This Is A True Story Of Bisex And Ethnic And Incest That Happened Years Ago


One day steve ,thats my friend, told me he had some new friends and said he wouldn't  be hanging around me anymore because they did more fun things. Well i got all upset and begged him to let me tag along. He agreed but told me i had to do what his new friends said . Okay  i said and the next day we went to the creek again. Tommy you wait here and i'll see if its okay. I was watching and these guys were the same age as us. One white guy and one black guy. Steve came back and told me if you want to be part of our club you have to pass a test  and then we went to the guys and i said i'll do anything to be a member. We smoked some cigarettes one of the guys had stollen. We didn't know what pot was back then. Steve said come on tommy and i'll show you what to do. There was a tree lying across the creek and steve started pulling his pants down and told me to do the same . I was a little scared but i wanted in. Lay across the tree and don't say anything. So we both laid over the tree and the black kid got behind steve and the other boy behind me. He took his finger and run it in my ass real slow and i got scared but i didn't say a word.

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   The guy then stopped and i could feel something else going in my ass . My little pecker was throbbing but i didn't know why back then. I then realized it was his dick and it hurt but it was fun too. I looked over at steve and the black guy was  fucking him pretty hard and fast. Then i noticed this guy was fucking me pretty hard and i tried to stop him but he just kept on. when they finished they laid down over the tree and said your turn but i didnt know what to do but steve was already fucking the black kid. So i pulled up my pants and left. This was friday when we did this so steve came over to my house saturday and we went into my room to talk. He told me the guys were pissed because i left and they told him to teach me what to do. He walked over and locked my door turned around and pulled out his dick and came towards me. Six months later we were a regular fuck team. We fucked each other alot and i learned how to suck cock. We all got to the point we started cumming and it wasn't a bad taste. The black guy enjoyed fucking me because i really got into it. The guys started hanging at my house and my dad started noticing we would disapear into the bedroom every once in a while.

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   My mother had been gone for a long time  and dad was lonely. We had gone to my room while dad was watching football but we were in there and the black guy was fucking me and dad walked in. We didnt notice because he was quiet. Over the last few months the black guys cock had grown alot but i could take it all. He would long stroke me and i loved it. When he shot his cum in me i had to scream and it scared dad and he made a noise. The black guy jumped up and as i was getting up dad pushed me back down and said he was next. He shoved his dick into me hard and fucked me till he shot his cum in my ass and then turned to the black  and said fuck me now so he did and while he was fucking him dad was cumming all over the bed. Steve came in and i dropped down to my knees and ask steve to  let me suck his cock. My dad fucked me about every day and every other day i would have to suck hid dick. My dad had never sucked a dick but wanted to try mine once and as i started to cum i grabbed the back of his head and pushed my cock to the back of his throat and he began to gag i shoot cum in his mouth. He swallowed some and then i had him hooked. He would suck my dick before i went to school and when i got home. He ran the other guys off so i would be his alone. I would have to do the other guys  early after school.

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   As i got older i finally got away from dad but the last i heard he had let steve move in. .