My life with bobby Chapter 2


"Yes! yes, keep sucking me sis! Put my balls in your mouth". By the time I was 8 Bobby, my brother, and I had had oral sex many times but Bobby hadn't as yet experienced an actual climax. This was to be his first. I gripped his cock harder with my lips and added more suction. I could feel his cock twitching in my mouth wanting to explode. I kept sucking him and desperately wanting him to experience the thrill of which I had been experiencing ever sense that first time two years earlier. My mouth was getting sore from all the sucking but I didn't stop, I wouldn't stop. I wanted him to cum, to cum in my mouth. I wanted him to feel the sensations of that first climax. "Oh sis! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum so hard" Bobby groaned as he held my face against his groin. His dick had grown in the 2 years sense I had first held it in my mouth and I could feel it against the back of my throat. We were in my bedroom and our parents were downstairs presumably watching TV. My brother was on his back lying on my bed as I continued my ministrations to his dick. We had long sense stopped calling it a penis and my cunt a vagina. We had learned the new words from an x-rated magazine that Bobby got from one of the older boys at school. We had learned a lot sense those first stumbling moments described in chapter 1.

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   Bobby's salami, (he liked calling it that) was hard and hot in my mouth. My saliva was running down his dick and soaking his balls as I slid my lips up and down past the bumps and rings of his boyhood. I shuddered with the his first powerful push as he began to climax. I knew about the cum that came out an adult's penis and was anticipating my first taste of it. Unfortunately and unknown to me Bobby wasn't quite old enough for seminal fluids. His body was stiff and pressed tightly against my face and lips as his first ever climax took control of him. When his dick finally stopped twitching and he slid from my mouth I turned my head to smile at him only to discover that he had passed out from the experience. I thought he was dead or something and momentary panic sat in as I wondered what I would tell our parents. What would I tell my parents, our parents? Bobby lying on my bed, his pants down past his knees. I couldn't very well tell them that I had been sucking my brother's dick and it killed him!Bobby began to stir and I was relieved that he actually wasn't dead, just passed out. I smiled at him and then slid his now soft dick back in my mouth for a last little taste. "Oh sis, that was fantastic. That's what it feels like to cum?""Yea big brother," I said, "That's what cumming feels like. " I smiled. Bobby sat up and I sat down beside him.

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   His hands began to stroke my legs slowly and I spread my legs open. His eyes stared at my bare pussy and then back at me. " Want me to do you now?" he asked. "Yes please"I leaned back on the bed and Bobby positioned himself on his knees between my legs. My tiny twat was already wet from sucking "The Salami" and bringing my brother to climax. I closed my eyes and felt my body tremble in delight as soon as I felt the touch of my brother's tongue on my clit. Bobby had by now learned the best techniques for sucking my tiny twat and I was already nearly over the edge. With thoughts of his penis in my mouth and my memory of the pictures from Bobby's magazine fresh in my head my climax rushed over me after only a few licks. My legs griped his head as my twat quivered to it's goal. Suddenly without warning I began to pee all over Bobby's face. At first I didn't realize what was happening and when the realization hit me it was too late. Bobby was covered in pee and it dripped down his face. "What'd you do that for?" he gasped as he jumped from between my legs "Yuck, that was disgusting"I just giggled as I watched the urine fall from his face and hair. "Sorry".