The Indoctrination of Lynne


The Indoctrination of Lynne


The Beginning


 Hello, my name is Lynne and this is my story. I was 28 years old during the summer of 1995. I am 5’4” with a tanned and toned athletic body. My 36D breasts always seem draw the attention of adoring eyes. Once their eyes are turned, my firm tummy and tight ass accented by my shapely legs hold their gazes. I married to my wonderful husband, Charlie, who has satisfied most all of my needs. In fact I never thought I would ever stray away from our marriage. I was working for an Airline called Mark Air Express in Alaska. One day my supervisor, Gail, had approached me with a unique opportunity.


“Lynne”, she said, “how would you like to make some serious extra money this summer? “

My interested was perked, who isn’t interested in making money. “So what is the catch to making some extra money Gail?” I replied.

“Well, one of our out stations is shorthanded for the summer. We are looking for volunteers to work in King Salmon during the peak fishing season. There will be lots overtime for the two people that will be going out there. Since it is roughly a 3 month stay, we have arranged for living quarters. So your only real expense is going to be food.

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  ” Gail said in her long sales pitch.

“Well of course I am interested, but I will need to discuss it with my husband tonight after work” I said.

“Give me an answer tomorrow,” said Gail, “we need the crew out there in 2 days. ”

I spent the evening working on my husband and pulled out all the stops to convince him why it is a good idea for me to be gone for 3 months of the summer to work and leave him home with the kids. A helping factor was that his family also lived in town and would be able to help out with the kids. And the extra money will go a long ways to helping us out down the road. So the next day I told Gail that I was in. I was given the rest of the day off along with a coworker named Monica. We had the day to get ourselves packed and ready to fly out in the next morning to King Salmon. I spent the afternoon with my kids between packing clothes and making a couple different trips to the store for things I thought I was going to need for my trip. I spent the evening with my husband. We went out for a dinner and a movie. We then returned home and had a wonderful evening of love making before falling asleep in each other’s arms for the remainder of the night. The next morning I was up before my alarm. I was excited about my new adventure at work.

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   After showering and dressing for work I had Charlie drive me to the airport to drop me off. I gave Charlie a long and hard kiss good bye. A kiss it remember me by, I recall saying. I will call when I am settled in and let you know when you can come out for a visit. I checked in with Gail in our back room behind the ticket counter and was given some last minute instructions. “Bob is the station manager in King Salmon” Gail was saying, “He will meet you at the ticket counter once your plane arrives. Monica ended up flying over last night since she did not have any family to tend with and she will help get you up to speed on the operations out there. ” Have fun and good luck Gail said as it was time for me to head down to the A concourse and get ready to board theBeechcraft 1900 aircraft for my flight to King Salmon. Our planes to King Salmon hold 19 passengers plus 2 flight crew. On this morning’s flight there was about 10 people total flying out. After everyone was boarded and weight and balances were completed with the passengers and the baggage we were taxing down the run way for our take off. We had about an hour flight until we reached our destination. After an uneventful flight we landed in an overcast King Salmon airport and taxied up to the terminal. We were met at the plane by one of the rampers and Monica. She was greeting everyone as they exited the plane and pointed out the door we needed to enter the terminal and where to retrieve our baggage.

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   Monica gave me a quick hug and said she will meet me inside and to be ready to go right to work. Monica then climbed the steps to the aircraft and started to talk with the pilots. She came into the terminal about 5 minutes later and waved me over to the ticket counter.

“Your bags will be out in a few minutes, once you collect them you can put them in that office over there” she said pointing to a small room behind the counter.

“After you have your bags put away, you will start working right away. ” “For the most part it is going to be just you and me working the counters and the flights” Monica said. “Bob will be in and out to give us some relief and there is another part time employee that works basically the weekends. ”

“I hope you are ready for long hours and minimal days off, because we are going to be working our butts off”

I had no idea how true her words would be. I met Bob later in the morning as he made his rounds through the station. And I spent most of my first day getting familiar everything we had to do with our station. We ticketed passengers, checked passengers in, arranged for freight to be sent out to some of the smaller villages, boarded the planes, did the safe instructions for the pre flights, we helped the rampers load the plane, we did weight and balances, we balanced our tills at the end of the day and set everything up for the next day. I think all things considered we were doing 5 or more different peoples jobs. And the hours were long like they said. We were lucky if we worked a 12 hour shift, on average we were working 14 – 15 hour days. At the end of the first day I was exhausted and Monica and I made our way out to a company pickup truck.

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   Monica and I drove us by a little grocery store so we could pick up some food for the next couple days to hold us over. After the store we drove about 5 miles to a small village called Naknek. We came to a stop on some off of the way dirt road in front of a trailer home. After unloading our groceries and my baggage, it was now about 9pm and I was tired, hungry, and felt in need of a shower after the long day of work. Monica showed me around the trailer, we walked into the living room / kitchen and dining area. Down the hall were two bedrooms at the end of the hall side by side with a small bathroom and shower between the bedrooms and the living room. One could complain about the cramped living space but it was free so I figured I would make do. Plus for as much time I would be working this trailer was basically a place to sleep at night.

