Hot Summer Nap


My story begins on a warm summer morning. It was a Saturday when my phone rang. I answered it to hear a voice from the past. It was my friend Ben that had been living out of state for several years now. He told me that he had just moved back home recently and he wanted to get together with me and catch up on old times. Well, this was a very pleasent surprise for me. I have often thought about him and wondered what he was doing now. Ben and I had always gotten along great but, as time passed we had lost touch with each other. needless to say I was happy to have a chance to see him again. It had been several years since we talked and hung out. We decided to get together at his house later that morning. I told him my wife was out of town and that would be a perfect way to spend my day rather than just sitting at home alone. It would be good to see him and catch up. It was about mid morning when I decided to start getting ready to go to his house. The temperature outside was already in the high nineties so I just put on a loose pair of shorts and no underware and a light t-shirt. I thought it would be cooler if I wore as few clothes as possible since it was so hot and humid outside.

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   I finished getting dressed and left to go to his house. He told me that he was living out in the country just a few minutes drive from my house. I drove for a few minutes when I finally saw the house that he had described earlier on the phone. It sat off by itself on a nice big lot with no other houses near by. I drove up the driveway and got out of my car. I knocked on the door several times before Ben made it to the door. He opened the door and invited me in. It was good to see him again. From the looks of things he hadn't been out of the shower long himself. He was wearing thin boxers and nothing else. I was glad to see that I wasn't under dressed wearing only shorts and a t-shirt. He asked me to have a seat and he would finish getting dressed. I told him that it was too damn hot to wear much, he agreed. He left the room and came back a few minutes later still wearing his boxers and a t-shirt. I told him that if I had known I would have brought boxers to change into.

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   What he had on looked cooler than the shorts that I was wearing. He laughed and said that he had a pair I could use if I wanted to. I told him that if he didn't mind I would take him up on that offer. He got them out for me and told me that I could go into the bedroom and change there. After I changed shorts I went back out into the room where he was sitting on the couch. We sat and began to talk. We talked for what seemed like hours. It was about one in the afternoon when Ben asked if I would like to join him for some linch. I told him that sounded like a great idea. He said we would light the grill out back and cook some burgers and drink a few cold beers while we wait. Well, it had been about ten years since I had a beer but I decided what the hell. I don't get to drink with an old friend that often. We grabbed a couple of cold ones and went out into the backyard. He had a big yard with a high privacy fence going around it and the patio had a large grill and chairs sitting on it. Nice place to sit and relax.

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   I sat down as he got the grill ready lit the charcoal. While he was doing that I opened a beer for the both of us. We sat and drank our beer and talked while the coals were heating up. After that beer was gone we decided to have another before cooking. I forgot how good a really cold beer taste on a hot summer day. We finished our second beer and decided to forget cooking we would rather just drink another beer. I figured what the hell my wife wasn't home and I had no where to go and noting better to do. It was still early in the afternoon and I thought I better not over do it since I still had to drive home at some point that evening. It was beginning to get very hot as the day went on. It was around one hundred degrees now as we sat and drank beer and talked. I told Ben that I had to get out of my shirt and cool off. He agreed and we both took our shirts off. It didn't help much but, at least we could feel a light breeze that was blowing around. Before I knew it we had drank five beers a piece. I was feeling good and so was Ben.

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   I told him that I better slow down or I would never make it home. He looked at me and said that if I wanted to I could just stay the night and sleep on the couch. I said ok since nobody was at home waiting for me. That was it for me we really started drinking faster then. I was having a blast. I haven't felt this good in a very long time. Before I knew it the time had passed and it was late evening. The sun was gone and it had started to cool down slightly. The beer that I had been drinking was really starting to get to me. I didn't drink very often and I was slowing down. I think Ben was about out of it too. I told him I was about ready to lie down for a while and try to sober up a bit and after a short nap maybe we could get back up and watch a movie or something. He agreed, he said that a short nap might do him some good as well. I lay down on the couch and Ben went into his bedroom. It felt good to lay my head down and relax.

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   The beer I had been drinking was making my head light and I just wanted to stay still for a while. I had just gotten situated on the couch when I heard Ben get back up and go into the bathroom in the hallway. After a couple of minutes passed I heard him open the bathroom door up walking out I raised my head a little bit and asked him if he was ok? He said he was fine just a bit drunk. I laughed and told him I was more than a little drunk. I haven't been this drunk in years. He laughed as he walked towards the couch where I was. He said that if I would be more comfortable I could lay on the bed with him, as he only had one bed. I didn't think anything about it and told him that I would like that. It seemed like an innocent enough offer. Little did I know what was about to happen. We both headed back to his bedroom and that bed looked really good. I was so drunk that I needed sleep to sober up. I felt sure that he was feeling the same way that I was at the moment. We made into his bedroom and I hit the bed. It felt good to lie back down and let my head settle down again.

