The Time Shifter Chapter 5


Ai-chan snuggled up to me and I caressed her right cheek beforeangling my head so that my lips could contact hers. My body reclinedagainst hers and I felt her nipples against my skin. I kissed herslowly and warmly while my hand insinuated itself between her legsto say hello to her little man in the boat. My index and middlefingers entertained her clit as we breathed heavily into the mouthof the other. My "man-tenna" was picking up her loving narrowcastand she sweetly enclosed her palm and fingers around it to boost thesignals she was giving off. She smiled with each sortie she made onmy lips, which, in turn,  elicited one from me. Her breathing wasincreasingly ragged as my fingers paraded back and forth over hernubbin. "Ohhhh, kimochi ii!" she whimpered and then panted severaltimes, arched her back and yelped as the orgasms torched hercountryside.

She pushed my hand away. "Hoshii (I want you)!" she pleaded. I slidmy body on to hers and made the head of my cock travel the length ofher slit a few times before I penetrated her with it. She sighedgratefully as I undulated my hips to stir my dick within her. Iendeavored to rub as much of her insides as possible with my rhythmstick and she responded euphorically, her breathing deepening andquickening before she ferociously climaxed, tightly hugging me asshe felt the magical surge claim her.

For my part, even though she had done porn, the walls of her pussywere very cozy with my pole and I held on to her shoulders while Icontinued to plunge it into her. The high pitch of her protestationsof building pleasure I wished I could reproduce with my guitarbecause it was the sound of a woman in the throes of completesurrender and lust. Over and over, I revisited her pink chamber asif I was a crack addict and she was a dealer.

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   But the only addictionI was feeling was that of seeking the high that accompanies ecstasy,Ai-chan wanting me to keep pounding it into her so she could havemore orgasms. This carnal festival ended only when I glazed hercomforthole with my filling with flourishes of grunts and moans.  

She fell asleep in my arms and was still there when I woke upWednesday morning. I carefully extracted myself from her side and,after taking care of my grooming, made breakfast and then woke herup. "Breakfast is ready, Matsue-san," I announced. It took her acouple of minutes to come to before she slowly padded out to thedining room table in her pajamas. She looked like a schoolgirl whowas coming out for breakfast before she departing for a day ofclasses. .

We had a nice mellow day She laid on the couch with her head on apillow that was between my legs while I read a Japanese guitar mag. She was perusing one of the Japanese rock zines I had picked up overthe last week. "Hey. , shouldn't you get a job or something?" sheabruptly said. "Sorry babe, but I'm retired. Why?" Then she showedme an ad for an Ozzy tribute band that was looking for a guitarist. I thought that sounded like fun, so I whipped out my cellphone andcalled the number.

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   When I gave the guy my name, he asked me if I wasa foreigner. I confirmed that I was, but he was impressed by myJapanese ability and asked me to come down and audition nonethelessthe following night.

I went into my music room and rehearsed for the next five hourslearning the more well known Ozzy tunes plus a bunch more I justflat out liked.

I emerged from it a little worn out, to be honest (I wore ear plugs,so I didn't do any damage to my hearing), but I made some sandwichesfor lunch. Ai was giving me odd looks. Finally, she asked me in ahurt way, "are you ashamed of me?" That was completely out ofleftfield, but I immediately recognized what was going on. Typicalof females, she overthought my statements from the night beforeabout her "Ai Iijima" side. "Not in the least, Matsue-san. There isa side of me that admires the tough survivor aspect of Ai-chan andyou definitely paid a lot of dues. By the same token, I think youneed to get more in touch with who you really are and go back tobasics so that you will have a stronger psychological foundationunder you to prevent you becoming another casualty of the chew 'emup, spit 'em out nature of show business and I can keep having youaround as my girlfriend. "

"Can you see yourself marrying me?" "First, let's separate the twoissues of you and then marriage," I opened. "I love you and want tokeep you around as long as I can. It would be great if you are thelast woman I ever have a relationship with. Unfortunately, whenpeople get married, especially in Japan, they tend to obsess abouttheir roles in it. They stop being boy-girl and start beinghusband-wife.

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   That dichotomy gets in the way and the relationshipsuffers because they think so much about their roles and how to keepthe house running as an economic proposition that they lose sight ofthe most basic part of the marriage, their relationship as boy andgirl. Yeah, I would marry you somewhere down the line if ourrelationship keeps progressing, but only if you and I can get pastthe role presumptions of marriage and just be a boy and a girl witha marriage license. Certainly, your being part of show businessrequires a more flexible mindset in a marriage to keep thingshumming along. There is no way I would ever ask you to quit unlessit was damaging you. "

"Wow, I can use that in my next tv appearances!" she laughed. "Iunderstand what you're saying, though. People get married and thenthink they are supposed to act a certain way and is obscures whatbrought their relationship to where it was before the marriage. ""Yep. The simpler you keep things the better, I think. So the mostbasic element of a relationship is how you relate as boy and girl. Don't throw monkey wrenches into that or bad things happen. Also,marriage doesn't change people. If someone has some peculiaritygoing into it, they aren't going to alter that just because theysigned a piece of paper. Sometimes you can have people who get ongreat when they're living apart from each other and dating, but whenthey move in together, with all that brings with it, the whole thingjust blows up in their faces. So one has to be really careful aboutjust what parts of your life a particular person is serving.

