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My name is Simon, i was 16 years old when i went anal with Anna.   Anna was a friend of mine, she was 13 at the time.   We lived next door to each other and one weekend both our parents were out of town so anna stayed at mine as our parents thought it was safer if we stayed together.   my parents left at 5 in the evening and Anna came round half an hour later.   I put some music on and got some beer out of the fridge and we started drinking.   Soon we had drank all that was in the fridge and we were both fairly drunk, i started to flirt with her and she respnded by touching my knee.   i then put my arm around her and moved closer, stroking her thigh.   I got closer still and could smell her perfume, it was then that we kissed each other, our toungues exploring each others mouths.   I started to stroke her breasts and play with her nipples.   She then slowly moved her hand up my leg and started to caress my hardening penis through my trousers.   With one hand still touching her chest i started to undo her top, when i had undone all of the buttons she pulled away to take it off and revealed her black lacey bra, it was then that i noticed that her breasts were really quite large for a girl of her age but before i had a chance to have a good long look she moved toward me and started to kiss me again.   I reached around her back whilst she undid my fly and started to remove the clasp of her bra.   Once it was fully undone she took it off revealing erect pink nipples.   I took this chance to take of my t-shirt trouser and boxers so i was completely naked, my penis fully erect and standing at 7 inches.   I sat back down and she lowered her head and took me in her mouth, it was heaven.   She licked up and down my shaft and moved her to toungue in a circular motion around the tip.

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    I soon send a warm stream of cum straight into her mouth, she managed to hold every last drop and i could see her enjoying the taste of it before she swallowed it down.   She then stood up and removed her jeans and panties.   I stared at her vagina with only a very small amount of neat black pubic hair surrounding it.   "Well, are you going to lick me then?" she asked, so i moved towards her and began licking up and down her juicy slit.   She was still standing up so i moved my hands around her back and clenched her buttocks, i then began to slowly slide one finger into her ass, i could feel her giving small squirms of pleasure as she moaned.   I slid my toungue into her vagina as i was pushing another finger into her anus.   I continued to lick her and move my finger in and out of her warm ass for another minuet or so before she came to orgasm.   her legs went weak so i lowered her to the ground.   "Do you want me fuck you hard now, Anna" i asked her,  "yes" she replied.   I positioned my dick in line with her opening and i slowly worked my cock into her tight virgin cunti pressed into her and popped her cherry and a small amount of blood dripped out from her pussy.   She groaned slightly with the pain but i carried on fucking her, i started to get faster, and soon her groans of pain were replaced with moans of pleasure.   I felt myself coming, and i exploded inside her, my semen rushing up her.   I pulled out and helped her off the floor.   "Can we carry on in bed?" she asked me, "of course we can honey" was my reply.   We went up stairs to my room but halfway up she pushed me against the wall and started to blow me off again.

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    I told her that i was about to cum so she took my cock out of her mouth and positioned it pointing at her face just in time so that my salty cum hit her right in the face.   She licked the bits off around her mouth but let me clean the rest off.   I couldnt believe how much i liked the taste of my own cum, it was sligtly salty and still warm.   Anyway, we continued to bed and had sex again.   It was after i had licked her out for the second time she asked me to do anal.   "I really liked liked when you fingered my ass, will you shove your cock up there?", of course i said yes and headed to the bathroom to get something to use as lube.   My mom has a problem which causes her to not produce enough saliva in her mouth so she needs a lubricant when shes eating, luckily there was an unopened tube in the bathroom.   I took it into my bedroom, opened it and stuck the end in Anas anus.   I squeezed a moderate amount into her and removed the ube. Anna then took it from me and lubed up my cock.   She then got on hand and knees and stuck her ass up in the air.   I proceeded to start pushing my cock into her, deeper and deeper.   i then slowly started to move by hard throbbing end in and out of her.   She moaned and moaned with pleasure as my balls bounced against her.   She had such a nice ass, round and firm and very tight.

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    We orgasmd simultaneously and when i pulled out of her anus some of my cum dripped onto the bed.   Anna stood up and took my hand, we went into the bathroom and i switched on the shower.   We soaped each other up and she pused a couple of her fingers into my ass.   It was such a nice feeling i just let her play with me for about 5 mins.   "i need a piss" she told me and went to get out of the shower but i stopped her.   I have a kinky idea, i told her and got down between her legs.   " Why dont you start pissing now?"  "are you sure?" she replied.   Yes.   So she started to urinate on my, the golden stream of liquid flowing from between her legs straight onto my face and into my mouth, i loved the taste of it, and moved my head right up close and drank as much of it as i could.   when she had stopped i asked if she would like me to do the same to her, and to my pleasure she said yes.   So she squatted down and allowed my to begin pissing all over her, i directed it straigt at her mouth and i couls see by her expression she was really enjoying it.   "hey simon, do you want to take this one step further?" she asked me, feeling i had a pretty good idea of waht she had in mind i eagerly said yes!  she moved so her back was towards me and i knelt down and spread her buttocks apart, i then moved my mouth near her ass but before she had the chance to start shitting i stuck toungue straight into her anus. Ifrencehed kissed her ass for a couple of minuets before allowing her to start crapping.   I moved so that her shit would fall on my face and chest.   i was staring straight at her anus when the first brown log started to peep out it came out for about 3cm before it drooped down.

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   When it fell into my mouth it was 5 cm long.   I rolled it aroud my mouth for a bit before swallowing it.   "did you like that?" she asked.   "very much so" i replied.   "well theres more where that came from".   And so she carried on pooing all over me for another 5 minuets.   When she finished she lay down on top of me and licked and ate her own shit off my chest.   She rolled over and i squated right over har open mouth.   Whilst i was shitting into her i leaned over and fingered her pussy, it was dripping wet inside and with the other hand i stimulated her clit.   When i had finished shitting ii licked her chest and face clean and licked her nipples to erection.   Then i pushed a finger into her anus and pleasured her.   When i removed it it hwas brown with shit so i sucked it clean, enjoying the taste on Annas crap.   after that we were both fairly exhausted so we went to bed.   We had sex for one last time before falling asleep.   The next day, when we had sobered up we went at it again, and it was the same on sunday untill 3 in the afternoon when our Annas parents arrived home.

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    "did you enjoy the weekend?" they asked us.   "yes we did" we answered, longing for the next time our parents went away, only next time, hopefully Annas parents wouldnt take there dog with them.