Teaching Them Not To Shoplift


I picked up the phone and called the store telling them I was on the caseand not to worry, I'd get the shoplifters. Then I took off for the store which, luckily, was right in the same concourse and level of the mall. I came around the corner and approached the store just as my two suspects were walking out. "Didn't you forget something, ladies?" I asked. "Who asked you?" snarled the one with light brown hair who I'd seen putting the addition merchandise in the bag. "Oh my God, Dee Dee! It's a security guard!" said the other, a very nervous looking blonde who appeared to be maybe a couple years younger than the other girl. "You're suspected of shoplifting. Come with me to the security office so I can verify that you have reciepts for everything," I ordered, taking both girls by their arms and leading them back to my area. "I told you we shouldn't do this Dee Dee!" whined the blonde. "Shut-up Dani!" said the other angrily. We got back to my office and I took them in the interview room to check their bag for the receipt. Of course, the extra jeans and top were in the bag without a receipt and I told them I would have to call the police to come and take them in. Then I asked that they show me their identification and they each produced a drivers license with their photo on them. They were sisters, and Dee Dee was about two years older than Dani. "Somebody else must have put that stuff in the bag," said Dee Dee while Dani just sat looking down, her lips quivering, on the verge of crying. "Would you like to see the security tape of you putting these items in the bag?" I asked with a little smirk.

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   That shut the little bitch up. Finally Dani spoke again saying, "Look Sir, isn't there anything we can do to keep from having you call the police? Our parents will kill us! This is so embarrassing!"I looked at their last names and address and realized they were the daughters of a very wealthy and influential couple in the city. "I'm sorry, I have no choice," I said waiting to see if there would be more negotiations. My cock had hardened a bit and my balls were tingling looking at these two high school age beauties. Dee Dee (actually Deanna) was eighteen, about 5 feet 5 inches tall, had soft brown hair over her shoulders, brown eyes, a beautiful face, and a hot body. Dani had just turned sixteen, was just a little shorter, had long blonde hair, blue eyes, a darling face, and slimmer hips than her sister, but a nice body as well. Dee Dee finally piped up and said, "Look buddy, if you don't turn us in maybe we'd be willing to have some "fun" with you, if you get my drift. What-dya say?" "You're saying you'll both have sex with me if I let you go?" I asked cautiously to confirm Dee Dee's offer. "Yeah. We'll show you a real good time," answered Dee Dee. "Are you in with this?" I asked Dani. She just nodded her head and my cock jumped. "Okay, but remember, I still have the video tape of you stealing from the store, so if you try to go back on the deal I'll turn you into the cops so quick it'll make your heads swim," I warned. "Don't worry. We both like sex," said Dee Dee.

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   Obviously, she was their spokesperson. I went out and locked the door to the security office, then went back down the hall to the interview room and found the girls had already stripped off their clothes. God, they were beautiful! Dee Dee had nice little titties that jutted out like perfect cones and a hot little ass to go along with an ample pussy mons that had just a strip of brown pubic hair covering her pussy lips. Dani had smaller breasts, but they were shaped similarly to her sister's. Her slim hips didn't make for quite as nice of an ass, but her pussy was perfect! It was covered with real fine blonde hair that couldn't hide her brooding pussy lips. "Well let's get started. Take that silly uniform off!" said Dee Dee brashly. I quickly pulled my shoes, socks and shirt off, then when I pushed my pants and underwear down at the same time my hard cock sprang out and bounced in front of the two of them. "I think we're gonna have some fun here, sis!" said Dee Dee with a smile. Dani didn't say anything but her eyes grew wider as she looked at my 8 inch cock. Dee Dee immediately dropped to her knees on the carpet and took my cock into her mouth where she swirled her tongue around the head and then bobbed up and down a few times. "He's delicious!" she exclaimed to her sister. "Why don't you try it?" Dani pushed her out of the way and slurped my throbbing cock into her mouth. Her tongue darted around on all sides of my shaft and then concentrated on that wonderful little notch in the helmet. I began to moan and then Dee Dee reached out and began rolling my balls around in her hand.

