the beginning with sara


This is the first story in my series which although not all the events in it really happened (many are real) yet all the persons in my story are real and I know them pretty well and had sex with most of them which enabled me in writing the fantasy parts in the story as if its true.  
I was lucky to be a member in a group of 7 friends all of which are sexy girls and me the only male,   yet I never had sex with any of them as they thought of me like a brother until two years ago when all of this changed thanks to the first member of the group SARA.
The story began when Sara’s boyfriend cheated her and as usual Sara came to me to talk. At the time of this story Sara was 20 years old hot girl with slim white body and brown hair, She was a C cup great feet and the most flexible body I ever saw. So when Sara called me crying and informing me of what happened and telling me she will pass by me to pick me for a ride I couldn’t say no to her although I was really hot and was watching sex movies and for my bad luck she arrived before I cum so I was going crazy. When I went down with her she asked my to drive and she laid down next to me, and I couldn’t remove my eyes from looking at her sexy feet as she puts it next to the radio and increased the volume I was going mad and wasn’t listening to any thing she was saying only imaging her and she seems that she noticed as she kept moving her feet and teasing me and I noticed a smile on her face and she moved her feet next to me.
Sara: why r u looking at my feet that much? u r not listening to me?
me: No am listening just had to look when u used it on the cassette
Sara: You do like feet don't you?
me: mmm. . yea although am bit shy about it, I know you wont understand it
Sara: are mine good enough?
she had it polished
me: to say the truth. . I cant stop looking at it and fantasising it in my mind. . its gorgeous
Sara: you can touch it if you want
me: Sara stop teasing me
she laughs and hit me with her   I moved my hands on her feet and slowly touched it and while driving she moved her feet slowly up my body to my mouth I licked her big finger and I was going mad but couldn’t stop on this high way.
Me: Sara stop it, I wont be able to stop my self
Sara: who asked you to stop
She then started smiling and moaning with the most gentle voice I ever heard and she moved her different fingers to my mouth and her feet looked really sexy with this red polish and It tasted like the most delicious thing I ever tasted it. And she moved her feet suddenly to my cock and started rubbing it from over the jeans she suddenly moved her whole body and bent down to open my slippers as she bent I saw her boobs and I was hard like a rock. She opened my slippers and with her soft hands she took my cock out and started sucking it softly moving her tongue slowly and I started to think I want to think her boyfriend who cheated her and made her do this .

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Sara: I never thought your cock is so delicious, never thought we would do this
me: you were always my As my cock became wet with her spit she moved back again and started rubbing my cock fast and strong with her feet I couldn’t drive and we can crash any time now but she didn’t care she liked me going crazy I stopped although this was could have made us a big problem if a police car passed by but it didn’t mean anything to me I was CUMMMINGGGG as I never cummed before her feet was covered in my white sperm and I closed my eyes and rest for a moment while she was laughing .
Sara: ohh my god, you were dammed hot
        : your cum looks good between my  feet fingers, I wonder how it tastes
And with one finger she took a bit of my cum from her feet and put it in her mouth to taste it and made a sound of joy she then put her feet with remaining cum back in her sneakers. Although I begged for more that day she just made me drive home and let me down while laughing and tell me this enough for today it was a big step in our relation and we need to think about it. She drove away and went to my room not believing what just happened my heart was beating hard when she called me on 30 min later.
Sara: hun I wanna you know one thing
Me: Sara, I know this wasn't meant to be and. .
Sara: ussshhh. . I just squirted thinking of you. . I enjoyed it. .
Then said good night and her cell was turned off but I knew this was not the end it was just the beginning.  
Although she was always like a sister for me and always thought of her as an angel in the coming parts you will know how wild she turned to be and thanks to her cheating boyfriend who turned her to this she was eager to try nearly everything.
The next day we were set to go to the pool me, Sara and many others I couldn’t believe I will see her again today I didn’t sleep since yesterday thinking of her and what will happen between us.

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   I called her to pass by she told me she will meet me in the pool and we didn’t open the subject. I arrived first and I laid down waiting for her to arrive and I was stunned by how hot she appeared that day she had olden dress on which I knew she is wearing the yellow bikini I love below it.
She came direct to me and asked me to go with her to get something from the locker I nodded and went with her as soon as we entered the locker room she closed the door and kissed me we kept kissing fast and short kisses then I went down on her neck taking her dress off as well as my swimming suit.
Sara:hun I need you. FUCKK MEEE babe
ME: sara, you are bitch and smiled
she moaned and her breath became faster
She laid back on a table and closed her feet behind my back pushing me towards her and she me go to her ass she was tight that I couldn’t stop and was harder with every moan. She pushed me back and squirted and her body started shacking and it was my turn my load was to come out so she quickly forced me into her mouth so that she gagged as I shot all my load in her mouth. We both were tired and she said one word that turned true she had a lot of plans for us and we will target the rest of the group too.
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