Monica told me my room was at the very end of the hall. So her room was between mine and the restroom and the living room. She told me to settle in, unpack, and freshen up and she would get dinner started. I unpacked my bags and set out some comfy clothes to change into after a quick shower. I noticed the door did not want to stay closed as the door latch did not line up with the frame. But I manage to get it to stay closed enough for my comfort and started my shower. The water pressure was terrible and it was a juggling act to get a consistent water temperature that was not too scalding hot or too cold.

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   I had a feeling a couple times I was being watched in the shower but dismissed it to being in an unfamiliar place. As I wrapped myself into a towel and stepped out of the shower I noticed the door was a lot more open than when I climbed into the shower. Again I did not but a lot of concern into this fact since it was an old trailer and it was just us two girls. The thought never crossed my mind that Monica would spy on me in the shower. After dressing in some cotton PJ bottoms and a t-shirt, I came out to the dining area to have dinner with Monica. We had some small talk about the day of work and what we really got ourselves into. It started to get late even though if you looked outside with Alaska’s midnight sun in the summer it never really got dark. Monica excused herself to go get ready for bed and I went to call Charlie to let me know I was settled in and calling it a night. While talking to Charlie, I could hear Monica starting a shower. I talked for 10 minutes of so on the phone with Charlie when I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked down the hallway in time to see Monica’s bare ass walking to her room with a towel wrapped around her head. I thought to myself she is really daring to walk from the bathroom like that and she must be extremely comfortable with her surroundings. I said good night to Charlie and went down the hall to my room. As I passed Monica’s room, her door was wide open and she was still naked with her back to me and it appeared she was applying some lotion to her arms and shoulders. I quickly turned my head away and hurried into my room and closed my door.

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   The walls were paper line because I could hear Monica saying Good night Lynne. See you in the morning as if she was standing in the room with me. As tired as I was I climbed into bed and fell right to sleep.

Over the next 3 days, t was a lot of the same, early to rise, long hours at work, and crashing back at our home away from home. I was getting to know several of the workers at the airport. The pilots from Anchorage, the pilots for our bush runs, the shuttle drivers for the fishermen, and our rampers. And I was getting to know Monica better. She was an attractive woman. She was 26 with dark black should length hair. She had a slender frame of a body. But she looked healthy compare to some of those super model women with the skin and bone look. She had brown eyes with skin that was a golden tan. You could tell she took good care of herself. And as I was finding out, Monica was not at all embarrassed about showing off her body at the trailer. She seemed to enjoy being in as little clothing as possible once she was at the trailer.

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   I was embarrassed at first because we were just not that close of friends but it started to grow on me as I became accustom to her quirks.

On the fourth day of being in King Salmon is when things took a major turn in my summer. It was a Friday and it was just before the start of a commercial and sports fishing salmon opening. Things were crazy hectic. I never thought the day would ever end. It was endless lines of fishermen and all their gear. I was sore and tired and in a serious need for a drink. Monica and I finished up for the day and drove ourselves back to our place to unwind and de-stress. We stopped at the grocery and pick up some beer to drink with dinner. We got to the trailer and I immediately sank into a lounge chair in the living room.

“I can’t believe the day we had. That was insanely crazy” I said.

“I know,” replied Monica, “that was the most work I have done in one day in I don’t remember. ” “Beer?” called Monica.

“Yes, please!” I called back while I rubbed my shoulders with my hands.

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   I heard the pop of the beer bottle lids and anticipate the refreshing cold drink hitting my lips. What I did not see was Monica adding a power substance to my beer. She watched it dissolve quickly into the beer before walking out to me and she handed me the beer. I took a long drink of the beer. Ahhhhhhh , that hits the spot I said. I returned a hand to my shoulder trying to get my muscles to relax.

Still behind me Monica said “Allow me to get that for you. ”

Next thing I know I feel Monica’s hands on my shoulders, moving my hand out of the way she starts to message her fingers into my tight muscles. I take a long drink of my beer. I start to feel a warm sensation starting to spread through my body. I take another sip of my beer and I think to myself that this beer is really getting to me. But that thought is lost at the feeling of Monica’s hands erasing the tension in my neck and shoulders. A moan escapes my lips as I sick back into the lounge chair. My eyes closed and enjoying the shoulder message. I feel like my head is in the clouds and my body is feeling more comfortable as another soft moan escapes from my lips.

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“Are you enjoying the message?” Monica asks.

“MMMM hmmmmm ,” was all I seemed to be able to reply.

“Here let’s slip you out of your shirt so I can message in some lotion to your neck and shoulders. ”

And somehow my work shirt was unbuttoned and slid off my shoulders and off my arms. I could feel my bra straps sliding off my shoulders and hanging along the side of my arms. Then a warm silky sensation touched my skin at the base of my neck and was spread out over my shoulders. I could smell the scent of warm vanilla as my shoulders tension melted away further. I could feel Monica’s delicate but firm hands caressing my neck, down into my shoulder blades, through my clavicle. Her hands slid over my shoulders and down my arms. My bra straps were pushed further down to my elbows. Her hands traveled back up to my shoulders and then slid down the front of my chest. I wanted to protest, she needed to stop before she went too far, but all that came from my mouth was another soft moan. Delicately I could feel Monica’s finger tips slipping under the fabric of my bra cups. Little pulses of electricity pulsed through my body as she explored more and more of my breasts. I could feel Monica’s body leaning into my back as she reaches further into my bra.

