Mandy and Nick take Anal Sex Toys to a New Level


Once he realised he was meeting no resistance to his idea, he was soon onto an adult sex toy site, and of course, we quickly found an "anal toys" section. My eyes opened wide as I was exposed to the most amazing array of butt plugs, beads, dildos, and lubricants I had ever laid eyes on. I knew such things existed, but the range was huge ! Of course, we had some money in the bank, and the credit card was soon out. Our little experiments were going to cost a little too much, but we saw it as an investment into our happiness. Firstly we added a small butt plug to our basket. It was obviously made for the job, and so in the end we grabbed a larger one as well. Then came the anal teaser kit, a small vibrator with a number of slim attatchments designed for anal play. Lastly, a tube of glow in the dark lube made it's way to the ordering page. It was a long week waiting for our package, but after 7 days it arrived, and it was better than any christmas. The toys were exactly like they had looked online, though it was so exciting to see them in real life. I started unpacking, it was weird, I hadn't imagined the toys in packaging, but then I've never been to a shop where such wares are displayed. First the small buttplug was unpacked, and I had to restrain myself from trying it out right away. It was smaller than I thought, about the size of my pinky, I knew it would slide up there straight away. the anal adventure kit was next, and I marvelled at the range of attatchments for the dildo, and of course I put in batteries and checked out the vibrations. I was amazed at the low buzz. Between us we soon had everything unpacked, and the rubbish out of the way, so we spread out on the bed to begin playing.

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  . . We undressed each other slowly, as is customary for us, taking the time to admire each others bodies, with plenty of sucking, licking and kissing as we went. Nick had worked out for so long his body rippled as muscles tightened and contracted while we rolled over each other. The lube was out in a flash, and the smallest plug was quckly coated in the goo. When we turned the lights out, it glowed eerily. We switched the bedside lamp on, illuminating us both with a soft light. I could see Nick checking me out, from top to toe, like most guys do. I don't usually talk myself up, but I did have a body to be proud of. I was slightly short, just 5'5", but I was slim, taught, and definately terrific. I was a natural blonde, had a 12C bust, with flared hips and killer legs. A pretty face completes my figure, and every guy I know has told me I'm 'cute'. Nick is taller than me, just over 6 foot, with a great athletic body, thanks to years of athletics. My figure was partly thanks to athletic work as well, as we had been running together for some time. His light brown hair was blonde tipped, above his handsome face, and running down his body he was almost a work of art.

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  . . Tight pecs, muscled arms, well defind abs, the cutest ass, and toned legs. He had an above average dick, around 8 inches, though he'd never let me measure. As such pleasantries were running through my head, Nick rolled me over onto my front and propped two pillows below my groin, raising my pert butt off the bed. I slowly slid my legs apart until he was greeted with his favourite sight - My smooth shaven pussy, with it's cute little lips parted ever so slightly. He was aiming to squeeze the butt plug into my ass with no resistance, but my virgin ass was so tight he pressed slightly harder, and with me relaxing, the amazing little toy slid right in. I was almost in a trance as I enjoyed the unusual, sexy feeling of a foreign object on it's way in. When I felt Nick's knuckles press firmly into my ass I knew it was all the way in. It was a great feeling, and to my surprise it hadn't hurt at all. Just like regular sex, the butt plug seemed to hit all the right spots, and it seemed a shame to just leave it up there. I grabbed the dildo and the thickest cover I could see, being covered with small bumps, and told Nick to fuck me up the ass with it. I didn't realise it at the time, but I was getting so turned on by the anal stimulation. Nick was taking his time finding the lube for the dildo, so i turned over to face him, just as he found it. he didn't bother waiting for me to move again however, and went straight to work.

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   My perky ass was still held up by the pillows, and I raised my legs veritcally to offer Nick the best angle for access to my ass hole. He slowly pushed the dildo into me, and this time I really had to try hard to relax, as the small nubs on the dildo rubbed my insides. He slowly eased it in and out of me, and I was building up to an orgasm from the anal stimulation alone. He was obviously noticed my heightened excitement because he quickened his pace as I marvelled at the wonderful sensations the anal play was giving me. As if it wasn't enough, He lowered his head to my pussy and started licking ! I was already so wet that he was practically drinking my juices. This had never fazed him before, and he lapped away like a pro, increasing my pleasure by a hundred times. His technique was wonderful, teasing my clit with his tongue, then running it down each side of my moist crack, dipping into my cunthole, and slurping his way silently back up to my clit which he licked, sucked, and rubbed, as I moaned louder and louder. As I got more excited, I encouraged him to keep it up, I never wanted it to end. "Oooh yeah, fuck my ass, Lick me sexy, you're so fucking good" He was happy to know his time hadn't been wasted and I was again surprised as he eased a finger up my cunt. My sopping pussy was dying for penetration, and I found myself grinding back against him with plenty of force. He took that as a good sign and pushed a second, then third digit into my cunt. He was stretching me when he added a fourth finger, but I was in a world of my own. The incredible combination of sensations was driving me wild, with a studded dildo up my tight ass, four fingers in my juicy cunt, and his tongue on my clit. My cries would have been heard a block away as I shuddered to a monsterous orgasm. It took a few minutes before I was calm again, and Nick cradled and stroked me slowly back from near unconciousness.

