OK Mom Part One


This summer I was staying over at my mom's for the weekend. It was Saturday morning and the two of us had just gotten up. Mom made coffee and we took our mugs into the living room. I had on t-shirt and boxers, which was pretty normal for me. Mom had on a short cotton night shirt. Well, as we're sitting there, I sort of notice how transparent her night shirt is. I mean, I can see the dark circles of her nipples showing through. I sort of grinned and mom realized. She grinned back modestly.
"I didn't think it was that see-through," she said.
I tried to act casual about it. "Well, it's just the two of us," I pointed out.
"I know," she admitted somewhat demurely. "But I didn't mean to let everything show. "
"You're sitting down," I teased. "I can't see everything.

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Mom just laughed, finding it amusing. Just for fun she flipped up the bottom of the night shirt to flash me a quick glimpse of dark pubic hair. I stared with sort of wide-eyed surprise over her doing that.
"Well. . . " she excused innocently. "I just thought that you'd like to see everything. "
"I thought that you were going to take it all off for a moment," I said.
She gave me an amused sort of look. "Did you want me to take it off?"
I could hardly believe that she had asked me.
"I didn't think that boys were suppose to ask their mothers to do things like that," I said.
"You're over eighteen," she pointed out. "And it's not like anyone is going to see. " She added, "I mean, if you feel like seeing your mother naked.

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"That could be exciting," I admitted, not quite sure if she was really being serious or not.
Without another word, mom pulled her night shirt up and over hear head, tossing it aside on the sofa. She gave me this sort of smug, pleased-with-herself look. I stared. There were her round breasts right there for me to see, sloping down, with each punctuated by a fairly large cherry-pink nipple. And she had quite a patch of dark pubic hair. Her figure was quite trim and nice. It was the first time that I had ever seen her naked. I felt self-conscious to be sitting there staring at my mothers naked physique. Yet, she was the one who had playfully put it on display.
"Are you disappointed?" she asked expectantly, wanting to know what I thought.
"No," I answered. "You look great. "
She smiled proudly.
Then she laughed and teased, "Is it giving you a hard-on?"
I blushed.

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   "It might. . . " I admitted.
"Well, I can't tell. You have your clothes on," she said quite matter of factly.
"What should I do? Take my clothes off?" I questioned.
"I wouldn't mind," she said.
It was kind of funny. Mom was in this playful mood. I figured, why not indulge her.
I tugged my t-shirt over my head, and then slipped down my boxers. My penis was hanging there soft, but that quickly began to change, and I let her watch as it started to become erect, wondering what her reaction would be.
"It's kind of fun seeing my son with a hard-on," she remarked, eying my upright length.
"It's kind of fun seeing my mother naked," I said back.

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We both grinned with a mischievous delight.
"You know," she told me demurely, "if you wanted me to take of that for you, I wouldn't mind. "
"Take care of it?" I questioned, unsure.
"You don't have to worry about getting me pregnant, that's all been taken care of," she assured.
I could see that she was being perfectly serious.
"Are you sure?" I asked.
She nodded. "Right here, if you want. "
She laid back on the sofa. I got up from the easy chair and came over. We did a small kiss. I fondled her breasts and felt her hand on my boner. It was so easy and wonderful. In a moment more I was pressing down on top of her, guiding my hard penis into her hairy, wet pussy. I loved it!
"Oh, yeah!" Mom sighed.


I started pumping her.
"Ohhh. . . just keep fucking me," she said.
I kept my hard boner fucking in and out her.
"It feels so good!" she breathed, moving her hips with mine.