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Jean and myself was at a friend’s house, Larry was his name I got an idea. I asked jean if she like to have sex with Larry, at first she was against it. Then I convents her it be fun. So I arranged for Larry to come over to our place, so we all got to our house. We all sat around talking and having fun. Then I suggested to jean to stripe and show our friend what you look like naked so she stood up slowly removing her shirt, and tossed it on couch. Showing us her white bra and her perky tits she possessed then she stepped out of her shorts she was wearing also letting us know she wasn’t wearing any panties . She got on the bed with her legs open, I laid beside her wrapped my arms around her neck and stated making out with her kissing her taking my hands feeling her ass.   Then I suggested to Larry to taste her wet pussy. he did but before I could say anything else he was sticking his tongue between her pussy lips licking it so good that jean was already having an organism.

I undid her bra it was in front and releasing her breasts   I sucked on her nipples until she told me, take out your cock so I can taste your hot dick  I took off my clothes showing her my cock then she began to deep thought it sucking it to balls . it felt so good with my tool in her mouth and her tongue running over my shift, meanwhile Larry was done eating her out for now he disrobed himself and was standing at the head of the bed waiting for his turn to get in her wet waiting mouth I switched places with him I got my face down at her pussy already wet because the things we have done to her. I looked up and Larry’s cock was in her moth as I was eating it ,jean was inhaling his cock in her mouth wet with saliva then I sat up my tool hard as a rock i was sliding it back and forth over her clit. Making her pussy soaking wet I jammed it into her cunt hard and fast going harder as I seen the way she was enjoying it Larry’s cock disappearing into her mouth.  giving her time to breath he took it out of her mouth and stuck his balls in her mouth seeing her lick his balls really turned me on I pulled out and told Larry to lay on his back jean sat her tight wet cunt right on it then as I heard her squall as she was Cumming again. I got behind her and lubed my dick and processed to slowly slide it in her ass.

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   That really did it she was screaming in pleasure as she was getting double fucked for her first time ever. The faster Larry and i pumped our thick cocks in her pussy and ass the louder.  She got. She looked like she was ready to explode my cock sliding in and out of her asshole faster and harder that was the first time assfuck in any girl too. I felt so good and tight   sliding my dick all the way to my balls, Larry was about to cum the way he was acting I slide my cock out of her ass and got to the head of the bed Larry took out his cock and moved behind her I laid down she knew what to do. she slide her moth on my cock swallowing it all the way down her trough as Larry was getting his turn in her tight ass. She let out a loud moan as he enters her ass, her lip tightened around my shift of my dick. Her mouth engulfing the tool in her tight little mouth was very enjoyable to watch and experience. Larry pull his cock out and spared cum all over her ass   you could see the pleasure and relief in her face when he finished but I was still going i told her to stop. I informed her to get on her back, and let me flood her cunt with my cum, she got into position I opened her legs inserted my tool . she moaned in pleasure as I pumped it into her and let my cum fill her pussy up and overflowed out onto the bed.     As I looked up Larry was getting sucked off and shared his cum all over of full breasts.   Larry got dressed and called his girlfriend to pick him up . we all agreed that was a lot of fun. He left and we went to bed very happy.

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