The Diary of an Invisible Woman Chapter 3

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Monday was a beautiful May day. . Well, if you ignore the brown hazethat seemed to be between where I lived and the San Gabrielmountains, I think it was (geography is not one of my strongsuits!). Therefore, I decided to go to a mall that was in a townwith the word, "beach" in it. It took me three buses and an equal number of hours (god, talk about tedious!) and I was dropped off infront of the mall, albeit on the curb of the street near the mainentrance and not at the front door at just past noon. After walkinga hundred yards on the sidewalk in bare feet on a warm day, Ifollowed another shopper inside, the air conditioning hitting mynaked skin and making my nipples erect, though nobody could seethat.

I used the bathroom and padded around the various shops. The mallwasn't all that busy and so the workers at the various shops tendedto be rather inattentive. I went into this one cake shop and wolfeddown a super delicious piece of cheesecake from behind the counterwhile the two girls who were supposed to be watching out forcustomers were chatting with each other 30feet from where I was.

I stealthily exited that place and saw a group of three "Housewivesof Orange County" types sitting in a booth in one of therestaurants. They had several bags of clothes and shoes at their feet as wellas designer purses, so they were obviously running up theirhusbands' credit cards. That must be nice, but why is all that cashwasted on the retarded? Anyway, I slid into the booth right behindone of them and reached over and gave her fake boobs (which had allthe feminine texture of bike tires) a squeeze from over her top. Shesquealed and looked back at me. I grinned and flipped her off, butshe didn't see any of it and her friends wondered what the hell thatnoise she made was about. Then I attempted to slide my hands intoher top and under her bra and she whipped her head around again. This incident kinda freaked her out and she told her friends shewanted to leave.

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Since she was driving, her companions had no choice and everyone,including me, piled into her luxury car and transported hergirlfriends and then herself home. She pulled into the garage of herMcMansion and entered the house. I gave it a few minutes before Igot out of the car and, after cocking my ear to the door and nothearing anything, I gingerly pushed it open enough for me toinsinuate myself into her house. What I would do next would bedetermined by where she was and what she was doing. I walkedupstairs as quietly as I could and found her in what appeared to beher family room, where she was on her cellphone. Her and her husbandwere going to a dinner party that night. Great! That meant I couldgo caveman, or in my case, cavewoman, on her fridge! However, itwould also depend on whether her kids, if she had any, were going tobe home. Also, would an alarm system's motion sensor, if they hadone, pick up on me?

90 minutes later, her son, who I learned was named Brett, came homefrom school. For fun, I followed him up to his room, where he took abag of pot out from under his bedsheet and put it in his pocket. Well, for sure, he intended to be gone. He was decently cute,around six feet and proportionate for his weight and maybe 16-17years old. He told his mom, who was actually his step mom, I think,since he called her by her first name, Christine, he was going tohis buddy's house. She passively said "okay" and he was gone. No otherkids entered the house after that.

Her husband, though, did and he immediately went into the shower, asshe did, though separately, and changed into more expensive andformal attire.

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   He was at least 15 years her senior, so it was easyto determine what this marriage was all about.

They left at 6:30 and I cooked dinner for one at their expense. Theyhad a great chocolate cake in there and I gorged on a big old pieceof that. But before I chowed down on it, I made myself some pastaand gobbled it down. I also enjoyed a nice glass of wine with mymeal from their wine cellar. Then I threw the dishes in thedishwasher, washed them and put them away. Aren't I a great guest? Iwas interested to see if they would notice the chunk of chocolatecake missing.

I debated whether or not I should leave at that point. It wasgetting cool now since it was just before nine. It was definitelygoing to be harder to get into somebody else's house that late, so Ichose to stay. All three of them came back around 11, Brett beforehis folks, and I tailed him to his room. He was obviously high andturned the light out perhaps to make his parents believe he wasasleep. But I was horny and as soon as that light went out I dippedmy hand into the opening of his boxers and placed his thing between mymiddle and index fingers and leisurely stroked it. "Oooohhhhfuuucccck" he enthused in a very dreamy fashion. Now I had neverused drugs, but from what I had read, pot seems to make you passive,so I thought I had a good probability to get what I wanted.

