Caught by your dog


First let us be clear, this is a fantasy and not to be viewed by anyone below the age of majority where you live. Activities in this fantasy are not condoned, not safe, not legal and not endorsed as anything but a fantasy. All characters are of legal age.

My background, I am the good girl your mother always wanted to have, or wanted her son to bring home. A teacher, mother, community volunteer. Standing just over five seven, weighing, depending on the day and phase of moon around one hundred ninety pounds, fit into a 48GG-40-46 frame that I battle constantly to keep trim with yoga, jogging, spin class, and the pool. My long red hair is natural, and may or may not have a few silver streaks in it. I try not to notice.

I am jogging on a path in the forest, wearing my black yoga pants, a sports bra (requirement of my 48GG which require a lot of support to even slow jog, they are real post breast feeding breasts, so gravity loves them more than I do), and tank top, my red hair in a pony tail through my ball cap.

I come to a clearing just after a bridge that was frosty enough I had to slow to a walk to cross, as the wood of the bridge was slippery, to find a man in a long coat standing with a great black dog. The dog has an erect penis, a great red bulb tipped spear that bounces obscenely as he half jumps to turn to face me.

I can't take my eyes off it. I wander closer, unable to look away, and your sneering voice goes

"See something that you like?Why don't you kneel down and say hello to him. "

I blush, but do kneel and the dog moves his head to sniff me, he growls slighly and I bow my head to him until he licks my face, and I reach out to stroke his head, his shoulders, and his flanks. His head goes over my own, and pushes my head down by his shoulder. Your voice sounds with suppressed laughter as you tell me,

"Why don't you get a closer look, I know you want to, and I don't think he will mind at all.

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I look up, and you have your phone out, filming or taking pictures. Your smirk says that you know what I would never admit to anyone, and I turn my eyes away from you so you can't see what I am feeling. It was a mistake, the bouncing of his red rocket catches my eye, and I give a gasp as the hot pink perfection, the pure animal potency of it captures me. I lean closer, the scent of it is heavy, musky, and my own panties grow moist and my sports bra pains me where my nipples are growing full and pressing hard against their powerful restraint.

"You want to touch it don't you?You know he will let you, won't you boy?He knows a needy bitch when he smells one, and he can smell it on you, just like I can. Why don't you touch it, my pretty little house-frau?"

I reach out, and catch the sight of my three bands, engagement, wedding, and anniversary band as I wrap my hand around the HOT hardness of his dog cock. It is unlike a man's cock. Full sheath foreskin going over the tip, obscene bulge of the tip promising to bind deep inside like an anchor whose release will come only when the hot tide of his sperm blasts deep into my married womb branding me his bitch for the world to see. I cannot think such things, I must not, but cannot help it.

He is growing restive, growling, barking, and I feel is legs go onto my shoulders, forcing me down. I don't know what to do, as his knotty tip lunges at my face, sliding in my hands like a striking serpent, slapping my face like a bar of hot pink lust.

"Open your mouth, you cock-teasing little slut, and show him what you are. Show him what a needy little bitch you are and suck his cock like you know you want to"

Your words should revolt me, should make every feminist bone in my body cry out to slap you, but instead a low moan of helpless lust leaks from my gaping mouth as I guide the lunging head into my mouth. I feel his foreskin slide back as the head drives into my mouth and throat, no hesitation, no gentleness. Just hot animal need.

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  I gag, and he thrusts deeper, revelling in the feel of my gagging on his cock, as he begins to thrust into my mouth.

You reach down and pull my halter and sports bra up, so my naked heavy breasts bounce free as your dog shamelessly uses my face like I am just a receptacle for his thrusting cock. I feel you take the phone from my pants pocket before you tug my yoga pants and panties to my knees, effectively binding me as if I was tied naked for your inspection and use.

Laughing as your dog barks twice in happiness, you spank my ass painfully on each cheek in time with his thrusting, dipping your fingers in my wetness and laughing as you brought them to your mouth to taste, telling me how wet I am from sucking your dog's cock.

Your spanking, fingering, and the throat fucking that is robbing me of breath and sense both have reduced me beyond coherent thought, I am grunting and drooling worse than your dog as I feel my thought, my self respect, my self control being stripped from me as you stripped my body naked for your eyes and camera. I grow near to orgasm and you yank hard on the dog's leash, commanding him off me.

I can't help it, my first gasping breath as I nearly choked out unconcious under your dog's cock was not for mercy, but the opposite.

