently, not putting all his weight down. He watched her face, watched her eyes flutter and then her chest heave as she breathed again. She shook a bit more, gasping, then opened her eyes and looked up at him, feeling his cock still throbbing inside her. “Mike, Oh my god, that was wonderful!” She said between breaths. She held her arms around him and smiled from ear to ear. “I know you have questions, my love,” he started, but she put a trembling hand over his lips. “No, not now. Let’s not spoil it, please. ” She smiled when he nodded and closed her eyes, still filling hungry, but feeling very fulfilled. He looked at her, them lay a bit to the side so he could remain inside her, but still lay down without crushing her. He felt that hunger he knew she must be feeling, but said nothing, knowing that soon enough, they would talk about it. He knew her sexual nature would be heightened by the change and if he let her, she would become a sexual predator, screwing her victims, cumming even as she drained them for her dinner. It would be her choice of course. They could always try group sex for their greater thirsts.

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