Just friends?


Ron was my best friend. He was cute and funny. When we started high school, everybody asked if we were 'just friends'?
we were but one day were were at the lake and i dared him to go in. he said he would if i did. so i stipped naked and he asked if he was supposed to. i told him he was and he said he didnt want to. then i took off his pants, exposing a huge boner. he blushed. i looked him in the eye and took him in my mouth.
i sucked until he came in my mouth. he thanked me and asked if he could return the favor. i tolg him he could fuck me up the ass. he got hard and got in my ass and humoed like crazy. it hurt but it was ok. he came and i could feel his cum drip out of me. he then put his fingers in my puss and fingered me.

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after i came twice i looked at my watch. it was time to go.
we never did that again. but if he wanted me to, i would. i mean, what are friends for?