Wizards of Waverly Place Inescapeable Lust Chapter 2


Part 2 of the series. It still feels a little slow but bear with it, part 3 is miles better and part 2 really just moves the story on slightly. Apologies for this. Hope you all enjoy.

Chapter 2

Alex batted her eyelids and yawned, she stretched out her arms and legs to wake them up, when she heard a knock on her bedroom door, “hang on” she yelled stumbling around trying to clean up her mess a little; she threw a rug from in front of her bed over the stain, and threw her discarded clothes under the chair, quickly pulling an everyday pink dress over her otherwise naked body she fixed her hair a little giving it a shake and she sat legs crossed on the edge of her bed. She took a deep breathe, “Come in” she said calmly. Her door opened and in walked a very unhappy looking Justin. “Oh what’s wrong did the school cancel robot club?” she said in a sarcastic tone, laughing a little. Justin just stood at her with the same sad look. Alex’s heart sank a little and she became instantly sympathetic, “Justin what is it, what’s wrong?” Justin’s mouth quivered slightly, “Jul… Juliet” was all Justin could force out before he broke down and started crying. Alex, feeling sorry for her poor brother immediately leapt up off of the bed and wrapped her arms around him. “Its going to be ok Justin, I promise. Just let it all out and tell me what’s happened”. She walked him to the end of her bed and they sat down beside one another, Alex wrapped her closest arm around Justin’s shoulders and she let his head rest on hers.

Justin spoke as best he could, trying his hardest to force the words out. “Juliet… we were supposed to… but she di… we”.

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   Alex could read enough of the situation through her brothers broken words, she shushed him quiet and whispered softly into his ear. “Its going to be alright, couples break up all the time and it hurts, but that pain won’t last forever. I’m here for you; I promise I won’t leave you”. Justin took a long slow breath and spoke quietly, on my phone, “she found a fff…”, and his voice trailed of, his face flushed with embracement. “She found what on your phone, another girl’s number”? “No they were videos of, of” “Of what”? Justin rifled through his pockets and took out his phone handing it to Alex. She went through the options getting to the videos and she found what he had been hiding. “Justin it’s perfectly normal for guys to watch this kind of stuff. “I know but Juliet didn’t seem to agree, she said I was trying to distance myself from her. Alex sighed “Sometimes that’s because a guy is shy, or he’s not getting something out of the relationship. Have you two ever, you know”? She gestured the phone to him. Justin shook his head, “I wanted to but she said that she wasn’t ready so”. “So you got some videos to, keep yourself happy for a while”? Justin nodded. “Give it the weekend and see if she’s calmed down by Monday” Alex said with a hint of enthusiasm, and remember, if you ever want to talk I’m right here, ok. Justin nodded. Alex lightly kissed his forehead and she hugged him, holding him tight in her arms.

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The weekend was just as bad for Alex; after making sure her brother was ok she knew to give him some space to calm down a little and also she could figure out why she felt somewhat physically attracted to her brother. She hadn’t planned to see her boyfriend Mason, but she thought she would surprise him. She took a long hot shower to get herself in the mood, paying particular attention not to get herself off, she knew the more she wanted to the better Masons surprise would be. After showering she went to the family computer and went online, looking up sexy outfits. After a little searching she finally happened across a dirty girl gangster costume. It was a 4 piece costume comprising of a sheer striped bra top with connecting suspender, skirt, plus matching g-string, stockings and a tie. She looked at the model on screen looked at her self and nodded, “oh yes baby that will do”. She took a deep breath and recited her shopping spell, “that girl on screen looks nice to see, so now I want her clothes on me”, and with a flash of light Alex was dressed up and ready to go. She slipped on a pair of high heeled shoes and a full length coat and left for Mason’s. She made her way across town to Mason’s house, feeling kind of turned on only wearing lingerie underneath her coat. She remembered Mason’s parents were away on business today so it meant she could sneak in the front door, after she made sure he was at home. A quick text message and she confirmed her thoughts. Quietly sneaking inside she made her way up to Mason’s room, noticing the door was open slightly she peered through to see what Mason was doing. He was lying on his bed reading the current issue of Playboy. Alex decided to wait a minute before she surprised him.

