Rainy Day Pals Part One


It was about nine a. m. and starting to rain by the time I got to my friend's house. We had palnned to get toether and had talked maybe about taking in a movie or something that day. Ron answered the door looking about as glum as I did about the weather. He invited me in to have some coffee while we figured out what we wanted to do. His sandy hair was still dampish from the shower, and he had pulled on a t-shirt and pair of jeans, and was casually barefoot. The deck shoes that I had on were a little wet, so I kicked them off by the door, figuring that I might as well be comfortable and barefoot, too. We poured a mug of coffe in the kitchen and padded off into the living room of his small place to sit on the sofa and discuss what we wanted to do in regards to the fact that it was now raining pretty good outside.
"So," I said, "what do you want to do?"
Ron shrugged. "I don't know. I wasn't planning on this," he said, nodding toward the rain streaked window and dismal grayness. "Wait until it clears up, I gueess. It might later on. "
"Yeah," I agreed. Unable to come up with anything better I sighed.

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   "In the mean time, just sit around and be bored. "
"Mmm," Ron murmered. Still gazing at the window, he remarked, "Weather like this makes it a great day to spend in bed. "
I could not help but to grin over the unintended humor. "What? Together?" I laughed.
Ron smirked, realizing how that had sounded. "I can imagine how that would look," he replied.
"Well. . . " I said, being delibarately careless about it, "it's not like anyone would know. "
"No. I suppose not," he admitted, being practical about the issue of privacy. He then said with a dubious look, "Sounds pretty chummy. .

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  . two friends climbing into the sack together. "
I laughed again. "If it's just as friends. . . " I said, being dismissing of the idea that it had anything to do with it being Gay. Although, saying nothing about it sounding homosexually suggestive.
"It could be awfully friendly,"Ron said with a circumspect view as to that part of it.
I was enjoying having the upperhand in this mocking dialogue. Something that I seldom got the chance to do with Ron. usually he was too sharp and the witty one. "At least it'd be something to do," I pointed out.
Ron finally grinned. "I've never been that friendly with another guy before.


   Have you?"
I looked a little embarrassed. "No," I answered, being perfectly clear about that. I took a last stab at teasing Ron and getting the better of him. "But you're the one who pointed out that it would be a great day to spend in bed," I said with all innocence on my part, as if blithely unaware of it having any connotations, and like it wasRon who was the first one to bring up the homosexual aspect.
With a neglectful lack of concern, Ron said, "You never know. . . it could be fun. "
I could hardly believe he said that.
"What? Horny fun?" I questioned.
"Well. . . taking care of things. .

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  . as friends. . . "
I gave him a concerted look, not sure how serious he was being.
" Well, neither of are Gay, and we are friends," he said. Quickly he added, "And like you said. . . it's not like anyone would know. And besides, it's none of their business anyway if two friends feel like getting it off together. "
"True," I agreed, liking the way he put that. Pridefully, it sounded like striking a blow for friends' rights and just to thumb our noses at social conventionailty.
We looked at one another and grinned somewhat self-consciously.
The fact that we were sitting there, lounging on the sofa and feeling suitably bored, seemed to just naturally encourage a desire to be reckless.

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   And that we were both barefoot, which felt teasingly naked, promoted a desire to be uninhibited. More than either of us might have otherwise been.
"You never know. . . it might be worth giving it a try,"Ron said simply.
"Hoping into bed together?" I questioned.
Ron shrugged. "Taking off our clothes and at least getting onto the bed together. "
I gave him a suspicious look, wondering if he was just trying to see how far I would go.
"I guess it might be worth a try," I said cautiously.
We both grinned again with a kind of eagerness over the idea of enjoying some sexual fun.
More or less making up our minds, we got up and padded off to his bedroom. Not wanting to mkae it seem like a big deal, as if afraid that if we did, that we lose our nerve, we unceremoniously got undressed. Already barefoot, it was only a matter of tugging our t-shirts off and then balancing fist on one foot and then the other to slip out of our jeans.

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