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   With perfect timing I felt her kiss on the nape of my neck just as her fingers found my nipples and gentle pinched them sending a sudden wave a shock, pleasure and lust through my body. I felt it from my head down to my toes and back up again stopping in my clit sending me into a sexual buzz. I was powerless to stop her advances. Monica continued to kiss my neck and earlobes as her hands expertly played with my breasts and nipples. I could feel the heat building up between my legs. My head was buzzing and I was in a tormented fog. I was in a high state of arousal but I should not be reacting this way with another woman.

“Kiss me!” Monica whispers seductively into my ear.

I found myself turning my head to meet her soft lips with mine. She pressed herself into me with the kiss, her tongue parting my lips and exploring my willing mouth. Our tongues danced and twirled to an unheard playful melody. Her fingers and hands continued to squeeze and kneed and tease my breast and very sensitive nipples. She broke from our kiss and with a have gasp of air and a moan of pleasure, my head followed Monica as she walked around to the front of the chair and stood before me. My vision was slight blurred and the buzzing in my head continued to intensify with each passing second. Monica’s voice came through the buzz and was like a direct link into my will power.



“Touch yourself for me Lynne” Monica said, “Show me how you please yourself”

My hands came up to my breast and my fingers began to feel my soft flesh. I was no longer in control of my actions. I was like having an out of body experience. I was watching myself caressing my body in front of a coworker who had just been kissing and feeling me up. What was happening to me? That was as far as that thought got in my head. The thought was quickly replaced with the strong urge to continue pleasing myself. My hands were massaging my breasts. My thumb and forefingers were rolling my nipples between them. I was pinching and pulling them. Moans escaped from my mouth. My breathing was becoming more ragged as I felt the pleasure coursing through my body. My hands traced down my chest onto my stomach. My fingers found the waist band of my work skirt. I worked at finding the zipper to pull it down to give my hand a little more room to maneuver under the constricting fabric. I was vaguely aware of Monica’s presence watching me.

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   I did not care at this point, all I wanted to was to satisfy this over whelming urge to please myself.


My hand slid under my skirt, I could feel the heat radiating out from my pussy. I ran my hand over the top of my panties and I could feel how wet they already were. My fingers traced through the damp spot, the lips of my pussy parted under the pressure of my fingertips. My finger rolled over my clit. Another moan escaped my lips.


My hand continued to rub up and down the length of my slit. My panties were getting wetter and wetter with each stroke. I needed some more space to work my hand on myself, so I lifted my hips and slid my skirt and panties down my thighs and off my legs. Resting back into the chair I opened my legs as wide as I could and returned both hands between my legs.


Using my left hand I parted my wet lips open exposing wet pussy for my right hand. I played with my sensitive clit with my right index finger. My finger was getting wet with my juices as I worked it up and down my slit, taking time to tease my clit.


“Taste yourself “, I heard Monica say.

And then my finger was in my mouth.

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   My tongue was savoring the sweet taste of my pussy. “Mmmmmmmmmmm”, was all that I could manage, before returning my hand to my pussy. Now I had two fingers massaging my clit. My hips started to rock with my fingers gyrations on my clit. My breathing started to quicken and shorten.


Again I tasted my fingers with my mouth. I sucked all my juices from my fingers enjoying the lingering taste I returned my fingers back to my pussy. I wanted to work on my release. This time my two fingers delved into my velvety wetness. Pushing my fingers as deep as I could inside me, I started to work them in and out. I used my other hand to tease and tweak my nipples to continue the sparks flowing through my body.


My fingers plunged repeatedly into my quivering box. I could feel my muscles clamping down on my fingers. I could feel the sensation of a building climax. I was breathing rapidly now and my hips were bucking in the chair as I continued the rapid finger assault on myself.

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So close, I am so close. My moans were much louder in-between my gasps of breath. My hand was now a rapid blur. I was on the edge, my climax was building to a rapid release.


And then it hit me. My orgasm exploded from my pussy and pulsed out through the rest of my body.


My body was convulsing in the chair as the climax reached my mouth. I don’t think I have ever been that loud before.


With my fingers buried deep inside me, I could feel my spasming muscles as the climax pulsated through me.


Gasping for air I collapsed deep into the chair.


I withdrew my fingers and tasted my sweet nectar on my tongue.


I was enjoying the flavor of my juices. I heard Monica speaking but not to me. “Oh yes she is going to do just fine. “ “I think we are going to have a real winner with her.

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  ” Then there was silence for a moment and Monica once again appeared before me. She was smiling and looking over my naked body. And she said with a wicked smile “Lynne, you did a good job of pleasing yourself for me, but now it is time to please me” and after that there was another


End of Part 1

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