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I had known susann for about a year. She was my next door neighbor. Susann and I were close. I never had any feelings for her considering I am a straight girl. Until one day I was driving and Susann ran out infront of my car and flashed me. Her tits were huge. I stopped. She crawled up my windshield and humped it. I got out and pulled her off. I got her out the way and parked my car. I stayed inside the rest of the night. I woke up the next morning and looked out my window. I saw Susann's window was open and the blinds were too. susann walked up to the window in a bikini. She noticed me and took off her top. She closed the window and pressed her body against the window I then decided to give her a show.

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   I took off my bra and licked my window. I played with my juggs and got up on my window seal. I made sure she could see my pussy. I stuck a finger in and pumped it. Susann loved this she licked the window. I stuck another finger in and another until my hand was fully inside me. I opened my window and moaned. Susann reopened hers and climbed out. I motioned for her to come in. She climbed in my window. I continued pumping. Susann kissed me. I pulled out my hand and rubbed against her body. her nipples were hard. So were mine.

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   I reached down to try to find her cunt but I felt a cock. I moaned and jacked it. Moaning every time i pulled. Susann licked my nipples and rubbed my back I stopped strokingher cock. I reached over to her ass and tapped it. She in response smacked mine. I pushed her against the wall and slid up and down her. My pussy was getting tight. I pulled on her blonde pigtails. I backed up and decided to undo them. "Get on the bed so I can ride you. " I told Susann. She looked at me a sec and licked my nipples. "¡Ay! Your tongue is so wet. I love this.

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  " Susann backed up and layed on her back on the bed I walked over a licked the head of her dick. I then crawled over her and kissed her. I eased my pussy onto her cock. She slid her hands on my hips and pumped me. I put my hands across her juggs making sure her nipples were between my fingers. I pulled on them. "Ohh yes pull my nipples make my harder and cum all over you pussy!!!" Susann yelled. I pulled more and she pumped me faster Soon we were both screaming and yelling . Soon I felt warm liquid in me I removed her hands and put my pussy over her mouth and sat down. Susann licked my cunt. I moaned. I then got up and put a strap-on on and walked back out. "Suck it whore!" I demanded. Susann got on all fours and sucked it I grabbed her head and pushed it further on. I laughed.

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   I then took her off and kissed her. Hugged her and slapped her ass. I got behind her and slowly entered the fake dick in her ass. "Bitch you want this cock?" I romped her. I then sprea my legs and took it out. I sat on her back and rubbed my pussy on her. I then hopped up and down. The dildo slapped her. I got up and took the strap-on off and walked infront of her and whispered in her ear"I gotta take a shower. You are coming with me. I have to get that cum off you. I walked over to my bathroom and stood in the door way waiting to get more of her. .