Getting to be friends - part I


Summer is always great. Being out of school and all of that. There are times when it can be a little boring too, and you're kind of wishing for something to do. Something different, instead of the same old thing. Last summer was a bit like that. I was feeling a little bored. I just went out for a walk around my neighborhood and I ran into Ron, a boy from my school. We lived fairly close to each other actually, just a few blocks apart, and we were the same age,but we really didn't know each other all that well. Ron was looking kind of bored, too. We got talking, mostly about not having a whole lot to do, and decided to walk up to where there was this small creek in a kind of woodsy area not too far from our houses.
We walked up the street, talking as we went, and actually hitting it off pretty well. Reaching a field we cut across that and headed up into the trees, finally reaching the creek. It was just a small creek, but the setting was kind of nice, water tumbling over rocks, and everything lush and green alll around, making it just an inviting place to get away from everything for a little while. The weather was hot, so we decided to doff our shoes and try the water. Inspite of how warm it was, and had been, the water was refreshing cold. We waded around for a couple of minutes enjoying that and then sat on the grass to let our feet dry in the sun.

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   Ron remarked how it was too bad that there wasn't more water, otherwise we could go skinny-dipping. Pointing out, in regards to the issue of privacy, that there was nobody around, and how nobody ever came out here. Which was true. Even if somewhat shyly, I admitted that did sound appealing. Giving the idea further consideration, Ron said something about how, even without the water being deep enough to skinny-dip, that it would be a whole lot cooler just having our clothes off. I agreed, and we both grinned kind of self-consciously, wondering if either of us was daring enough to do that. I told Ron to go ahead if he wanted, that it was ok with me, if he felt like it. Being as shy as I was, Ron said that he would if I did, too. I thought about it, more or less lacking the nerve. Although it did sound like fun, something different to do anyway, and there was nobody around. Also, not wanting to appear too prudish, I finally said that we could try it.
Already barefoot, it was only a matter of tugging our t-shirts off, and then sliding out of our jeans and underwear, which we did without getting up and making a big show of it. We both flattened out our jeans to sit on, and we sat there giving ourselves a moment to get use to it. Actually it did feel a whole lot cooler not having clothes on, and it was very pleasant feeling the fresh air and sun on my bare skin. Ron apparently liked it, too.

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   Sort of gaining confidence, we both stretched out our legs to lay side by side, leaning back on our elbows. There really was an inviting freedom to being that uninhibited and, I'll admit, a satisfaction in being that daring. Also it was just neat being able to be naked together like that as friends and just as boys. There was an appealing openness and honesty about it that was easy to tell that we both liked sharing. Something that, even not knowing each other all that well, promoted the natural feelings of friendship in a way that neither of us had ever managed to experience before, and that we otherwise never could have.
We talked for a little bit, both of us saying how good it felt being naked, how neither of us had ever done anything like this before, and casually admitting that it was pretty cool to be naked with a friend. Even, in so many words, that there was an agreeable male-chemistry about it that agin was interesting to expereince. Cautiously with both of us saying how if anybody saw us laying there together naked like that, would probably think that we were being totally gay. Yet, saying how stuff like that was different between friends, and how it did not mean that you wanted to be that way with all guys in general instead of with girls.
It was pretty neat having a philosophical discussion like that together as guys, and talking about liking our naked male-companionship, and being dismissing of the idea that it was gay. Which was probably a good thing. Talking about it so openly, made us aware of the warm male chemistry, and how desirable it was not to find it awkward or embarrassing. Rather, that it was a chance for us to experience that range of feelings in a friendship, which were natural but so seldom if ever explored by most guys, and to find it emtionally rewarding. As we laid there, we each began to find our feelings of friendship supplying the motivation to have an erection. It just happened, and there was no way to hide it, of course.

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   And in a way, neither of us wanted to. We both smiled self-consciously about our outward display as neither of us were able to prevent it.
It was not like being in the lockerroom at school, though, where you would be razzed without mercy if you got a hard on. Here, it was just the two of us, and just like getting naked, there was a wonderful freedom to feeling that response. It was something that we could both udnerstand and appreciate as guys. More, it felt so incredibly satisfying being able to let it show like that in front of another guy. I know that we were both surprised and a little taken back by just how successful our erections were. .
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