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   He asked me if it would be ok if he took his boxers off before lying down. I thought to myself mybe he was like me and couldn't sleep with anything on. I answered  and told him I was ok with it. I told him I had a hard time sleeping in clothes too. He told me if I would be able to sleep better that he was ok with me taking of my boxers off too. I figured since we were sleeping under sheets that it would be ok but I wasn't sure what he would think about my shaved cock and ass. I ride a bike a lot so I keep it shaved for comfort. Then I thought it would be ok since I wouldn't be laying there in the open naked so that he had a good view. We both got out of our boxers (I took mine off under the sheets) and finally got to lay still. I was glad too because my head couldn't take much more. The room was almost spinning. After a few minutes I was about to fall asleep when I felt Ben turning over in the bed. The bed moved a bit but not enogh to completely wake me. I was on my back about to pass out when I felt the back of Ben's hand lightly touch the side of my hip. I thought that maybe he was sleeping and didn't realize what he was doing, I finally went off to sleep.

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    It wasn't long when I felt a hand touch my cock. I woke enough to realize what was going on. I wanted to get up right then and go back to the couch but I stayed still instead. I never thought this would happen to me. As far as I knew Ben was straight and I knew for sure that I was. I remained very still to see if he would realize what he was doing and move his hand. Instead he began to rub my shaved cock lightly and slow. I was still in shock at what was happening but at the same time it felt really good. I could feel my cock beginning to swell. Ben removed his hand from my cock and I felt the blanket sliding down off my body. It slid down until my hard shaved cock was exposed. I knew that he could see everything now. I felt his hand slowly move back onto my hard cock and he began to rub it lightly. I still wanted to get up but I just stayed right there. After this went on a few more minutes I decidee to turn over on my side facing away from him.

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   I thought that maybe he would stop touching me then. I turned and got still again thinking maybe everthing was ok. A few minutes had passed and I think he must have thought I was finally sleeping. I felt the bed move as Ben moved again. I didn't know for sure what he was doing until I felt his cock touch my butt cheek. I didn't know what to do except just lay still. I could feel his cock getting very hard against my ass. All at once I felt him slide away from me a little bit and I felt him start to touch my ass with his hand. I knew that he could feel my shaved ass then. I wondered what he was thinking about it. He continued to rub my butt slowly as if he was trying not to wake me. I just lay there letting him do what he wanted, it felt nice. I was surprised that I was enjoying it as much as I was. The longer he rubbed my ass the closer he got to my ass crack. I felt his finger finally slide up the outside edges of my crack.

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   Each time he would push his probing finger deeper into my ass crack and closer to my asshole. After a few minutes he spread my ass cheeks and began to lightly touch my nervous hole. I felt the pressure of his finger trying to go inside me as I lay there pretending to be sleeping. After feeling him play with my asshole for a few minutes my cock was so hard that it was throbbing . The next thing I knew he stops rubbing my asshole and gets out of the bed. I thought to myself "What the hell is going on now?" I thought maybe he had changed his mind and decided to stop and get up. I decided to go back to sleep and try to sober up. I closed my eyes and got comfortable again. It seemed like about ten minutes had past when I woke up to feel Ben getting back in the bed. I just lay still waiting to see what he was doing. He lay there for a few minutes I guess to see if I was going to wake up. I pretended to still be sleeping soundly. I then felt his hand on my uncoverd ass cheeks. He rubbed them gently for a few minutes before he spread my cheeks exposing my shaved asshole again. While he was gone my cock had gone soft but now I could feel it swelling again as he rubbed my asshole slowly putting more pressure on it.

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   He did that for a few minutes and he stopped again. All kinds of thoughts went thorugh my head as I waited to see what was next. I felt his hand spread my ass cheeks wide again. I felt him touch my open asshole but this time with something cold on his finger. He was lubbing my asshole up and slowly sliding his finger in and out of it. I felt him move closer to me now until the head of his hard throbbing cock touched my asshole. I didn't know if I could go through with what I knew was coming next. I just stayed still though and waited. I felt the head of his hard cock pushing harder and harder at my ass. He finally got it to open enough to get the head of his cock inside. It hurt but he stayed still to let me relax so that he could continue pushing it deeper. As I relaxed he went even deeper up my ass until his balls touched the cheeck of my ass. He gently stroked my asshole with all seven inches of hard cock. It was great. I could feel my cock throbbing to the point that I was about to cum feeling him in my asshole.


   He stroked deeper and deeper until I felt him flench as he shoot a huge load of cum deep inside my asshole It felt good and very hot. He stayed in my ass for a couple of minutes longer then slowly pulled out leaving my ass open wide full of hot cum. He rolled over and passed out finally. We woke up a few hours later and nothing was ever mentoined about what happened. We got dressed and I headed home. I'm sure that we will have another weekend of drinking and fun again someday. .