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   The fact that I hadn't had any in real sex for about a month didn't allow me wait around and I began pumping long spurts of cum into Dani's accepting mouth and throat. She kept her mouth on my cock until I had quit and she'd swallowed the whole load. "Well, looks like we got a horny one, Dani!" said Dee Dee. "Okay Stud, it's time to return the favor. "They laid on their backs, side by side, and opened their thighs. Oh my God! Those two pussies just opened up for me and I could even see Dee Dee's little clitoris peeking out at me. I straddled their two legs that were next to each others and bent down to Dee Dee first, taking a big lick all the way up her juicy slit, over her clit and back down as she moaned with pleasure. Then I went to Dani and did the same. Her clit was truly a little nub, but she seemed to react even more than her sister to my stimulaion. That done, I went back to Dee Dee's pussy with my mouth and tongue while I fingered Dani. I worked my tongue up and down, in and out of her hole, then concentrated on her clitoris. It didn't take more than a minute and she was moaning and shaking through a huge orgasm. I knew her clit would be sensitive right then, so I switched and went to Dani's pussy with my mouth while fingering Dee Dee's hole. Just as I suspected, Dani took less time than Dee Dee to cum from my tongues insistent attention to her pussy and clit. "God, you're pretty good with your tongue! Most of the boys at school won't even go down on us.

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   All they want to do is fuck and go home," said Dee Dee as I arose from pleasuring Dani. "How 'bout we find out how you do on us with that nice cock of yours?"I had recovered from Dani's blowjob by then and my member was fully erect. "Do you use the pill?" I asked. I sure as hell didn't want a paternity suit!"Oh, yeah! We've been on them since we hit puberity," answered Dee Dee. "Fire away!"That sounded good to me. I told the girls to get up on their hands and knees, next to each other and I'd do them doggy-style. My, what a beautiful sight! Those two asses lined up next to each other with one being blonde and the other brunette. But what interested me even more was that Dee Dee had a nice brown concave asshole while Dani's was like a flat, wrinkled little pink flower. I moved over on my knees and lined my cock up with Dee Dee's pussy slot and eased in. It slid right in to the hilt as she moaned in pleasure. "Oh, yes! You feel as good as you look!," she groaned. As I began pumping in and out of Dee Dee's cunt, I reached over and inserted my middle finger in Dani's waiting pussy and she moaned a little too. I pumped in and out of Dee Dee for a few minutes, then I started to pick up the pace until I was hammering away at a rapid pace. She was moaning and talking to herself and swinging her butt to meet my thrusts until she jammed her butt back hard and went stiff as another orgasm rippled through her body. I pulled out of her and she slumped forward a little while I moved over to Dani.

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   I placed my cockhead at her hole and began to push it in. She was tighter and it took a few gentle strokes before I had it all the way in. At that point she sighed and I took that as my signal to start to fuck this beautiful girl. I developed a good rhythm of fucking her and it didn't take more than a couple minutes before she began to shudder and shake as I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and then her warm juices surge over my cock as she came. I wasn't through yet. I still had one more thing to do with them. Besides, I'd only cum once and they'd both cum at least twice! I quickly moved over behind Dee Dee and pulled her upright on her knees, then centered my cock on that dark brown dimple, and began to push it in. "OHHH, MY GOD! I didn't know we were going to do this!" she grunted as my cock forced its way into her ass. She wasn't as tight as I expected, perhaps one or more of her boyfriends had already broken her ass in. Anyway, I soon had my cock all the way in her fairly tight ass and stopped for her ass to adjust. Hey, I'm not a total jerk! As I was waiting I reached over and stuck my middle finger back in Dani's tight little pussy and played with her asshole with my thumb while fingerfucking her. She didn't complain, only kept moaning softly with pleasure as I kept working my thumb around her anus and continued pumping her very juicy pussy. Dee Dee's ass had loosened a bit and I began pumping in and out. She groaned, but didn't complain about being fucked in the ass, so I figured she wasn't an anal virgin. In fact, she began to really hump back on my cock hard and I could tell she was about to cum.