"Please sir, I need him so badly. Don't make him stop!"

You laugh, and tell the camera what a needy slut I am, and what will my friends and family think if he shares this video, then you slap my face, not gently and command me.

"Present yourself bitch!"Pushing my head down, to cause my back to arch and rear to arch up in response. I feel the hot head graze my clit, and shudder once, almost cumming, before the second thrust finds home, and with a drive more powerful, more potent, than any man in my life, he drives his cock half way home in one thrust.

I feel him tearing at my back as he scrambles for purchase. I cannot speak, cannot think. I cannot even breathe as he forces himself deeper with every thrust. My entire being tunnels down to the HOT wet bar of potency that drives into my core.

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  Never have I felt so helpless, so owned, so much simply a part of another being, simply a part of this magnificent beast, his to own to use, to ravage, to take. His bitch. I begin to cum with a howl that turns into a series of helpless grunts as he begins to thrust so deep I can feel him near my cervix.

Not like a man, or any toy I have used, the head and shape of him are madenning, robbing me of sense and control, dignity and shame. I have never felt being fucked with my entire body before, but each thrust drives the breath from me, lances lightning from my clit, through my womanhood, lancing up my belly, shuddering through my chest as my lungs and ribs pulse with every thrust as his pounding cock becomes my breath, each lunge life giving air, and soul devouring fire. I am a mindless fuck toy for his use, my orgasm clamping against his cock like a vice, but his strength drives my pussy, and my entire body into mindless submission to his pleasure and use.

I feel something like a fist at the entrance of my vagina. Like his cock swollen to the size of a fist, from the base and forcing itself up the shaft. I open my mouth to protest, it is too much, I am being split in half. My legs grow weak, my arms fail and I am driven face down, face looking helplessly at you, mouth open in mindless pleasure and pain as his knot forces itself deeper into me with each thrust.

The knot reaches the tip and an explosion of such heat bursts in me that it is like a volcano of lava consuming my womb, filling my cervix with seed for a desperate bitch. Each thrust now pulls me back, as the knot, the size of a large man's fist pulls my spasming vagina back like it is trying to rip free of me.

I cum again and again, as hot streams of mixed dog and bitch cum spurt from my pussy with every pull back. Your dog is whining now as he tries to pull out, but my needy pussy holds him fast. He tries to pull off, jumping now to the side of me and pulling back, as his red rocket softens just enough to rip free of me like a sword from the wound he had torn in me, a wound that was a need nothing else could fill again.

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I felt him lick my pussy and his tongue cause me to arch up, rising on my arms back onto all fours, my head rising in a shriek of ecstasy. You grab my pony tail and pull my face up to look at you. Your camera stares down into my face as your cock slaps against my cheek.

"Be a good little bitch, and thank me for seeing you bred properly, and maybe I will let him breed you again cunt"

I take you in my mouth, rising to my knees to cup your balls in my left hand, wedding rings cold against your heavy and hot balls. I look deep into your eyes as I begin to bob on your hard cock, alternating between licking up and down your shaft, licking your balls, and taking you deep in my mouth and throat to show you how desperate I am to please you. For a few minutes you fuck my face, stopping when you get to close by reaching down and cruelly pinching my nipples to make me freeze in place, holding you on the edge of cumming while I whimper arond your cock.

Finally you relent and let me feel the swelling of your shaft as you reach the edge and you blast your cum in my mouth, letting me drink it down. As your pulses slow, you pull out and let the last hot ropes cover my face, and hair, slapping and rubbing my face with your hard cock as you taunt me.

"Such a proper little wife you are, begging for my cum like a whore. Lick it up slut, clean me properly, because I am a master, and will be left looking worthy of respect when I am done with you. You are a slave slut, and will bear my cum on your face as you walk, and my dog's cum leaking from your whore-hole as you go home. "

"I will send you a copy of the video so you can see how much you needed this, in case you wanted to lie to yourself later about whose choice this was. If you are a good girl and obey every instruction you are given, I won't send a copy of it to your mother, daughters, husband, or the Principal of your school. Such shameful behavior from a teacher, really, it would be for your own good if I put a collar on you and trained you like one of my dogs. I have only the two males, and could use a bitch for them to share.

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I held your balls in my mouth, offering reverent love to them as I stared up into your eyes, caressing your strong and muscular ass and thighs to show without the words I could not find, now happy I was that you had found me. I did not know where we would go from here, but I knew that only with your collar, and with your guidance, could I find what I might, and should become.

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