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He flipped the page over and began reading out loud to himself, “10 tips for smouldering sex. 10 blindfold your partner 9 Instructions; let yourself be controlled; only she knows what she wants, 8 massages and sensual stroking can heighten her orgasms, 7 have her dress up sometimes playing a character is a good way to explore a deeper sexual fantasy, 6 tell her your fantasies 5 play a strip game, a deck of cards and some imagination are all it takes, 4 talk dirty but be careful with the swearing and name calling 3 try a new position, on top of a washing machine or a beanbag chair for example 2 sex toys enough said and finally number 1 Try a new place, at her work in a public place or even just another room of the house”.

Alex slowly opened the door, she tipped her hat forward a little to hide her face, and she slipped out of her coat, throwing it beside Mason’s bed causing him to jump. “Holly what the fua, I mean who are you”? Alex used a finger to tip the hat up revealing her face. “Alex thank god” Mason said breathing a sigh of relief. “What are you… wow”? Mason noticed Alex’s outfit and started to imagine all the things he wanted to do with her. “Well baby I’ve been having a really weird couple of days and I really wanted to see you, see if we could cheer each other up”. “So when you em you say cheer each other up”, Mason stammered. Alex wandered over to the bed and straddled mason resting herself on his growing excitement. She gently rocked herself forward and back, “I mean we can play some games and maybe even… oh I don’t know”, Alex spoke softly. She leaned forward and kissed Mason long and deep, they dry humped and kissed for a good minute or so till Mason looked at Alex wide eyed and surprised. “Oh god, hang on a minute” Mason blurted out. “Poor baby did you cum already” Alex said sarcastically. “No it’s not that” Mason protested. “I just remembered I have to call my friend Jonathan about staying over with him next Friday, do you mind”? “Go ahead, but don’t be too long or I might have to entertain myself”.

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   Alex rolled of Mason and playfully pretended to finger herself moaning loudly, “Mason, oh god Mason yeah your cock is so big inside me”. “Yeah whatever, give me a few minutes and I’ll really make you say it”, “Mason left the room and Alex lay on the bed laughing. Her in patience grew as she waited and she eventually picked up Mason’s playboy and flicked it open to the letters section. Two and a half letters and a slighter bigger wet spot later Mason returned and sat on the bed next to Alex. “I only buy that for the articles you know” Mason smiled. “You bastard” Alex growled back at him. “Did you really think I wouldn’t find out your secret”? Mason looked at her with shock, “Alex I swear to god it isn’t true”. “Really listen to this” she snapped. “Dear playboy I’ve been with my girlfriend for a couple of months now and we rented a sexy DVD to spice up our bedroom life. After watching a double penetration scene she got incredibly horny and we fucked harder and better than we ever have. That’s why you called Jonathan, isn’t it? You think just because I said he was cute once it gives you the right to whore me out to him”? Mason replied in confusion Alex I swear to god that isn’t my letter, I”. Alex lost her serious look and burst out laughing. “God you’re so gullible aren’t you”? Mason pulled her on top of him throwing the magazine across the room and the slapped her hard across her ass. “Mmmmm” “You think that’s funny Alex? “Mmmmm, what you can’t slap any harder”, Alex dared him on. Seeing she was getting turned on Mason stopped and rolled her off of him again.

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   “Mason what is it, I’ve been a bad girl and bad girls deserve to be punished don’t they”? Alex begged him. “If your punishment is pleasing it’s not a punishment, so what can you do that will make you behave better”? Alex spoke in a playful tone” well I don’t like giving blowjobs, it doesn’t feel good when you cum in my mouth… oh no” “Alright then if you behave like a bitch you can get fucked like a bitch, blow me”. “Alright if it will make you happy”, Alex said pretending to be upset.

