Stormy Passion


He moved in behind Tracy and took her hips with his hands, startled, she turned around to see who was holding her and came face to face with those deep blue eyes that had captivated her for the first time just a short two years ago. Boe smelled of stetson and earth and his muscles were tense from a hard days work. He pulled her in close to him and she could feel the strain in his pants and his already hard cock pressed against her abdomen. A large bang of thunder brought both back to reality and they went outside to further watch the storm. On the deck over looking the field Tracy and Boe had the best seat in the house to watch the supercelled storms roll over the flat land of Oklahoma. To Tracy storms were a huge turn on, all that power in the air and the smell of rain would seem to take over her body and make her more wet than the rain soaked ground. And of corse Boe never minded at all when a stormed rolled in, he loved to see his sweet wife all primal and uninhibited. As the lightning streaked across the sky and the thunder shook the ground Tracy turned her back on Boe and started to grind her hips against his semi-hard cock. Boe pressed harder into her and ran his hands all along her curvy body, stopping to cup her breasts and give her already hard nipples a slight pinch. Not long after they had started their dance the rain started to fall. Hard and heavy drops of sweet liquid fell from the sky and as the storm grew even closer Tracy grew more wet and hot from the feel of her husband and power in the air. In one swift movement she broke free of Boe's hold on her hips and ran into the rain shoaking her white dress. Boe stood and watched for a few seconds and Tracy danced in the rain, through her dress he could now see her nipples and the plastered fabric showed the V between her legs to where he soon knew he would be. Tracy stopped moving and looked at Boe with want and desire in her eyes and he slowly walked towards her. When Boe was just inches from Tracy he grabbed her and kissed her so passionately and so hard that it made her gasp in surprise. He cupped her butt in his hand and moved her against him to grind his cock into her hot mound.

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   Boe then reached down and pulled her dress up over her head and left her standing there naked in the rain. Tracy then reached up to pull off Boe's shirt. She ran her hands along the hair covered chest savoring the feel of his muscles. Next she moved to his belt buckle. Slowly and teasingly she removed his belt and undid his pants, letting them fall to his feet. His hard cock had already emerged from his boxers and was there waiting for her, soaked with the rain. Tracy let herself fall to the muddy ground, she couldn't wait to have that hard pulsing cock deep in her mouth. There was nothing she liked more than the feel of the soft skin on her tounge and the moans from her husband letting her know he loved what she was doing to him. As Tracy sucked and ran her tounge up and down Boe's cock he had her head in his hands and was holding her to him urging her to take it deeper and to move faster, he was getting close. Just before he thought he would be able to hold out no longer Boe pushed Tracy away and told her to stand up. He helped her up and in one swift move had her bent over the fence. As she arched her back in pleasure he ran one hand down her back while the other held on to her hip making sure she wouldn't move away. He rubbed her back and smacked her ass a few more times just to make sure he had settled down enough to start back up with her. He ran his hand down her back one more time and then quickly grabbed his cock and rammed it into her. Tracy screamed him pleasure, immediately moveing her his in time with Boe.

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   The rain running down her crack and the hard cock ramming into her was too much to take for very long. Soon she was cumming and cumming hard. Tracy reached back and grabbed her husbands hips holding him deep in her as she orgasmed. Boe grabbed her hair and pulled back on it and started to move his hips again. He felt himself getting close to cumming and pulled out of Tracy's pussy. Boe rubbed his cock up and down her crack hitting the clit and her anus. When Tracy was moaning loud again and thrusting her hips back wanting him in her, Boe moved his cock up and slowly pushed it into Tracy's ass. Boe knew Tracy liked this and took his time teasing her before he let himself go so he could cum as well. About five minutes passed before Boe was ramming his cock deep in Tracy's ass, he could feel the rain running down her crack each time he pulled out and went back in. Tracy had reached down and was moving her fingers fivorously over her clit and Boe had reached around to put two fingers in her pussy to make the feeling even more intense. Tracy orgasmed first sending convulsions all through her ass and pussy making Boe's cock go wild from the tightening and added friction. Soon he was cumming deep in her ass. He held on to her hip with one hand and her hair with the other pulling her head back so he could hear her moans better, then thrust one last time deep into her ass and held himself there, cumming for what seemed like and eternity. When he was finished he picked up Tracy and carried her to the house. The two dissapeared inside to continue with the stormy passion.

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