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His cock slowly grew and over a period of about 15 minutes it was atwhat I believed to be full mast, though I couldn't precisely eyeballitin the dark. I very gradually pulled his boxers down to his kneesand straddled him. I took his cock in my hand and pointed it at myopening. I let out a suppressed moan as my love gulley sank down onit while his sigh was more emphatic. I pumped my hips up and downand felt that heavenly friction inside me. I did all I could tomanage the volume of my breathing and moaning. I certainly couldn'tpick up a pillow and shove my face into it because of the possiblesudden freak out factor. Brett continued to just lay there while Isatisfied myself on his fuck stick, his mushroom head carving a verypleasurable path for me. The minutes passed and I was at orgasm'sdoor. It hit me like a freight train and I had both hands over mymouth as makeshift silencers while I frantically ground my vaginalwalls against his dick.

My brain continued to desperately want the friction and I fuckedmyself to a second orgasm that just about ate me alive. He stillshowed no signs of being ready to cum and I carried on because Icouldn't have him do me missionary or doggy since he was in no shapefor it. The third orgasm arrived and departed. Finally, hisbreathing became more raspy and  then I felt a warm, watery surgeinside me as he shot his youthful sperm upward against my cervix. Icollapsed on top of him and held him.

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   Then I heard him begin tosnore. I rolled myself off of him and nudged him toward one side ofthe bed. Once I got enough room, I cuddled him while his cum leakedout of my pink slot. I honestly could have gone to sleep right thenand there, but I knew that I couldn't be in bed with him, even whileinvisible, when he awoke in the morning.

Like I did at the previous house I had stayed at, I found an unusedbedroom, curled up in it and went to sleep. I didn't get up untilnearly 10 a. m. I made the bed and snuck out of the room only to findthat there was nobody home. Not knowing when they would be back, Irisked taking a shower and then consumed part of a prepared saladthat was in the fridge. I went back upstairs, looked out the window to check that the coastwas clear as far as people around in the neighborhood was concernedand split.

I walked around the gated community for a couple of hours and evenspent a little while swimming in its deserted pool. A tonof the homes were either for sale or in foreclosure or both due toeither investors who were losing money and thus needed to unload thebad assets or rich people walking away from their underwatermortgages. Sometime later, the kids of the people who owned/rentedthe homes in the enclave returned from school.

I followed one nice looking girl, who was probably about 16, into herhouse. There was nobody else home.

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   Then here comes her dog, a littlePomeranian. Cute as hell, but it could obviously smell me and hear myfootsteps and was sitting there barking at me. Of course, the girl hadno idea what the dog was reacting to and yelled at it to shut up. I knewthis was a possibility and I tried to make sure I wasn't walking into ahouse with dogs, especially those who might jump on me or claw me orworse. I sat on her bed and the mutt jumped on top of it and continuedits histrionic warnings to its owner. I scratched its back and it barkedwith renewed vigor because it couldn't see what it was feeling andsniffing. I stroked its head and it began to settle down as I watchedthe girl change into a bikini. She had nice round large B cups-small Ccups and was totally shaved with long black hair, hazel eyes and a thinnose that sat atop a proportionate body. She was another one of thesewomen who was sort of cute but not beautiful.

She went down to the swimming pool. I stayed in the house because it wasair conditioned and it was hot outside. I found the dog's treats andfed it a couple and that pretty much silenced it. It went back upstairsand laid down in the bed of the master bedroom. There was some slicedpastrami in the refrigerator and I also found some bread and mustard, soI made myself a sandwich. Of course, as soon as the dog's nose got awhiff of that, it was downstairs in a flash.

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   I fed it a couple smallpieces of pastrami and then gobbled the sandwich down, chasing it withsome milk. The canine scampered back upstairs wagging its tail. Itlooked like I had made a friend.