She turned herself around and got up on her hands and knees, unzipping Mason’s pants and pulling them down along with his boxers. Mason’s cock sprang free and Alex gripped the base firm, gently stroking him. She used her other hand to massage his balls. Mason lay back relaxed on his bed, “That feels so good, but if you don’t start sucking Ill make you watch while I fuck Jennifer Love Hewitt”. Mason had always had a thing for Jennifer ever since he first saw her in Ghost Whisperer. “Please don’t baby, you know I only want you to fuck me”. Alex licked Mason’s long hard cock all over, teasing the head with her tongue. She planted a soft kiss on top before opening her mouth and sliding his cock inside her. “Mmmmm that’s what I like Alex, only bad girls suck cock” Mason moaned. Still playing with his balls, Alex bobbed her head up and down, her tongue warm and soft against his sensitive shaft. Alex steadily increased her speed, sometimes letting herself deep throat him before continuing to slurp and tug at his shaft. She increased her speed again and Mason was moaning louder and louder, Alex stopped playing with his balls and moved her now free hand onto Mason’s chest.

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   She steadied herself as she sucked and sucked moaning loudly, this caused slight vibrations on Mason’s cock which forced Mason to grip his bed sheets tightly, almost screaming the words, “Oh god Alex I can feel it baby, I’m going to cum in your sweet little mouth you filthy nasty whore”. Alex stooped moving her head and just let her lips clamp down around Mason’s cock as she furiously tugged him. It only took a few moments for Mason to explode in Alex, moaning at the top of his lungs as he did. She tugged and tugged till she was satisfied that every last drop of his essence was in her mouth. Getting up onto her knees she made eye contact with him playfully letting some of his cum trickle out the corner of her mouth. She swallowed his juice and licked the excess off of her lips while looking down at Mason. “I’m sorry I was a bad girl, I hope that made it all better, did it”? She asked in her best little girl voice.

Alex jumped a little as she heard someone clapping, turning round to look she saw Juliet standing in the doorway wearing a leather dominatrix outfit with a riding crop and handcuffs hanging from her waist. Alex already knowing the answer had to ask the question, “what are you doing here”? Answering in a sarcastic I caught you with your pants down tone Juliet replied, “Oh Alex, poor gullible Alex, on your knees like a slut”. Alex’s face changed from confusion to anger. “You really didn’t know did you? I have been cheating on your brother with Mason for as long as you and Mason have been dating”. “YOU WERE YOUSING JUSTIN”!? Alex screamed.
“Not at first sweetheart, but to tell you the truth your brother is a whiny bitch and Mason, well you’ve just sucked for yourself haven’t you”? Alex growled and leapt at Juliet slapping her clean across the face. “HOW DARE YOU? YOU FUCKING WHORE”! Juliet’s head turned and snapped back just as quickly, she grabbed Alex by her neck chocking her slightly, Alex quickly threw a hand up to slap Juliet again but anticipating this she grabbed Alex’s arm and spun her whole body around to face Mason pinning her arm behind her back. Juliet’s grip was tight, vampires being stronger than humans meant that Alex wouldn’t be going anywhere, her body went numb and she couldn’t move and she struggled to breath.

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   Alex shuddered as she felt Juliet’s fangs running over her shoulder to her neck; the electric tingle would have been nice if it wasn’t being mirrored by overwhelming fear. Alex desperately tried to release Juliet’s grip on her neck with her free hand but it was all in vain. Juliet shushed Alex and told her not to struggle, while Mason looked on with absolute lust as his Vampire mistress controlled his now ex girlfriend.

Alex relaxed her body a little and Juliet released her grip just enough to let Alex breath easily. “Listen Alex I know it hurts to find out like this but trust me its better if you leave Mason to me. Mason likes being dominated and controlled. As much as he would have liked you to be your simply not dominatrix material. Juliet turned Alex around and pushed her out Mason’s room. She promptly retrieved Alex’s coat throwing it into her hands. Tell Justin there’s no hope of getting back with me and he shouldn’t have been a spineless baby in the first place, good bye Alex”. With that Juliet slammed the door in Alex’s face. Alex stood in the hallway in complete shock. Hearing Mason squeal as Juliet was doing whatever to him snapped Alex back into reality. Alex tried everything she could to hold back the tears, only letting a few escape. She knew there and then why she felt the way she felt about Justin, and now it was time she did something about it.

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