The new master


I stood and waited on the corner. The light turned to a hand, and I walked across the street, leaving little drops of liquid behind me, from my excited body. I was 29, and I had realized at the age of 16 that I was a whore. I had realized that I lost my hymen, and had started fingering myself. Soon, my fingers weren't enough, luckily at the age of eighteen, in college. I bought a dildo, a small one, and fucked myself almost every day.
I logged onto porno sites, and soon found a master who was looking for a female slave, in my area. He said that he wasn't interested in whips, or floggers, but huge dildos and stuff like that. I knew quickly that I needed him. I emailed him, and went to visit him at his large mansion. He took me upstairs for the Test, why it is underlined, I don't know. Let me tell you about myself, my name is Chelsea, I am 5 feet 9 inches, and I have D cup boobs, which perfectly fit my bubble butt, but my best part is my legs, long and tan, a lot of people bump into me to feel them, I shave once every two weeks, so they are as smooth as silk.
Once I got to the mansion, I sat on  his bed, tied to the posts on the corners. He put in a butt plug, and then a small dildo, about 6 inches. He put a thong on me, and asked me to take a walk with him. We walked around for a while, and I orgasmed about twice.

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   When we got back, he said I was perfect, and took out the toys, giving me a list of rules:
No orgasming or pleasuring yourself
No sexual activity
Do everything I say
Wear the bands
Only do anything with yourself at my demand, including showering, masturbating, shaving, eating, drinking, etc.
Tweak your nipples every two hours.
Wear only what I tell you to.
I sat and waited for him as he did something behind me, and soon he pushed me onto my back, and put an 8 inch dildo in me, and a small butt plug, which he started to inflate with air, until it fit all the crevices. He pumped once more, and stopped the airflow, asking me to get up. I tried, but couldn't, the butt bag was pushing my nerve endings, tickling and playing with my body. I managed to walk to the door, and said, "See you next week, master. "
One week later, I walked back in, barely able to stand. He uninflated the butt bag, and tald me where to put my belongings, as I was moving in for maximum fun. He quickly undressed me, and we made love for a while, his cock was about 9 inches long, and wonderfully satisfying. He told me what he liked. He liked different scenarios, and to make porno films where he ties up a slave, and fucks her brains out. He also liked to put a dildo in me, and walk me around town on camera. He would rent me out, and I would do shows and gangbangs, but my safeword was lamp. I was going to have at least 2 feet of dildo in me, and he loved seeing a huge dildo go into me all at once.

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   I loved him staright away, but still had to ask what he would do to punish me if I was naughty. He showed me his dungeon, A huge room, complete with a huge X and some fucking machines. He said that for a certain time period depending on how bad I was, I would be fucked by a machine for a couple hours. If I backtalked to him, I would be fucked for 6 hours, and so on. He then led me out to a barn, where many animals were contained, and said that I would be doing many shows for him with his pets.

Here I am, two weeks later, getting my brains fucked out for telling him not to give me a dildo the sixe of my wrist around. He had just taken me downstairs, and said, "2 hours" then left. I am now getting my brains fucked, as he put it in my ass, and the burning sensation is not subsiding yet.

I will write more, but only if I get some comments telling me ideas. Thanks, and I am still a beginner! I love getting emails of women with dildos and butt plugs all the way in, so please email me at pain_gore@live. com