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   I was amazed at how strong my orgasm could be, and when Nick told me I had cum on his hand, I actually wasn't really surprised. As usual, I was still rather horny, which was a great thing for the both of us, Nick's cock being so teased by the happenings. he was sporting a massive boner, and while I had always taken his size, he had swelled to a bigger than normal state of arousal. To pay him back for his wonderful treatment, I pushed him flat on his back, and kissed my way down his body to his meaty pole. I teased him by licking around his balls, then slowly spiralled around his shaft to take his cock head into my mouth. He gasped as I sucked, working as much of his length as between my silky lips as possible. I worked his length with my hand as I slipped my lips over his hard dick, as far back along his rod as I could manage. He grunted and groaned as my second hand caressed his balls, giving him some indication of the all over pleasure he had treated me to. Soon he was getting really worked up, and I didn't want him to waste his boner on a blow job, so I rose from my position between his legs and straddled his dick, slipping it into my eager, wet pussy. He pushed his hips up to meet me, and held there while I slowly eased myself down his length. When he was all the way in, I began to build up a rythm, pumping my hot pussy up and down. He grasped my tits and sent shivers down my spine, massaging my nipples and licking them at intervals. I was really enjoying the ride, till he told me to switch positions. There was no way I wanted to stop, but I soon followed his orders and turned around, facing my ass to him. Lowering his cockhead, he penetrated my pussy with an easy stroke, and I could feel him press all the way in, his balls firmly against my lips.

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   He eased his dick in and out, teasing me with his big knob, rubbing it along my slit, across my clit, and then sinking it deep back inside me. I couldn't help but beg for him to fuck me as hard as he could. "Fuck me baby, you know I want you""I'll give you the fucking of your life, take all my dick" "Oh yes, give it to me baby""Fuck yeah. . . that's it, work your pussy on my cock""Oh baby, baby, fuck me harder. . . faster !"Of course, he couldn't help himself, and started to insert his thumb up my ass as we were so passionately tied. I was in heaven again as both holes were penetrated, and I forced myself back on his dick. I didn't realise it then, but he was just working my ass up to it's next challenge - the big butt plug. I was dissapointed when he took his finger out of my ass, but I felt so much better when i felt the slippery end of the big buttplug pressing at my asshole. It was bigger than his dick, though not by much, and about half as long. The contours along it's sides meant so many more good vibes shot through my body as he started to press it home. I had never had anything the size of this monster up my ass, but my horniness was no match for it, and up it went.


   Slowly at first, but once it was in up to the main width, he pressed it home, and my ass was stuffed beautifully with the plastic plug. My first real double penetration, and I loved every second of it. I had never felt so full of cock, and the feelings as Nick's dick rubbed against the butt plug were to die for. I was once again transported to another world as my body shook to a continuous orgasm, one after another, for more than a minute, when Nick pulled out, ready to cum. Disorientated as I was, I loved cum, and wouldn't let him waste any. He pressed his cock into my mouth, and after only a few brief sucks, he unloaded a huge wad of sticky come onto my tongue. I lapped it up and continued sucking, tasting my juices mingled with his along his meat. He spurted a few more times, cum slapping into my face, but I always recovered it and swallowed every last drop. I fell back onto the bed, and pulled him down onto me, asking him for more. He was all out he said, absolutely drained. There was plenty of fun to be had he hinted, and so, dropping my usual shyness, I began to play. My fingers roamed my smooth skin, from my nipples to my slit, and soon they were buried in my pussy alongside the buttplug which I couldn't bear to remove. It took another orgasm for me to settle, after which Nick removed the plug from my ass, and I almost came again when he did. We had dozed off before long, but the next morning we started again, because all of a sudden, our sex lives had skyrocketed. There was something about anal sex, especially double penetrations, that got me off so well.

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   Nick loved every second of it, and we're now looking for another man to join us for a real double penetration. I'll leave that for another story though !.
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