threes a party at the park


It began back when I was 13 and getting ready to go into jr. high.   It was Summertime and all the kids were away at some type of Summer camp and what not so I was given the option of staying with my little brothers babysitter.   Being bored with no one around I agreed.   At the sitters, there were quite a few of us of varying ranges and I was one of the oldest which made it kind of boring, but it passed the time during the long hot days.  
The eldest daughter of the babysitter was Lynn.   She was 14 about 5' 6" and about 120 lbs.   Her body was tight and athletic.   She had brown hair, brown eyes, a nice rounded ass and perky full red lips.   The lips are what I remember most and at the time as they were Angelina type lips that you can't help but imagine what they would look like wrapped around your cock.
There was nothing unusual with our friendship.   This was a hot summer and we were often relegated to watching movies are staying indoors during the day as it was too hot outside but sometimes we would play with the other kids sometimes breaking out our swimming suits and running through the sprinklers or going down to the community pool.    But my fondest memories were going down to the park meeting up with our friends and just chilling out.  
It was on one of these days where the kids were all into doing the puppet shows and other things that little kids do and was quite boring so Lynn and I decided to go down to the local park.   Her friend Helen was going to meet us down there and hang out.   On the way down there, Lynn surprised me with her unusually forward talk.

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    She kept telling me what a nice ass I had and kept walking behind me and pinching me in the butt.   At 13, I wasn't real sure how to respond so I just shrugged it off and walked on.   Once we got there, Helen was already there.   The playground was deserted and there was this one apparatus that was somewhat enclosed with holes in it.   (Would make a great fort, but mostly it was a good place to hang in the shade and keep cool)
The conversation was normal.   Mostly, I would just listen to them chat about what guys they like.   I was sitting on one of the benches inside this fort and looking up through a peephole minding my own business and faded out not really listening to the girls anymore when all of a sudden I felt a hand reach up and grab my crotch.   Again, not really sure what to do, I just kind of let it go.   The hand was really working at my shorts and I was really beginning to enjoy myself as my dick came to full attention.   I was really getting worked up and decided to get down into the enclosure and Lynn had said that I should show them my package.   I was a little shy but she said they would flash me if I flashed them.   I agreed.   She went first showing me her perfectly shaped B sized tits with perfectly formed, erect nipples.   I wanted to just reach out and grab em, but she was several feet away and she really only gave me a short show.   Next it was Helen's turn.

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    Now I would have to guess her to be 5' 8" about 150 lbs.   She was a little on the chubby side, not fat by any means, and really cute.   She had long straight thick blond hair and blue eyes.   She was lying on her back and lifted up her shirt.   Her tits were very large and were too heavy to stand out and flopped off to the side.   She held her shirt up for quite a while and I was quite impressed.
Next it was my turn.   I was a bit nervous and wasn't sure I wanted to show off myself as I had never done so before, however, I was so freaking horny, my dick was doing the thinking for me.   I pulled down my pants and showed off all my glory.   It had only been about a year since I started getting my pubes, but I was already a good 6 1/2" long and perportionally thick.   They both immediately went red with a combination of embarrasment and curiosity.   Lynn asked me if she could touch it, but again my shyness was fighting my urges and I told her, I wasn't so sure.   She said please and that she just wanted to know what if feels like.   So I made a deal with them.   They could do whatever they wanted to me.

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    I would sit on the bench with my head out the top hole as a lookout, but they had to make me come in the end regardless of what they did.   They both excitedly agreed.   
I pulled my pants down to my ankles and poked my head out I immediately felt a firm grasp on my knob and could tell it was Lynns hands.   She started stroking it and although it felt good it was erratic and did nothing more than make me more horny.   Next it was Helen's turn.   Her hands were very soft and she gripped my member with a very gentle grip that again felt nice, but I was hoping for more.   They took turns grabbing it, pulling it, flopping it around giggling and whispering the whole time.   Eventually they moved down and started playing with my balls.   One would message them while the other stroked.   They continued the messaging for what seemed like forever but in reality probably lasted about 5 or 10 minutes.   That is when I felt something wet touch my now aching knob.   This was Lynn who was now licking the tip of my head and running her tongue along the length of my shaft and down to suck on my balls.   that was Helens cue and she took my dick and swallowed it whole.   I was now in heaven.   Helen was blowing me like her life depended on it bobbing up and down with quick full length motions.

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    I just looked ahead, closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling.   It wasn't too long before my balls started to twitch and I felt as though I was getting ready to come.   This is when I heard a zipping sound.  
I looked down and Lynn had taken her jean shorts off and was trying to get Helen's shorts down.   Lynn immediately attacked Helen from behind.   From my angle it looked like she was licking her ass, but soon Helen turned over revealing a very nice cunt with a small mound of blonde pubes.   Lynn was going to town and I got a front row seat and was absolutely mesmerized.   Not only was this the first pussy I had ever seen, but watching Lynn eating Helen out was just an awsome sight to behold.   She alternated between licking up under her clit and taking the hood and all in her mouth and sucking hard.   Helen was moaning and bucking wildly as she was climaxing on Lynns beautifully formed lips and long gifted tongue.   Lynn was a champ taking in all that Helen had to offer as her juices flowed vigerously during an intense orgasm.   Once Helen calmed down, Lynn looked a bit alarmed and barked at me that I am supposed to be making sure no one can see us.   So I put my head back up through the peephole wondering if they were going to honor our agreement.  
That was answered with a heavy push up against my dick.   Helen had grabbed hold and Lynn had bucked up against my member pushing her cunt up around my member.

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    Once the head got in, she started slowly backing into me going in and out with short stroked.   She backed in a little further and then I heard a wimper from her.   I asked her if she was ok and she said she would be fine.   I tried to pull out of her, but she said she was fine and not to move and let her do all the work.   After about a minute she started again and started out slowly.   She had her hands on the bench in front of her and pushed off thrusting herself onto me while Helen held on to her hips for stability.   After about 3 minutes, I started to push in with my hips.   This caused Lynn to start moaning louder and louder.   I grabbed on to her hips and started in on her harder and harder.   The harder i thrust, the more she moaned until I felt her already tight pussy grab onto my dick so hard, I felt it difficult to keep up my rhythm.   I knew I couldn't hold up much longer and announced that I was going to come.   She said just hold on 30 seconds and I did.   Lynn then stopped and pulled herself off of me.   I was surprised and a little annoyed because I was ready to just explode like an atom bomb.  
Lynn said it was Helen's turn and that she was on the pill so it would be safer anyways so I didn't accidentally get anyone pregnant.

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     I told Lynn it was her turn to look out.   I put Helen on her back, lined my dick up with her pussy and pushed in with all of my might.   I pumped her so hard she started sliding along the ground until she could steady herself against the bench behind her.   It took all of 2 minutes and I pulsed and exploded filling up her soaking cunt with my semen.   Once I put in my final push, I felt I couldn't move and just layed there until my dick softened up enough to fall out of her pussy.   Lynn said, "Its my turn now" and went back for more on Helen, eating my come out of her hot hole.   I was a mess and Helen told me to come over to her while Lynn cleaned her up.   She grabbed my dick and lowered it into her mouth as she gently cleaned me off.  
We got dressed and went back to Lynn's house.   My legs were weak as though I had already walked 10 miles, but couldn't wipe the grin off my face.   The girls teased me about that on the way back.   The next day was the first day of school.   I would go back to my home after school and my brother would go to his babysitters.   Lynn, Helen, and I parted ways after that never talking about the incident again, but it is truly one that I will never forget.

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