A young chubby straight lad has his first gay experience


I had always been a little curious as most young men are even if they admit it or not. Tall for my age i stood around 6 foot tall even at the tender age of 18.

At this time i hadnt had much luck with girls, id lost my virginity of course but i wasnt very experienced overall. I started a new job and i was getting along well with everyone and working hard, i had noticed the boss's extra interest in me.

It started off as innocent accidents, you know he would brush past me from time to time, a smirk on his face. His name was Nathaniel and he was the owners son, he stood slightly taller than me, he was built but not fat like me.

I hadnt thought about trying anything with guys for a long while, but there was something about him and the way he looked at me.

One day as i was clocking out with the rest of the staff i was called into Nate's office, the blinds over his window that allowed view into the work area were drawn which was unusual for him. As i stepped over the threshold he closed the door softly behind me and i heard a faint *click* of the lock, what was happening?

I looked at Nate with concerned eyes and he just smirked that smirk and gestured for me to sit down, as i sat in the very low seat at his desk i expected him to walk to his side and sit but instead he perched on the edge of his desk very close to me.

"Whats this all about Nate? Am i in trouble?" i found it hard to disguise the worry in my voice.

"Well" Nate began. "I think we have a problem dont we?"

I was stunned, my brain raced over all my recent orders and had i completed them correctly.

My bowed head was suddenly raised gently by a surprisingly large hand wrapping around my chin, he lifted my head until my eyes met his. . . those piercing eyes, steel grey and hungry.

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"What are you doing?"

"Shhhh" Nate crooned, still smirking as his face came closer to mine, i tried to resist but his grip tightened around my chin.

Nate was so close to me i could feel his breath on my tightly pursed lips, i could see where this was going and i wasn't sure it was for me.

"Surely you have seen the way i look at you?"

I managed to nod into his hand, i had seen the look and i had wondered. . . had i been sending out signals? What was i going to do?

Suddenly Nate pushed forward and placed his lips to mine, i froze, i was in total shock, i banged my fists on his chest in an effort to break free.

Then i stopped resisting and resigned myself to his happening, if i stay still and accept it maybe he will break the hold and tell me what the fuck just happened!

My prayers were answered as he pulled away slightly, he kept hold of my chin and pierced me with his hungry gaze

"Just let it happen, you are an aspiring actor no?"

I managed a small nod

"Then consider this an audition, convince me, i promise it will be worth your while and im a good friend to have"

Nate didn't wait for my response he just pressed his lips to mine again, i froze again, but i didn't start pushing him away, but i wasn't in to it!

But then. . . something happened, Nates tongue gracefully slipped across my lips, before i knew it my mouth was welcoming his tongue and we were kissing passionatly.

He took his hand off my chin and wrapped his fingers into my messy hair, pulling me further into the kiss.

He pulled away with a massive smirk and stared at me

"Well" he said in a silky voice "How was it"

I was stunned, i struggled to find words for a while

"i dunno" was all i could manage

Nates smirk widens "Well i told you it would be worth your while didnt i?"

Nate reaches into his pocket and pulls out the time sheet for the week

"Well it seems you have done alot of overtime this week"

I looked up confused, i hadnt done ANY this week

Nate sensed my confusion and laughed before saying "Oh i know you havnt but that kiss just earned you some free overtime. . . i know your'e struggling financially"

How did he know that? has he been planning this for a while? im snapped out of my thoughts by the unmistakable sound of a zipper being pulled down.

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"So, what else can you do? I promise the rewards increase" Nate reached into his pants and pulled out his now VERY erect cock. It was NOT small

"Jesus!" i wanted to jump up and run out. . . but i stayed in my chair, almost feigning disdain as my own cock twitched slightly in my pants.

Nate moves closer, his cock swinging in my face.

"Put it in your mouth, just try it, trust me its going to be worth it"

This was it, the thing i had fleetingly thought about from time to time was right in my face. . . and there is talk of rewards? i flipped a coin in my head and heard Nate moan slightly as i wrapped my hand around his hard shaft.

"Ive never done anything like this before! im straight" I said while slowly wanking Nates cock

"Dont worry, its just between you and me, now get it in your mouth, wanking gets you nothing!"

I was surprised by his sudden dominance, but again my cock stiffened slightly.

I kept one hand on his cock and began moving my open mouth towards his bell end

"Thats it, your'e a model employee Scott"

My mouth wrapped around his cock with ease, i began sucking slowly, getting used to the feel and the taste in my mouth.

Nate moaned and buckled slightly, one hand on his desk, the other on the back of my head. I began to really work his cock, i figured if i make him cum fast it will be over and i can get my reward.

i took his cock out of my mouth and began wanking it furiously as i took his ball bag into my mouth, this pleased him, which pleased me

"Oh my god! Get it back in your mouth" Nate pulls my head roughly and i open my mouth waiting for my punishment, His cock hits my tounge and slides roughly all the way into my mouth, it hits the back of my throat and i gag hard

My eyes stream but this only encourages his brutality, he fucked my mouth hard, every stroke making me gag on his cock

"Oh you're a good little slut arnt you, take my cum in your mouth and reap the rewards"

I moan in agreement and take control once more, pushing him back against the desk i get on my knees and take his cock in my mouth again

I use all the tricks that work on me, i can taste pre cum, this sends me into overdrive Nate moans loudly and bucks and shudders

Suddenly i feel his cock pulse.

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  . . the first shot hits me right in the throat, suddenly it pulses again and again my mouth filling up with hot cum, i struggle to swallow it all.

Nate yanks me off his cock and aims it at my face, stream after stream of hot sticky cum hits me in the face.

Nate falls back against his desk as i slump in my kneeled position, cum all over my face which i wipe off

"That was worth the wait! ive been stockpiling that load for weeks wanting to get you alone. "

"Can i go" i said weakly

"Of course, but first your reward, take a week off with full pay, you earned it"

I get up slowly and begin to leave, full of regret yet also still horny as fuck, as i reach the door Nate speaks to me

"Next time i want to fuck that fat virgin arse, you have a week to consider it, but bare in mind that a no will cost you your job"

I left the office sullen, like his comments had wounded me deeply

As the door shut,i smiled. . . I couldn't wait for next week.