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   Backhome, I had different friends for different activities. I didn'tforce them to try to do everything with me. Different people have,so to speak, different uses. "

"So what is my use?" she pointedly riposted. "So far, you and I aregetting along real well. I like your intensity, but it also has areal vulnerable side to it that I find very human and attractive. Itmakes me want to protect you. You are also beautiful and, at heart,a nice girl and the latter is what makes me fall in love with you. You're there as my emotional support and that you play fewer gamesthan a lot of girls plus your fascinating life experiences makes mewant to keep picking your brain. "

"But let me say this, too: at some point, all relationships becomeroutine. I'm not a 24/7 excitement factory. A lot of our lifetogether, in fact, is going to be kinda like what we are doingtoday, laying around, watching ty, me playing guitar and making ourmeals. The best way to approach that is to just be grateful forhaving a good life and to view the other person as, 'what would I doif they died in an auto accident tomorrow?' kind of proposition. Take it day by day, know when your complaints are just abjectwhining and enjoy what you have together. "

"So what you're saying is that you're grateful for me being yourgirlfriend?" "Hell yes!" I shot back in English.

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   "And I hope you'regrateful for me being your boyfriend. Once that true feeling ofgratitude stops, though, then you know it's time to move on and thatthe relationship has hit its expiration date. " "For such a youngguy, you're pretty smart, Jack-kun," she giggled. "I try," Ichuckled.

Thursday night, I went to the audition. They liked my chops, ofcourse, but what I think sealed the deal was that I was tall andblonde, kinda like Zakk Wylde. Thus, I was in. I looked forward tooccasionally treading the boards blasting out Ozzy tunes in asocially acceptable way. *lol

While Ai-chan was doing her tv appearances, I rehearsed with theband, who already had gig obligations coming up before their lastguitarist left them. Ai-chan was happy I joined the band so that Iwould get out more and people would get to see me show off myability. The rehearsals went surprisingly well and we gelled prettyquickly.

Ai-chan came home that Friday at 3 a. m. drunk following another tvappearance after a night of "hashigo nomi" (literally "ladderdrinking," which is basically going from bar to bar gettingincreasingly tanked) with some people in the business. I was upset,but it wasn't her fault, so no use bitching her out about it.

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   Shecouldn't have gotten out of going without looking like a stuck upbitch.

Also Friday, some gym equipment I ordered finally arrived so I couldwork out at home. It was basically just a couple of weight machinesand a treadmill. When I woke up Saturday morning, I stretched andthen hit the weights hard and topped it off by running a couple ofmiles on the treadmill before taking a nice, hot shower. Then Ijammed for another couple of hours before Ai-chan finally rose outof her slumber. It was now noon. She had a righteous hangover and,after showering, went to her apartment to down a couple shots ofwhiskey as a hair of the dog to try to alleviate the aches andirritability that resulted from the drinking bout. She returned tomy apartment looking amazing since she had another appearance to dothat night.

"Hey babe," I began in English before then switching over toJapanese, "you know you can't keep doing that. So what I want you todo is to turn down any more appearances. When your calendar is clearwe're going to California," I commanded. She tried to protest, but Ishut that shit down in no uncertain terms. She understood that itwas because I cared about her, but she was more or less obligated toput up some kind of resistance so that she could blame herunavailability on me. I was totally fine with it. She didn't hint atany resentment at all over my decree.

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   I think she knew she needed todo this.

Of course, her management company and some of the productioncompanies of the shows she was usually appearing on got angry withher, but she basically told them to piss off. At the end of the day,this didn't cost her anything. They viewed it more or less as, 'Aibeing Ai. "

Anyway, the Friday following my little sit down with Ai, I had myfirst show with "Crazy Ozzy," which was the name of the band. It wasin some hole in the wall in a suburb of Tokyo called Mitaka andthere were probably 40-50 people there, about three or four of themgirls. Shortly after we hit the stage, I saw all the chicks right infront of me and there was a lot of pointing and taking of pictureswith their cellphone cameras. We went down a bomb and the girls allcrowded around me afterward to snap photos and get autographs. Iheard some of them saying, "burapi," which is the popularabbreviation for "Brad Pitt. " I hoped that they didn't think I wasBrad Pitt slumming as a rock guitarist under an assumed name,especially since I was a good three inches taller and 50 poundsheavier than him.

Our next concert was the following night in Koenji, which is inTokyo proper, and we destroyed. The same four girls I saw theprevious evening in Mitaka were there and there were probably about20 other females, too. Same thing, they crowded to my side of thestage as I posed and picked and they took lots of photos, videos andscreamed when I stepped up to show off my blazing fretwork. Afterthe show, I got mobbed. I gave them whatever they wanted and, hey,if it made their little panties wet, all the better.

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   They weredisappointed to learn that I had a girlfriend, though.

Sunday, we played somewhere in Chiba, I can't remember, and thistime about 40% of the attendees were women in a 300 seat club. Theother band members were somewhat hurt that I was receiving thelion's share of the attention, but it was leading to the band beingasked back by the club owners, so they were willing to put up withit for the time being.

We had the next few days off. Ai-chan had an appearance on one ofthe noon time "wide show (gossip)" programs Monday, but that was iffor the day, so she was gone maybe a total of three hours. I went onYou Tube and saw the footage of my band that had been posted by thegirls at the gigs, a lot of it not sounding exactly stellar. Themics on cellphones aren't really made for the high SPLs of rockconcerts, I'm afraid, and distort easily. Of course, Ai-chan, whodoesn't like heavy metal, was curious and a little insecure. "So nowthat you're getting all that attention are you going to leave me forthose young girls?" she questioned. "I like women, not girls. You'rea woman, they're all girls," I countered. That seemed to mollifyher, but she was all over me like a badger in heat when we went tobed. Never underestimate the power of female insecurity. .
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