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   I began slamming my cock in and out like a jackhammer and before very long she sighed real loud, then dropped her head down to the floor and pushed her ass back onto my cock before groaning and rotating her ass around my cock as she came, her sphinchter tightening on my cock like a fist squeezing a garden hose to stop the water. She shook and shimmied and twisted her ass around on my cock, fucking herself as her orgasm gripped her. Finally, it began to taper off and her ass slowly released its grip on my dick. It had felt like it was a dog-fuck in reverse, with the female tying to the male instead of the other way around, but I had purposedly not wanted to cum. I had one more job to do. I eased my dick out of Dee Dee's ass and she slumped flat on the floor with a satisfied moan. Then I moved over behind Dani and placed my cock, wet with her sister's juices, on her cute pink anus. I gripped her by her hips and began to push. My cock bent, painfully at quite an angle and wouldn't go in so I stopped. "I'm sorry, I've never done this before," said Dani apologetically. My resolve to teach her a lesson weakened and I asked, "Do you want to try it?""Oh, yes! Dee Dee's been telling me about it and I've got a little dildo that I've been playing around with and putting in there, but its not anywhere as big as your dick!""Look, let's try again, and this time try to relax and just let it happen. When it gets started, try pushing like you're going to the toilet and that'll help, okay?""Okay, but stop if it really starts to hurt me, okay?""Sure, honey, sure," I lied. "Okay, ready?" I said as I placed my dick back on her little asshole. "Ready," she said. "Alright, relax now," I reminded.

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  I began to steadily push and, surprise! The head of my cock popped in past her sphinchter muscle. I stopped. Dani was breathing heavily, obviously in some pain. "Okay, let's just let it get used to Mr. Happy before going any further," I said. About that time Dee Dee popped back up and said, "Hey sis, you're finally gonna try it, huh? Well, take it slow and believe me, you'll love it!"With that she crawled over and slid on her back underneath Dani's crotch. Then, reaching up with her head she began working her tongue on Dani's pussy and sensitive little clitoris. That got Dani going and I swear I didn't do anything and my cock slid in another couple inches! I stopped again, but I'm not sure I needed to since Dani's hips were moving up and back trying to pleasure her clit on her sister's hot tongue. I shrugged and shoved my cock in the rest of the way until it was buried to my balls which were snuggled up against the silky soft pubic hair of her pussy. I don't know how it got in there so easily because her ass was so tight it was unbelievable! I waited a minute and then began moving my cock out and in with little short strokes, slowly increasing the length of the stroke until I was actually fucking this hot young teen's ass. It was exquisite! I could feel her ass muscles grabbing onto my cock as I pulled out, as if to say, "No! don't leave!" then opening up to welcome it back in. It felt so creamy. Dreamy and creamy, I was thinking. Meanwhile, Dee Dee continued to work on Dani's pussy and once in a while she'd suck on one of my balls. This was an incredible experience! I'd never had two women at the same time and vowed to do it again sometime.

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  I kept fucking Dani's ass and was just starting to feel a tingle in my balls when she shouted, "OHHH, GAWD! I"M GONNA CUM!!!" and immediately began humping back on my cock harder and faster. This was too much for me and I came, spraying surge after surge of hot jism into her clutching rectum. Just as I finished, her orgasm began and her sphinchter really clamped down on my sagging cock. Once again I was tied to one of the sisters. After at least a minute Dani finally settled down enough that her ass released its grip on my cock and the poor guy slithered out of her ass and slumped down between her asscheeks. I was surprised when Dee Dee slurped it into her mouth and sucked it clean, smacking her lips when she was finished. "Good to the last drop!" she said cheerily. .

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